How To Speed Up And Slow Down Video – Vegas Pro 16 – 2018

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“Everybody and welcome back to another vegas pro sixteen tutorial in today s tutorial. I i m gonna be showing you how to speed up and slow down video in pro. Basically. What i mean by this is slow motion or fast motion bearing in mind.

If you are wanting to do slow motion. You will have to have your footage recorded and a higher frame rate than 30fps. If you don t know what that basically means fps is basically how many images are showing on screen per second so 30fps will look quite smooth but if you try and slow it down its gonna look jumpy and you ll be able to see the individual frames. You want at least 60 for half speed and preferably upwards of 120 for smooth slow motion.

If you have no idea what i ve just said and that sounded like a complete alien language..

Then have a look into what frame rate is an fps cuz that s gonna really be helpful for this just in case. Before you start like assuming that vegas pro is breaking your video or something. Because. The video itself needs to have the right frame rate to actually allow this slow motion now starting off i m gonna import my media so just imported this video here it s called blah it s called back flop on this was a little while ago when i was doing a 30 day backflip video on my main channel.

So you want to just drag the clip on the timeline as i have here and i m gonna click play just so you can see it there you go as you can see backflip. I m gonna want to make that slow motion now this video is only in 60fps. There s someone you re gonna be able to do half speed so it ll look somewhat okay preferably do this like i said with a higher frame rate to make things look better now. I m gonna want the slow motion to start about when i take off so i m just gonna find that part of the video and use my left and right arrow keys to go frame by frame.

I m gonna cut about here using the s key..

I m then gonna find where i want the slow motion to stop so i m gonna say just before i land so about yeah. You can see that s a that s a really weird lon now just to make a bit of room for the slow motion i m gonna drag this end clip and just move it out of the way for now i m also gonna zoom in just to see things a bit bad now to do this little motion. It s really simple you hold ctrl on your keyboard. And you simply click on the end and drag out the end of the clip and as you can see you get this little percentage icon just where the audio truck is and you can see how slow it is basically so if i drag that out to 50 that s 50 speed that s half speed so this clip here is essentially playing at 30 frames per second instead of 60.

And if we re playing you can see it is slowed down a bit of course. We need to bring this end clip back in a position and then we ve got this clip. Here. Now.

Assuming that you have got a better frame rate or higher frame rate..

I should say you can t stretch this out more once again just hold and control and dragging it out so if i do that i ll go a 25 there and it s not gonna look as smooth. But it will still work. But yeah that s all yeah. That s how you slow down video and if you want to speed it up it s pretty much the exact same process.

I m just going to delete these clips yeah for now and just drag in a new clip. But speed it up all you re gonna do is hit control on the end of the clip and just drag it inwards you ll see the percentage sign go up not just in the kids that you re increasing the speed. So at 400 here. We ll clear this and it s super quick it s four times faster.


That s how you re speed up and slow down video and vegas pro 16. I hope you found this video. Helpful. That is gonna be the end of this video.

If you did find it helpful and please like the video also subscribe to the channel cuz it really helps me if there is any tutorials you would like to see then tell me in the comments below also check out my main channel. The links should be on screen and in the description below. But that s it thanks for watching guys and see you ” ..


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