How to fix Vizio TV frozen logo screen and turns off after seconds

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“Guys i got this vizio tv. And it turns on and then turns right back back off. So. Let me go ahead and explain what i did so far so tested the 24 volts going to the the backlight.

This is an led tv. So i got led driver board. I m getting my 24 volts on my led backlight driver board and that s good so i don t think. It s that also i haven t plugged in on a circuit and turned on the tv.

Got the same problem of same thing. With my t con board..

I took my cake on board. Which is right here flip up these latches and slide it out. And i took that out of circuit. I got the same exact problem.

When the tv turns on for 30 seconds. And then turns right back off. I looked online and a lot of people are saying. It s a bad eat prom.

I try to like find the e prompt for this model number. But this this particular tv is really hard to find a prom and i ll go ahead and post an image with eeprom looks like so basically what we re going to be just doing from this point on is since i can t find the eeprom..

It s like 20 bucks. I m just going to replace the board and i got the board for fifty dollars. So it s pretty cheap and just slipped up these flashes on them usually made a little bit more so you can see so i was really looking forward to go getting the eeprom and showing you guys how to you know take out the eeprom put the new one in and hopefully fixing the tv board in this case i looked everywhere i try to shopjimmy amazon river valley electronics union i kind of find the eeprom for this tv you had it for all the vizio tvs. We re not for this particular tv.

So go ahead and switch out you there s that light turns on get the boot up screen. Just like before and at this point. It turned right back off after like 10 15 seconds. It turned off within 30 seconds.

And just point on and there s no venue. So let s see if we can pull up the menu..

Oh got screen. And it s stuck in demo mode. Now store demo. So i have to get that out of store just press exit to cancel so anyway.

That s how you fix this particular. Vizio tv. That when it boots up. It turns off.

Within 30 seconds. And all of the buttons work so let me know if this worked out for you if you re able to get the eeprom..

Oh just trying to eeprom first it s about 20 for the eeprom for this mean watching board. But i couldn t find it for this particular model number so hopefully you have better luck with your tv. If you can t find the eeprom and only just replace the main logic board should fix your tv. So let me know if this video was informative.

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