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” s up guys welcome back to unbox junkie. My name is matt and today we we ve got something that i ve been waiting for for a while today. We got the lenovo thinkpad p. 51.

For those who don t know what the p. 51. Is it is a long line of lenovo s workhorses. These things are absolutely built for engineers.

Creators designers power users that are looking for the top end specs now. I ve got my cheat sheet. Here because it s way too much for me to remember so i ll put it up on here. So you guys can actually see it ok.

So this thing is is about 6. Pounds so it s it s a little. Heavy it s a 156. Inch.

Eff hd. Ips display at 1920 by 1080. This has windows 10. 64.

Bit. Pro is packed with an. Intel xeon quad. Core.

Iii. 1505. M. Via.

6 clocked at. 30 gigahertz up to 40. Gigahertz it has an nvidia quadro m2 2 0 0 m 4 gigabyte graphics card it s roughly equivalent to a geforce gtx 960 v..


Or gtx 1050 so it s got some juice now if say maybe you re a auto cad drawer like an engineer or something like that this is gonna be great for a video editor. Like myself. This is gonna be really good this one has 16 gigs of ram. But you can actually upgrade this thing up to 64 gigs around currently it has a 512 ssd in it it does have backlit keyboard and a 90 watt battery.

Which you can actually change out so. If you think you re gonna go on long trips or something. Like that you may want to pick up a second one on normal usage. You re gonna get about 5 hours out of it.

But if you re say video editing. You re gonna only get about a couple hours out of it now i m not going to install my normal software on this i m just gonna boot it right up because this is actually gonna be repurposed for something else if this was gonna be like my everyday driver for what i do on this channel then yes i would definitely put like video editing software on there audio editing. Probably steam get some games on there but i m not gonna be putting that on there. But i can tell you that this will successfully run games like pub g.

Which that s end of story. Oh and and we ve also got the docking station with it so we re gonna open that up too. But without further ado let s just open this thing up oh man we got information then we get a secondary box. While that is heavy holy cow.

That s the power brick okay so first off. We ve got the power brick itself. And it s a little beefy and we ve got the battery itself goodbye. Very basic nothing too special oh and keep in mind.

Don t put plastic bags on baby s head. Okay. So here. It is so this is actually flat black glass fiber.

It s a very very smooth soft material a very heavy duty. The bottom of it is actually made of aluminium magnesium. So these things are a workhorse. These are gonna last you not only that but these things that are actually graded at military specifications.

So it s book resistant its humidity resistant it can work just fine in high altitudes extreme temperatures here. We got the thinkpad logo right there then you get the lenovo around the side. We have an express express slot..


You guys also got a four in one sd card reader over here you got 35 audio port two usb 30 s mini displayport more vince cuz you re gonna need them you ve got two more usb 30. Ethernet port usb c. Thunderbolt hdmi power more ventilation now on the bottom you can see this is where your battery goes. And you can just slap that in right here there we go.

And then it has this nice little release now i am going to open this thing up so i can show you guys the expansion that has that that s in this thing fast forward alright. So now this whole thing should come up hopefully there we go alright. So now with the back panel off you can see you ve got a slot here for an mdi to here is our current 512 m2 ssd. Right here you ve got another slot right here for another ssd.

You can flip this up right. Here. You ve got another slot right here for your dim. Three ram.

And another slot right here. Okay. So you can see from here you can expand this thing. So if what it comes with is not good add more all right let s see.

If there s any juice. In this thing. Oh boy. Oh.

Nancy. That s lovely you can lay. It more than all the way back. Now does have dual front facing speakers.

You can see right here. It has the fingerprint reader built right onto it at the top you ve got your microphone. And you got your camera with this very nice. Anti glare screen.

The keyboard itself. I actually really like lenovo keyboards. Because i love the way they re spaced out..


And i like how they re raised up a little bit. It also has your numpad right on the side. So you have the track point. Which actually a long time ago.

I couldn t use one but i gave it a chance and i actually preferred this over the actual touchpad itself. If you ve ever tried one they are a little weird. But once you get used to it you realize how nice they really are that s a really big plus. I really like having that the lenovo laptops.

They re built to work either way so. If you re a trackpad person you can easily use the trackpad and then you have your left and right mouse click here. But if you decide you want to use the track point. That s what these are for hi.

There i m cortana and i m here to help know a little sign in here. And we ll have your pc ready for all you plan to do don t care. Thank you goodbye and if you d like me to stay quiet. Just select the sound icon just shut up.

While that s booting up and finishing let s open up this docking station. Oh boy okay. Wow. Alright so we got a box we got a power cable you know your information warranty support service information.

That s always handy and then we ve got the dock. I think first off i believe this is probably the power break yes. It is and it is movement. It is definitely larger.

The reason why it s larger is because because this is a workstation. This is actually built to add on plenty of stuff. I mean you ll see i ll get into that but huge power brick for this thing huge look look how big that is it s a 230 watt power brick alright. So on the back.

You ve got an actual key this you want to lock down like at a desk or something like that and then you have this where you can lock it on the side and way it won t release the laptop so it s a nice little safety precaution first off this is where you re gonna mount it so you can mount it just like that now if i were to have any kind of like external monitors and stuff like that. Which is kind of the point of this then it would immediately switch over to those monitors. Which so handy..


If you ve never used the docking station. They are come in so handy. Because you don t have to keep plugging and unplugging a bunch of power cables. When you re coming in and out of the office or wherever you re working.

It s definitely worth it okay so the connections that you get with this on the back you can see we ve got one two three four five six usb 30. S your ethernet port your power display port hdmi another display dvi vga your 35 millimeter audio jack and then of course you got your little lock. Thing. I don t know what you call that the lock hole right here the lock hole on the side.

You ve actually got your lock. So that s where you lock it down and then you push this to actually release the laptop and of course. A really nice thing about using a dock like this is when you have it on there you got your power button built right into the dock so as you can see lenovo thinkpad. P 51 signature.

Edition sitting at 30. Gigahertz. I believe the piece series you can actually get them customized depending on how much money you want to spend this one. I think was a like 2100 so again if you want something like this keep in mind.

This is premium stuff. This is real workstation stuff. These are workhorses they re gonna last you forever beautiful okay so you see see the lights. I really like that about the lenovo keyboards.

You hold the function hit the spacebar light comes on you hit it again that comes on even brighter. So that s actually pretty cool. It s very functional when you re working in the dark or maybe are on an airplane over night traveling or on a train or whatever i m gonna leave a link down below. Where you can find this one.

But you can find a lot of other lenovo laptops including ones that are a lot more cost effective than the miss if you re not looking for something so serious but man. But there we go very super nice absolutely love this laptop alright guys. That is it again go check out those links down below. But as for ” .


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