How to Fix Skype Microphone Problems: Change Mic Settings to Your External Mic!

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“Guys how s it going it s jewel tolentino here alright so in this video. Video. I m gonna show you guys how to fix change your microphone on skype so i decided to create this video because we actually have youtube coaching clients where we do one on one skype sessions with them and i noticed that this problem kept happening so getting skype and downloading. It was not the issue for our clients.

When we were doing our coaching calls with them the issue was them actually getting the right microphone to work on their skype so i m gonna show you guys how to fix and change your microphone on skype now ideally you want to do this before you get on the call so i m here on our skype right now. And it s best to do it before the call because then you don t you know you don t waste anything. And then you re not trying to figure out. While you re on the call.

And you ll already have it done. So you want to just head over to the three dots area..

Now this is on the like the downloadable skype. This is not the web version of skype. Which i don t know if you can do this on the web version this is the one where you need to download skype and install it on your computer. And it s like an app.

So head to the three dots go to settings and then you want to go to audio and video alright. So from here you can change your camera and your microphone settings so right now. I m gonna have the switch over to the easy camera. Which is my laptop camera and you ll be able to see me there it s lower quality and you see on the actual camera.

So i m gonna put the actual webcam back down and then the microphone here this is where people mainly have the issue is with the microphone. You need to actually change your microphone to an external..

One if you have plugged in so. Most people have like a microphone. Something like this or a plug in something lapel into their laptop. And it s not showing up.

So you actually need to choose it so you head over here and you can see if you have other microphones. You ll see all the different choices this right. Here is this microphone. The external microphone and then this microphone here microphone array realtek high definition audio that s my laptop microphone.

Which is crap. I don t want to use that microphone and then this is the logitech webcam this one right here that microphone..

I don t want to use that as well so you need to set it on the external microphone. That you are using the majority of the time. The issue is that you know you ve got this new mic plugged in it s not picking up. And it s set to a different microphone.

Sometimes it s even set to a speaker and it thinks that s the microphone. So you need to go in here into settings head over to microphone and change it to the one that it works and you ll know that it works is when you choose it and then you can see here that you know the dial is moving up and down. And it s actually picking up sound. And you can do the same thing if you re having issues with your webcam as well if it s picking up your laptop webcam and you want it to pick up your external.

One like something like this here on the logitech. Then you can switch it over to that as well by doing the same thing heading to camera..

And then choosing i only have two cameras easy cameras. My laptop camera and then the logitech is the one that i plug in to the laptop. The usb plug in so that is how you change your microphone settings in skype. If i was able to help you out at all please let me know by giving this video.

A like a comment or subscribe. All that would be very much appreciated alright guys. Thank you so much for watching and i ll see you in the next video. ” .


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