Horizon Zero Dawn Tie Down Trial Guide

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“Everyone johnny hurricane here from gamers heroes calm and today. We ll be going over over the tie down trial for the hunting challenges in horizon zero dawn. I ll honest this one sucks. It s annoying.

It s not overly difficult it s just that you re rushed and the birds. I hate the birds let s get started so you re just going to jump down whichever rope try and find a bird nearby who this one flies right by when it gets close jump down..

And you re going to try and shoot it in the chest into the where the ice thing is does that break they will fall to the ground instantly once i get down to the ground. You need to use the rope caster to force them to stay on the ground and then attack them well the critical strikes one they re down. That s pretty much all you got to do the trick is getting the birds to the ground. But now they do go to the ground themselves from time to time so it s not overly difficult.

But boom. See right there that means they re instantly going down your steps get down to where it is i add a little bit of bad luck..

Because that one fell right into the transfers. You don t always have to do that i was just irritated with definition. So i went for it you don t have to do once it sounds gets critical strike in and move on to the next one now. The critical strike is a little funky you have to make sure they are completely down or else you ll just swing your spear at them.

That s one of the things. I kind of don t like about the game is how precise you need to be with a lot of the stealth attacks and jump attacks and stuff..

Like that pick your next target shooting at it. And again the brush gets in the way. That s also annoying as you can see here one just fell just right down boots behind me okay okay. He tried to pick me up or something i don t know so they will come to the ground on their own and then you can rope jump in there.

So you took a little while for that silent strike to get ready so or critical next time they have to wait get your last bird because when you want to get doesn t really matter same things eat and get out of there all right you know it goes by now if you like it s all got what you needed hit the like it subscribe leave a comment. All that business and i ll see you guys on next hunting challenge video..

” ..

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