How To Save Battery On Samsung Gear S2

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“What s up youtube welcome to tech perfect a channel. Which i showcase cool cheap cheap and weird tech also throw in a few tutorials on how to keep your running smoothly just like this video today hey guys my name is tj in the stays video. I m showing you how to make your gear s2 battery lasts a day or two i wish i would have known these trips and these tips when i first got the gear s2 cuz when i got it it didn t last a day or two on the battery. Which is what it s retailed for since about a day day and a half battery.

That s what i didn t have it set up right leanna right and i had too many things running at once that just killed the battery. And honestly i didn t need them running so if you guys are having battery problems with your gear s2 this might actually be able to help you guys and make it run for the day or two. And yeah. That s where about charging.

So let s just get in here and i m going to show you how to do it alright guys so the real magic happens inside the settings. What you got to do is you got to go down to connect connections that s what we re going to do all our changes. The first one on here is the bluetooth. The first option is bluetooth well i keep mine on and it doesn t kill the battery.


But i m also always connected to my phone via bluetooth. Some people use remote connect. Which is when you have the 3g version device. Which this is a 3d divert version.

But i only use that rarely i used to use it. But it it taxes it way more than then this does here so bluetooth on or off. It doesn t really affect it as long as you re using bluetooth. If you re not using bluetooth.

You could keep it off and it will save batteries next one on here is mobile networks. This one is really important right here. If you are using bluetooth. And you have the 3g version.


What you want to do is make sure your network is set to auto switch. What this will do is when it s connected to bluetooth. It will automatically turn off your mobile networks. So it s not searching for a signal because it does not need a signal when it s connected via bluetooth.

Because getting the signal through the phone. So this is really handy and when you re off bluetooth. It will automatically switch back to mobile network. So if connect your phone remotely and this saves a ton of battery this is where i really had my breakthrough and how the battery life changed also you want if you ever use wi fi.

Which honestly i haven t figured out when i needed wi fi. I never use it it s always off hidden and when it s on it just kills your battery just like on your phone. If you have wi fi on and it s constantly searching for a signal. It will always kill your battery.


So keep wi fi off nfc. I have on now because i use samsung pay on my watch. And honestly. It doesn t tax.

The phone at all because not constantly searching for a signal or anything it just stays on and it doesn t kill the battery it lasts pretty well also keep your locate i keep my location off i m not sure if it affects your battery life. But i m sure it does since it because of searching for signal to change the location. I keep mine off and that helps a lot and as you can see if you look on to my device. My battery is at 53.

I ve had this uncharged sand for the past about 13 hours. I got up at 6 00 this morning to go to school and if i don t for thirteen hours straight. And it s not like 53. I could honestly let this sit use it the next day.


And it will be just fine and survived perfectly well alright guys. I hope you enjoyed this really short video. It s kind of a pilot video see how this channel turns out. But i hope you enjoyed this video on how to keep your samsung gear s2 smartwatch battery life pretty good it s worked for me i hope you guys really enjoyed this video and please like subscribe tell your friends today.

I m going to do some more videos. I actually have another video is going to come up whenever the thing shows up is cheap smartwatch. We re going to see if it s worth it compared to my 200 for lunch versus 10 for watch. So we re going to see.

Which one s that so stay tuned for ” ..

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