How to Repair Motorola Phones Stuck on Boot Screen & Rebooting

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“There welcome back again. I m mj in this video. I will show you how how to repair motorola phones that is stuck on boot screen or keep rebooting so you start a let me share one thing you need to remove your sim card and memory card from the phone and charge your phone up to minimum 30 person. At least 30 percent charge your phone 50 percent is good so now we are going to record mode.

Hold the power button and we have down button for few seconds. Like this okay we are in liquor mode. Now use the volume down button to select the options sorry my screen is broken. But for that so use volume down button to select the option here select the recovery mode.

And then press power button. Okay suppress the power button and you will get no command. Option here is clean here. Okay.

So now you need to hold power button. For two seconds..

So hold power button for two seconds 1 2. And press volume up button. Like this. That s a full power button and volume up button here same thing navigate with the volume down button to select the option.

So press volume down button and select by cha cha factory. Result so this will is all the char from your phone. So that s why. I said remove sim card and memory card now press power button off select so i want to clean a formula phone so i will select user data.

Plus personalized content okay and then press power button. So now your form is formatting. So let it do the job. It will check some time around y28 negating.

Here. So it s formatting our everything so after former format complete you will get this above screen..

So select the reboot and press power button. Ok. Now your phone will restart. It will take more time than normal restart.

Don t worry about this. So now we got the welcome screen now tap on this arrow icon. And here you need to if you haven t wi fi. Connect the wi fi and the mustang should thing.

Is. You need to insert your right email. Address and password. So.

Remember you are right you may add. Password and inside..

And then accept the agreement all the same you can escape some option. If you want to start up later just chop or not now the nails like this so you can do this certain later so right now. I m going to achieve all these things okay. I hope.

I will get my screen soon device productor. Okay. I ll take later skip. Anyway.

All this thing okay. So these are lost up. Yeah. Okay.

Finally i got my home screen. Everything is working fine..

So i have successfully paired my phone. But i m not sure this will fix all android problem. But you can try this if you re facing problem like this like on bully screen or rebooting your phone. You can use this so.

Thanks for watching. See you next video. Please like share and subscribe. If you have any question.

” ..

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