Here s How Michael B. Jordan Transformed His Body For Creed 2

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“B. Jordan recently returned to the big screen to put on the boxing gloves of of adonis creed. Yet again it s the biggest fight of his career as he off against victor drago. The son of ivan drago if you miss rocky.

4. You may not know that drago killed. Apollo creed in the ring. Unlike jordan.

Though. Victor drago is played by an actual boxer florian moon tiana. So he s already in tip top shape in order to get on his level. Jordan had to do some crazy training in order to go toe to toe with the fearsome drago michael b.

Jordan was already in pretty good shape by the time he stepped into the ring again for creed. 2. That s evident enough from his performance in black panther..


Where he played the excellent villain. Killing longer fighting against the chawla next to a waterfall. Jordan had to go topless to show off the results of his extensive training. But he turned things up a notch.

When it came time to face drago in the ring. Before starring in films like creed and black panther. Michael b. Jordan.

Could be seen on television hits like the wire and friday night lights. If you look back at those earlier roles. You ll see that the young actor was definitely a lot skinnier in his youth than he is today. The pieces seem to have fallen in place for jordan early on.

While this may seem lucky and easy for some it actually proved to be even harder. According to jordan as he felt he actually wasn t deserving of the rewards due to not putting in the hard work that mentality has since caused. The creed actor to really step up his game and ensure he does the best that he can and that applies to his workout..


Regimes for his films. When it came time for creed to jordan knew the logical thing to do was to step his game up for what will be the fight of adonis s life. The results will not come overnight. So if you want to get shredded like adonis creed.

You re gonna have to put the work in and keep working at it jordan s workout was created by his personal trainer. Corey callie. Yet let s start off by breaking down his arm workouts. Because having some mean looking guns will definitely instill some fear into your opponent in the boxing ring.

First up. You re gonna have to do some preacher curls. But instead of simply curling you ll do seven reps curling tonight degrees. Seven from 90 degrees to the top and seven more doing the full bicep curl do this four times enjoy the burn next up do.

Some standing curls standing up straight. You ll want to hold a barbell with an underhand grip and curl quickly. But keeping it controlled and slow on the way down..


Don t forget to keep your elbows close to your ribs. Do four sets of 21 callie ed was particularly proud of jordans shoulders and chest and cited that when adonis takes off the robe in the ring. The results speak for themselves boxing requires not only quick feet. But a strong upper body and core actually you need a strong everything.

But let s dive into some shoulder and chest workouts that jordan did for creed two for chest and shoulders you can start by doing an incline bench press by doing reps of 15 12. 12. And 10 follow that up by doing some cable fly s three sets of fifteen twelve and ten from there you can do a superset because everyone loves super sets do all of these workouts in one set. Incline dumbbell press.

Three sets of fifteen twelve ten then go straight to incline dumbbell fly three sets of fifteen twelve ten from there go to standard barbell shoulder press. Four sets of twenty twelve twelve and eight next up is a seated dumbbell lateral raise three sets of fifteen fifteen twelve followed by bench over dumbbell flyes three sets of fifteen fifteen twelve. But you don t have to limit yourself to just pumping iron jordan didn t after all making use of your own bodyweight is a great way to tone your physique and doing various pull ups. Chin ups and hanging ab crunches will definitely net you some results and all you need to do it is a simple bar.

But doing raw bodybuilding exercises isn t the only thing you can do since jordan is playing a boxer. He had to make sure his cardio was on point. Any boxer without good cardio may as well throw in the towel from the get go so in order to get that ideal cardio and to lean out his body..


Jordan would do lots of cardio exercises like running boxing and swimming to burn off that fat and build up stamina. But working out is only half the battle as any good trainer will tell you if you re not eating properly. Then you re not doing yourself any favours. Jordan revealed that his diet was of course tailored to make sure.

He got the best results for the role typical meals include eating brown rice broccoli chicken and a lot of water to stay hydrated he had to eat around four to five times a day and his meals had to be packed with protein in order to keep up with the three to four workouts. Today it takes a lot of hard work to get results like michael b. Jordan got for creed too and if you decide that you re gonna try and emulate that workout be sure you know your stuff in advance. And that you re in ok shape to do it start off slow and light.

If you have to it s not a race. What did you think of creed to them do you hope to see a third one or did the confrontation with drago and the creed s story. Once and for all let us know in the comments and be sure to like this video and subscribe to the channel for more videos like this one in your playlist thanks for watching. ” .


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