how to find your obs recordings (updated)

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“Guys welcome to today s video. So today. We re gonna be going over how how to find your obs recordings. This is the updated version.

I have one that made a while back it s actually my most popular video on my youtube channel right now. It s got like seven point three thousand views..

It is the number one if you search how to find your obs recordings. That s going to be the number one on there so thank you guys so much for that that s much appreciated. But i m getting a lot of questions on how to actually find your obs recordings or how to watch them that s lutely. What the video is on but i guess there s still a little bit of confusion.

So i m going to clear clarify everything up it should make everything so much easier for you guys so let s hop right into this the atomic bomb alright guys the first thing you re gonna want to do is once you are done recording which i m recording right now so it s gonna be a little more difficult. But what you re gonna do is you re gonna go here you re gonna click settings it s gonna be in some random folder when you re recording now so..

It s good actually gonna be kind of hard to find so after you re done recording or you know when you re not recording at all what you re gonna do is click browse right. And i think see here it says obs recordings that is this folder right here. It s got all my videos in it or whatever if i record something it goes right into. There always to do is click browse and then select a folder that you want to go into you could just have it go on your desktop.

But that s kind of annoying you may just want to create a brand new folder for it just like this and then folder. I just call it you know whatever you want to call it..

But yeah so this is a the simple way to do. It is just create a folder and then click browse and select it easy enough and to actually watch your videos that is actually something that is anna genuinely nice question to get because a lot of people have it so you ll probably notice that you re not able to okay nevermind that s alright well sometimes you re not going to be able to actually watch your videos. The way to do that is to use a different software you re going to want to find a different software that can open up videos like that or a different player if you can t use that one specifically. But other than that that s all there really is thank you guys so much for watching you guys have any questions they could ve put them in the comments below and thank you guys for watching too many cuz in my mind.

I can t sleep at night. So i just keep writing..

I don t need no help i don t need opinion. So don t wait for time then i just been ” ..

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