How to Format any SD CARD on Mac and Windows, how to set up sdhc

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“Guys on today s video. I m going to show you how to set up up your new sd for your camera. Whichever camera you have is how you set up on your mac. So once you have taking out your se from the packaging.

Okay just make sure never to touch these parts. That s where everything is pretty sensitive also it s good not to have any static on your hands when you re touching these guys okay sd cards they re very sensitive to burn out pretty easily okay. So um just make sure that this part is also up if you put it down it will lock. So if you notice that you can t for some reason download or upload or just put anything on your card in my ear.

Because it s locked okay. So that s just hint if that happens in place. Um. You wanna move that up again.

So it s not no longer locked..

Okay. If you have an imac prop. It ll is inserted right windows laptop. Same thing just insert it to where you have insert okay something inserted just wait for it to load.

And then we re going to format. It so it works with your camera you can also format it on your camera. That s not another video and that s separate then that i have tutorial for you guys to watch. So once we insert our sd card into our computer.

We should see this icon that icon doesn t pop up just going to your finder and you should see it right here on devices. Okay if you don t don t worry we just have to format. It and as a matter of fact i always always recommend formatting anyways okay so this hard to do it on mac on windows you just right click. And then you will have the option to format okay on mac.

It s a little bit different so we re just going to go to disk utility..

So just look for disk utility. Every mac has it s not a program that you download. It s a prebuilt to your mac okay and this what we use to format. Any sd drive on any usb drive as well so right here.

We re gonna see this card okay so what we can do is click on any of these two and we re going to see what it s formatted. As so it s right now. It s ms. Dos fat32.

Which is fine this will work right away. On your mac. And should work on any camera okay now i m mac if we click on erase. We re going to see that option also going to see x file.

I usually do recommend formatting everything as exfat..

However this time. We re just going to do. Ms. Dos.

Fat. Since it s just going to be used for camera. Okay. So take pictures and everything s going to go in that crowd now when you re formatting like this you will erase everything from it okay.

So if you have pictures on it or anything like that this is not the time to format. It you want to back those pictures up and then you want to format. Okay so um to format. It all we do is choose our thing on just in case.

If you guys choose any of these other ones..

These other options are just for mac so they will not be read on pc and most cameras will not be able to read your card okay so you don t need to pick one of these two like i said i usually recommend exfat. But this time. We re just gonna do it those five okay so we just click on erase next okay um click erase again and that s it we just formatted our card now i would suggest put in a name for it so i m just gonna put our 16 gig. That s all you can call it whatever you want once you re done that you can just close this okay now if you didn t rename it when you formatted it don t worry you can just click on this go and well let me just show you you can right click on this and you can just rename it okay or what you guys can do is just click on our ones press.

The enter or return key. You raise that and then just type. In 1 7. 16.

Gig st. And not support it so right now you could put music on it pictures whatever you want or you can just insert in your camera and start taking some pictures. So that s about it for this tutorial. If you guys have any questions comments you can please write them here below and don t ” .


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