Hood Movie

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“Okay there little bit my phone. I hate already people i told you get out out of here and i m gonna go pocket still you can t get a you re gonna be fucking suck finessing it sucks ass off carry the dump for the song. And it appears. We re done with the customer car and it got me careful.

Hello cam. You dare wait calm down where are you baby tell me where you act so i can come and get you can this shit gotta stop don t for your son maybe. It s your mom s spirit trying to talk to you maybe is bad trying to get you to change your ways. But this she has to fucking stop search for me i ve even done that i wanted it you re feeling gonna do shit for my little bro gotta do shit ball ball looking like seeing a nigga night.

But you see for me so i got be the shit. My mother said to definition. I can t hear you i know you love your son. And he loves you like every time.

He looks at you he smiles and i know that he feels that you are everything that he needs in his life. You are a loving day do not what the hell. You think you are like all i m saying is you just need to let this shit go you just need to let it go let this shit go teddy should let me go then i d be out this shit 100 fit. That s it in and i got to go home you ain t know what you want i got to call my little boy yeah.

Exactly something to do what i need to do to make sure i get you got to expect that i can t let me baby fuck over you go damn if you ain t gonna do it for me or your son do that shit for your mama no matter. What i m i always be here for you. And i mean that shit it ain t about how you started. This is how you get the fuck out fill it up yeah.

I got it up good. Our charge. The chicken can rope tonight. I see oh yeah don t be lying well.

I really need to fight thank you five four five. Okay i gotta go push him i m a man in a bar so sloppy yeah. Yeah come on ii was fuckin with no falls id. Yeah.

Here yeah okay now what s new for me all right olli under two conditions signal for god be taking our guide and a in a first you got hurt ripping loose troops on the track there s no coach bonus no sweater she whipped me. She s doing better if we stay down making it up boys meet you first people like slavery is the sauce couple single oh no dave birth yeah no life jacket. We say nothing no baby way to go we re trying to uh you know what the fuck baby pressure you like a thirsty face. Like you down fuck hold up try say some bean you feeling trying a case up from my chair.

Would be stuck stay real that was sweet stuff. That is really on the night. I witnessed fuck to god so many pieces of a broken heart show me know if i didn t know it all you see me you thought it was never planned. I was trying to be you re free tonight so man now here we stand making jealousy.


Thank you but i just sube notice well what you gonna do them i don t even know when i show to your body. They say they ll say to place got hit could oh how s your plan. Yeah. Fucking maze.

I d say the cam. I ll go to anyone i ll see him tonight danika. My family the only one that you see like i respect this we see like people know bc that you did everything i should have your own volition about that which are hands with shit like a cowboy. A cartwheel hey somebody s to help me hold every shot.

I know fuck fancy capital to for to cap would have split some you wanna see the predicting keep the others busy health aides had it going up there for the pace made straight bro. The bee man real being logo on all bow. I ll definitely get this you didn t like it i try them all yeah. Eleven.

He may know the animal from my career. I know about it casey got our work where am. I working at my classy going into trouble to stop to see you man holy fuck. Home camping just finding each other everybody to go way out of ivory on the wrong side of yeah.

You very what have to let me ask you suing them. I don t even know. What s nice beats stacy to be caucasian in my back. Ok.

Ok okay right. That s anyone with a common a previous this is a man you made superboy you got a family from the mobile trip. Deeply so all of these in the book. You know robert shapiro is about our state.

Ron robinson. Another. Brother z plasty. That s what you see everything yeah yeah.

This is why not well i m up and we re mining. So sweet. I can be out there cowboy for anyone talk yeah tagging of that wolf look dissident. Even in charts in by defining do you know deal of louie hobart.

You say this every dell right guys leaving so soon. I see okay. I m gonna be going hard under these great bro you go hard bro. I mean i say go i don t know it out my dog.


The other side to do it know which i admitted him or from you hello my photosphere put a lot for this shit. I said might say like that many sacrifices you keep like keto play. But i gotta keep fuckin with the car. I m not fucking buddha said we not is shit right i got it out the way.

I think it won dad wait don t be without it take it easy. Easy they know the little bird. Oh we used to do it. I.

Mean you know something gotta keep doing it. But unless. Y all. Get move different.

I know if i get a room. I put you across move. So we re gonna get us a plan. Yeah.

Yeah well is this our okay. She s thinking. Okay. Yeah.

Buddy that side ahsoka unquestioned probably anything seen anything going crazy. There s a pd that s it but i use i know but i mean go crazy i go fuckin shit how are you trap trap unit. Yeah traffic not support it that don t make me harley true that bitch like god. Because i don t know proper tune is our handy option secretly checking up this paper.

I ain t no white niggas moving moving trigger finger jumping in my stop domingo hug. Yeah here my whole killer struck up like cause santa you ll be joe my teeth. Because i got them like oh you can make me hard lizzy cuz. I wanna round.

I spoke this apart yeah. I think i m still alive these were in the money. If my console. Just did you gonna say i don t think you understand how we cut your babe please pinky pop on the page.

I just want that money back nothing it don t make me harley treed. A bitch like garbage cuz they hold all it cuz. I shoot the target. They don t make me harlots jumpers on the car because street life.


Can t be heartless. Yeah. We got more. Dear friends and dear president real talk about telling us anything man.

We re not a difference so much bloody street. Screaming fuck. The police know it gotta be the head boy lucky. The belly of the beast keep reaching for the heat.

No i gotta be a headphones i wanna be alone so much brush your light fluffy. She choked. My stress you got me okay sleep. Everyone jiggers.

Yeah jealousy will be the reason squeeze elbows in the man. State police and the niggers they some crayons they beat you and these bitches want the fame. They be reached deep ran like a wrapper for a feature fuckin see the teacher though she closed the grim reaper drones receiver juice running who s gonna be warning leave me alone no time for the office. Whenever you wanna go supersonic fuck run free game.

The school gate keeper showing the light now so much bloody street. Screaming fuck. The police know it gotta be the hidden foot stuck in the belly of the beast keeps reaching for the heat. No i gotta be a help for the fallen chance.

I wanna split rock crystal own juice. Appreciate so what this scale can be blue strips. I don t do scripts. No some bitches let me scan our awesome new lips of chivas new stress for some new cliffs old beef got me paranoid biggest joys fuck.

The hey cat no stay stay fresh catch you plays on the way back. Don t we become adult. That s the chico there they hold to turn the lights on i mean feel crazy man breaking rufus now we know here thanks. I m all broke days they will hard.

He ll then i make them bad disappear like david come help my niggas get some paper that reflects car. If you lead them to the water make sure he got edge to hard things heaven that inspire me ain t no i mean i just make my father proud of me he called me lion king track they get focused with feet on the talk about the longevity who hustle. The smart son who i am. The lowest.

Oh. You got cheap. Price. Y.


all. Hoes. Be punchy. Y all.

Just needed fights every day. Should. Be a payday plus. The hardest.

They say keep your circus motto free. My nigga kk. See my brother mako. All we killed a drink.

Oh greet the pool and keep no killing nigga if i say so v skill gabby to strips. I don t do scripts no speeches down entitlement again i never came home i got money that bill gaby. Please. I don t know some scam.

Awesome new. With oh chivas new stress across some new cliffs old beef got me paranoid fuck. The hate that candle on the same place hit. Mo.

By the stove on the stage. French catchy plays on the way back. No will be cold. When you crave the dolls to the festa chico fees scale got be boosters.

I don t do scripts those bitches this game hard bus. Do with of chivas news stress falls. New cliffs old beef got me paranoid. These doers fuck the hate that kendo.

I m steve this is my bad stove. I ma stay fresh catchy plays on the way back. There we go kraven. The dog took mr.

Chi kok you ” ..

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