How to Speed Up the Galaxy Tab A

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“This is ric ky. The android guy hey guys today i m going to be be showing you a fun video. And that is how to speed up your galaxy. A so these are something that i always show just to show you how you can get a little bit of a faster tablet than what you started off with and the first thing.

We re going to do is we re going to go into settings at the top. So i m going to go right in the settings. And we re going to go under about device from here..


We re going to hit build number repeatedly and something s going to pop up telling us to hit it more until. We are now turned developer options mode has been turned on then once it has you ll see developer options. There. Which wasn t there before we re going to go right into here.

And we re going to scroll up until we get to the drawing category now in the drawing category you re going to see three things to say scale. And they re all set to 1x you re going to change all three of them from 1x to 05. What this does is it actually tells your phone hand..


Now you take a second to do everything we can actually do it in half a second so now when you go through your tablet. You ll see it s much much faster than. It was before now the other thing is your slope your home screens are slowed down by that this flipboard briefing thing which most people don t tend to use anyway. So first.

We re going to do is going to pinch to zoom swipe over here hit that and now that is gone. So. Now your home screens will never have a lag to them as well and for the last and final step..


It s very simple you actually can click edit right here at the top take away a lot of the built in bloatware. So things that you do not want from either google you can get rid of or things that you don t want from microsoft you can get rid of this is very simple and clean a very easy way to get rid of all the built in apps. That you don t necessarily need or use for instance. I personally never use memo.

I use google keep instead. Which is an app that i don t have but i m going to have to download so that one is a prime example of when you would want to get rid of an app. That you don t need its built in alright guys hopefully did like this video..


If you did please give a like thumbs up down below you have any questions about the gas tap a feel free to ask this has been ric ky. The android guy ” ..

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