How to install and successfully play Pok mon GO on Amazon Fire or Kindle Fire

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“Everyone and welcome to the smiley face maker channel. I am you to night 96 96 here and today i m going to show you how to get pokemon. Go an amazon fire tablet um. If you haven t checked out that i ll leave a description to my introduction to my channel in the comments section below um.

And this is a very new channel. So please give me a lot as much watch watched. I m sorry as you can and please share this video. Everyone you know and that being said let s get started so the first thing we want to do is get an app called es file explorer by the way the one my school recording app is garbage for some reason it used to work fine.

But now i don t know what s going on so just type an es in the amazon app store. It s gonna be the first one you see just download it it s really it s free it s awesome. It s one of the best apps ever i highly recommend keeping it so yeah. We got that so then go to the internet go to root junkies dl.

Calm and i ll leave the link to a description below. But or you can just go on google starts root junkies dl and click on amazon fire fifth gen. Then go then go click on the amazon fire fist and install play store got zip come on you re supposed to do this with the computer. But i found a way to do it without using your computer in your usb cable.

So it s i ve already downloaded it so i don t need to do that okay so now you need to do is go to your es file explorer click 0..

Download and then you re going to want to do this zip file and you want to go down here click extract here we go and then just click okay and then i ve already done this so i m just gonna override it it doesn t take that long most of the stuff in this video is actually gonna take pretty long honestly. But it s worth it okay so we got success now you want to go back. That s going to be a holder. That says hangs on 550 and google.

Play got that folder click on the folder. Again and then pixie. All these apps. Do not click on anything except from these um go ahead and click this google play thingy and click install and it ll ask you do you really want to install this and give you all this information just go ahead go to the bottom click install it will install for a while it actually it doesn t take too long it s you know but some of the apps that you can download are actually blank and they the name is like spacebar spacebar and you know.

However many space bars and do not download those especially if they have you know permission just be careful what you download ok so the really important part is the puzzle piece click on that one click install you want to do next. Just keep tapping it and tap install this will be google play services. So basically what you re doing is getting google play store and google play services except on your amazon fire tablet. If it s already has google play store and google play services.

You can just skip this step sorry i m saying that s a late you don t have to really root it your device. Though but this is you have to do this you have to get the google play stuff google play services and then you don t you actually don t have to use your computer for this so yeah. I was so excited when i figured that out um. How how you get google play services and google play without using your computer ok so done so then you want to click these to fire orange fire thingies install already installed it so we don t have to do that install so i m just gonna show you really fast.

I ve already hot..

I already have it canceled okay so you re done with your yes. File thingy. So you should have your your play store. And your google play services.

So you re going to want to swipe down. And it s going to say you need to update your google play services you click that accept update now this is the one that s gonna take a really long time okay so you can just skip all these unless you really want to do that if you were to have it set up um. So basically what you re doing is you re tricking you have some sort of data you know free unlimited you know like wireless satellite data. And i don t know how to get that a good thing to get from the google play store is called i think it s called wi fi map.

I think you just type in wi fi map. And one of them is gonna be really good it shows you all the free wi fi networks and where they are on a map and authsub so you re gonna want to tap open and you re going to need to sign into your google account if you haven t already i have already uhm doesn t want to do location. And since you re using an amazon device. It s gonna go take you to this location based services go and make sure that pokemon goat is on usually it s gonna be on but just make sure it s on so go back um nearby.

I don t think nearby needs to be on. But just in case. Let s just turn that on okay. So what you re gonna do next.

I ll single our people know..

This has already but go to settings go to device options. And then just tap on the serial number lots and lots and lots of times until you re a developer. Everyone says seven to ten. So then go to developer options.

Mock locations will be on make sure you turn that off or else. It s gonna say gps signal not found so you re going to do that do that do that do that do that okay um. So usually i think usually i skip things and i forget things um of all these steps you but i m just going to power back on because i think that s how you do it. So you you re okay so.

If you don t have pokemon go already i ll just show you i ll just of course. You know how to get it you just go to the play store type in p. It s gonna say pokemon go. Because that s super big right now um whoa.

It says your device isn t compatible with this version. This is weird that never happens. And that s never happened before and google play on the on the internet does not really work with an amazon device it only works using the app. But you can just go to a pk pure put that and then download an apk fewer.

I set i trust..

It now let s just open pokemon go just turn up the volume just so you can hear it s totally legit hmm. You look we are playing pokemons go on an amazon fire tablet. This is totally legit. It s totally an amazon fire tablet.

It s totally like it says amazon it s totally legit. This is super. Awesome thank you guys for watching thank you so much please smash that like button. And i will give you some more videos.

Um. Let s try to get one like i know. It s kind of hard just kidding. But if we can get one like that ll be great hopefully this helps you guys and if it didn t i m sorry just tell me in the comment section and thank you so much for watching.

And everything is either something funny or way to make money and ” ..

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