How To Install And Setup Virtual Radar Server For ADSB And MLAT Dump1090

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” ll show you how to set up virtual radar server for a windows computer. Which which is everything should be pretty much the same for other operating systems so just to their website here virtual radar dot cu dot uk click on download and we re just going to download the windows installer which i already have and for linux and stuff you can just click on this and follow the mono instructions there so once you have it installed. We re going to go ahead and fire it up so we ll click on virtual radar. So once it s up obviously you won t see this or anything.

Like that because i already have this set up so first thing you need to do is go up here and click on tools then options so we got set up some receivers here so what you re going to do is you re going to click on the plus here the little green plus then you re gonna add a new receiver. So as you can see i named mine atheists b. And m black. Because i only have one raspberry pi that has poly aware installed and dump 1090.

So you can name this one. You know like i did makes it a little easier to separate the difference here so once you have that that receiver name it whatever you like make sure. It s enabled then you ll want to click a vr then beast mode your location. We ll get to that network normal and here s where you ll put the ip address of the pie or whatever you re using.

Then the port. So for example..

I ll just pull this back up that has mine here so i have my ip address of my pi then port three zero zero zero five four 80s b. And you can always just test it and if it comes back like that you should be good to go so. What you need to do then is click on up here. Again and another one and we ll just name.

This. One mblaq will select the same type here for format. Normal network. Same ip address different port three zero one zero five you can test the connection.

It looks good then we need to go under merge feeds and you ll what you ll want to do is click on the plus. Then that ll come up like this. And what you ll want to do is highlight both of these check mark both of these like that then what we ll do is we ll highlight the m lat. One then we ll check and let down here and you can rename this whatever you like i just left it go as mine just says merge feed.

So this is how it should look. But then after that what we can do is your receiver location..

I just did mine on the map itself. So i didn t add it in here. But you could you can you can name it whatever you like put it in there which i ll probably do that. But i ll do that off camera.

Since that s that that s that one and up here. We could just change these to merge feed. Then if everything goes good it should look something like this depending on how many you re tracking or whatnot. So what we can do is change this to desktop.

Then i m just gonna right click on this and copy cuz. I use chrome and not internet explorer or edge or whatever so this might take a few seconds for it to come up so once it s up as you can see we have this up and running so first thing you need to do is appear click on the map here whatever if you re english whatever they re from their united states. Whatever you are have that set up and we ll go into your options. Then first thing.

We could do is have this set on merge feed. And however you like it down here they got different things that you can set it to so whatever floats your boat..

This is all conga you know whatever you d like to do trial and error type stuff you could change the colors you can and subtract the circles. I guess that i still gotta set my locations just it s not right. But then down here. I always like selecting this so you can get the little large trails from all the aircraft.

Then you can either do one of these three. If you like then for the list is over here. One little show here so if you want to add or delete stuff you can say if you want delete route you can then once you re done just hit the lock again for the aircraft over here this section will be this section right here no i m wrong sorry. I got that backwards this here is this section here.

Then the aircraft details will be up here sorry about that but same thing click on the lock. You can delete say you want to delete that one in that just hit ok just hit the lock again then another thing you need to do is once you get all that done click on menu seaver and make sure this merge feed is selected nice thing about it is if you only want to show em. Let you could just show him let or atsb or both then if you want to pull reports you can do to layout different. However you like to do it i always just mainly run.

It the classic then however you like that and the distance in between the rings trying to think here if there s anything else the plugins. You can download the plugins off their website..

Whatever plugins you would like i have as you can see the flags in the in the other row. If you go under tools options. There right here. I have folders of these there on my facebook group under the file section.

I can post a link in the description for it and you can download them from there just join my group or whatever it s an esb i m sure some of you guys are already members. But there under the file section. Then you could just add them that s pretty much it there s not a whole lot to it now once you set your location you can come back in here and select on whatever you name that location list you just left it location or you named it home or whatever you can come back in here. And do that so like i said i got set my location because it s off so.

But other than that that s about it so you can take it offline up here and put it back online. So alright thanks for watching hopefully. This video helped kind of how to set it up. And i ll post the links in the description thanks for ” .


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