How to Manage Your Data Usage AT&T Account Management

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“We re doing more nonline than ever before sending emails. Sharing photos and downloading or or streaming nmusic and videos at t. Has several tools in place to help you your nwireless. Data usage.

You can check your usage. Nusing. The myat t app. Or by calling nstar 3282 pound from your at t.


Wireless phone. And we ll even send nyou email notices if you re approaching nyour data. Plan threshold. Don t have the app.

Yet you can get the nmyat t app for free by texting myatt to 556699 from your wireless device. So you can manage many nfeatures of your account right from your device. Here are some steps you can take nto manage your data use first high definition nvideo is great for viewing on your 60 inch tv. But when you stream on na smartphone or tablet dvd quality looks great nand uses less data with stream saver.


You can nwatch more video on the go. With your same data package. You don t have nto do anything to take advantage nof this great benefit stream saver is nautomatically added to all of your wireless nnumbers for free no extra steps are required if you want to turn nstream saver off you can do it at any time nin your myat t. App access the myat t app.

Nselect then and finally select n or from your computer nselect then check out the details nat attcom. Streamsaver we can also send you alerts when you approach your nmonthly plan limits using the myat t. App. You can opt in or out nof certain usage alerts select the menu button nand then scroll down and select n and then select n when you receive these alerts or if you think you might exceed nyour plan s data allotment try these tips use wi fi.


When possible cut back on usage. Until nyour new billing cycle begins turn off data usage by device. If you have a mobile share. Value nplan or update.

Your plan and if you have more nthan. One device on your account. It s a good idea to see nyour data usage by device to see a breakdown of each ndevice s data use sign into your wireless account nwith the myat t app or online. You ll see an overview nof your recent data usage since your last bill now select.


And you ll see a breakdown of each device s data use non your account you can turn off data nfor. Any of your devices for the remainder of nyour billing cycle by scrolling down nto explore all the ways you can nmanage your at t account online at attcom. Myatt thank you for choosing at t ” ..


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