How to Increase Stars – Errant : Hunter s Soul

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“Meet again in my channel games never tired with gnt here in this time. I i ll up my rank star from 1 star to 2 star with click that icon and than choose achievement click rank star so i already got 1 star i already have ranger trial and 100 achievement point and now we will go to ranger 2 star. I have 1 non complete achievement with mark x complete achievement. With mark v.

See i have 1 non complete achievement. You can click that icon mark x. I already done that ranger trial mamoth destroyer etc. For destroyer achievement.

You must choose the challenge..

So you must choose challange and than wait. I will explain it so if you fight behemoth. You will choose challange or common for achievement destroyer. You must destroy all monster s weakness limbs choose hunt mission and than choose inferior choose challange can you see that its common and challange.

We choose challange for completing that achievement before let s see mamoth destroyer bolt wolf destroyer so destroy means destroy all behemoth s weakness limbs you can click that icon that s it you must destroy horn nose and 2 legs. So its 4 parts weakness limbs you must destroy and than you can know about weakness. Behemoth s element mamoth weak. Aganist lightning and poison the more stars.

The more weak that behemoth equip weapon element..

Lightning or poison. We try some example again for bolt wolf. 4. Weakness limbs.

Too 1 tail 2 legs. 1 horn mamoth have 2 horn. But it means you must destroy what the books says so 1. Horn is enough for get behemoth destroyer.

The important things is the red mark over the behemoth body that s for achievement destroyer and than the hardest thing is enchanted iron..

I search it on yt and google. But i can t find it and than i share on grup fb errant hunter s soul and somebody tell me about that thank you so much for share your experience to me let s see enchanted iron embed a hunter soul 1. Time i don t know how to embed. I m new player here.

So i don t know that on ranger of oblivion embed means socket you can click your armor equipment. I will choose this armor you can click that icon choose hunter s soul embed its done nah. I have 2 stars now if you want to raise to 3 stars you nrrf 1000 achievement point and some triel sentry ranger achievement siege beast is hard. But that gargoyle is ez i never fight that another behemoth siege.

Best is hard for my wb..

This is awakening hunter s soul. Okay. That s it next time. I will create a video again for raise to 3 stars to get achievement point you can completing quest on achievement menu just click that achievement okay that s all guys how to get stars i try to not say so that s all hunters how to get more stars in our character.

Thank you for watching my video dont forget to subscribe like and share this video. See you on the next viedo. ” ..


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