How to print on both sides of a paper yourself – DIY

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“All today we will see how to how to print on both sides of a a paper print on both the sides of a paper using the printer in your because when you get a paper printed outside at a xerox or printing shop. The person who handles the machine operator does it for us or takes care of this. But when you are trying to do it at your home. It might seem little difficult.

Let s see how to do that it is pretty simple just we have to take one more step after the first side is printed. I will show you how to do that so to demo this to you i have written content on first page like ok so now i will try to print this print. This one page on both the sides lets see how to do that after having your content to print ready click on ctrl p or print button to navigate to print option here on this screen. You can see some options on the left side menu.

The options would be same most probably for any other print software options..

But i will show the options available for ms. Word software or using msword you can try for another. Things or software. As well so here on the menu.

There is an option called two options which we need are here total of four options are available. One is print one sided basic option to print on only one side of the page. One sided is like it will print on one side of the page. But as this video s intention is to help you understand printing on both sides of a page now you can do two types of both sides.

Printing one is flip page on long edge or..

Side ways flipping that isthe printing will be the first side will be printed and when you flip the page from the second side will be present on flipping. The page from side so it will be like and the other option is flip from short edge after seeing the first side. If you flip it from the bottom. You will be seeing the second you will be seeing the second side it.

Is like one after it is like one after the other from down. If you flip it from downwards. The previous one was one after the other from side so sidewards and downwards printing. These are the two options to print on both sides of a page.

So the other option is manually print on both sides..

Though this is automatically enabled. So now i will show you how that happens now i will click on print on both sides so now the moment i click print the printer gets started and printing starts and you can see one dialogue box here it is prompting us to do some manual action to perform the rest of printing second step to perform the rest of printing second step. So once the first side is printed. What i will do is i will take the first page and and lift it as such without changing its position upside down.

I will insert the paper into the tray paper tray as it is shown in the dialogue box. If you can see the dialogue box. Where they are showing that the first one the printer gives out the first side printed and then you have to take printed paper out as such and insert it in the same way in the below in the below tray paper tray how we have lifted the paper. The same way we have to insert it once the paper insertion is done click on after clicking and now the second side is also printed so this way the printing is complete and i can see the double side printed paper.

So this way you can make use of both options in both..

Options. The instructions will be same lets see the other thing printing option as well where it will print. The first side the second side will be the downwards second side will be in the downwards inclination of the first side so now you click on now insert the paper click on print. If you noticed the dialogue box.

Didn t change you have to follow the same action in both the cases types of printing. This way you can complete the dual side printing at your home easily by yourself hope this video was helpful thanks for watching. ” ..


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