how to make a album on soundcloud!

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“Youtube andre i want to show you how to make an album because most of of you guys were asking for how to make albums. So now we re gonna and you just want to choose the thing you want to and just do like make a playlist first see i ll just do this i ll go into one of my playlists. Then edit playlist look at it playlist. When you go into the playlist and play this type album and then album test.

I haven t really seen anyone do this on youtube. But i mean um. So that s how you make an album so now check your albums travellish refresh. The page and they should probably be though set refresh.


And it s right here. So now i got to do is just pretty watching us do this edit playlist make this go to play this type. And then album click album then just make sure you have to do a right date. Because that then will be banned test.

I ll just do no description. They are now now you got five of these. And then you commit your own thumbnail. I would recommend doing your own thumbnail.


So i hope you guys really enjoyed and see that s right album okay. But because later i hope you guys have a good day and yeah i keep keep on getting copyright so not gonna get chopped right straight again. If you guys really enjoyed this video please to like button and subscribe and outside just made this trap. A month ago.

It says here and like it says 1064. I ll seriously refreshed page. And like see i now see that that it s actually a real thing. So you could not add this to a playlist.


I mean i mean pretty much a lot of people like it s getting less in the 24 hours. Though 96. You said like 106. Now 500 in the last seven days.

So that is pretty good we ll see those little and how do you make a bus go back. I don t actually want this to be i want this to be a playlist and it album playlist you just got to do that and then you just do the cop engine completion whatever that says then you pretty much got somewhere i don t know where it is refresh. And it s gone good thing about that i guess um see you guys really later and goodbye. Um.


I actually haven t seen anyone do this on youtube. So i mean please um. See you guys later i guess. ” .


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