How To Survive 2 How to Upgrade and Craft Weapons (PS4 Gameplay Tutorial)

how to survive 2 weapons This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How To Survive 2 How to Upgrade and Craft Weapons (PS4 Gameplay Tutorial). Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Fellas a lot of people have been asking me how to craft weapons and how how to actually upgrade this weapon. So there s not a lot of information of game pose you want how to do this. So. I m just going to do a really quick rundown on how to do this.

So. The first thing. You re going to do is up and open up your camp menu go over and build an armory and build an accessories building go ahead and place down your armory. If we can find it all there at the bottom place on your armory and then make sure you put it in here um.

If you don t know how to get in here or why to put your stuff in here go check out my other video. My base building video. It s pretty helpful that video actually got eight likes and if you guys liked this video..


Where you need any more help or want me to keep making them just leave. A comment and drop a like let me know i ll either make another video to help you out and explain what to do or i ll just answer your comment directly to the chat. So thank you guys thank you a lot um. So just go ahead and build a bow.

The silencer just as an example let s build bot and then after you make your weapon. You can pretty much upgrade any weapon in the game. You are going to want to put down your accessories building so put that down and as you can see there is no upgrades that you can do and the reason being right now is that year if you look over here your accessories is level 1 your accessories building so just go ahead and upgrade that it only cost a little bit of cloth and wood so relatively easy to find i mean as you upgrade it more the more advanced materials. There but pretty much basic materials throughout so just try to get it to around say.

15. And then you re going to once you go over and just put some upgrades on your one so both sites are good because they make you get faster criticals and can we get anything else i level. 15 let s scroll down um..


I don t believe that we can. But we re just gonna go ahead and check anyway. So now if you wanna get some of the more advanced upgrades. You can just keep upgrading that but i know not everyone is a high level.

So i m just showing this for a little level players that really need help so you re going to want to go over to your bow. And to upgrade your weapon just click on these little three lines right here and click this button and then as you can see here we have these five options to upgrade just go ahead and drag the both sides over and you just reduce your targeting time by 02. Seconds. Which doesn t seem like a lot.

But trust. Me. It is a huge deal to cut down your time by 25 and just to show you got hit confirm and show you guys again the gun..


I m using the nebulizer as you can see here i have three attachments on it the precision sights. The concentrator. Which is very good for all weapons. Because the distance noise.

Here doesn t really matter because the zombies will basically hear you anyway. But the plus thirty percent damage is huge that s really great and then extended maximum as you can see here this is what we normally do without the upgrades. And this is what we do with the so called the concentrator and now of course. If you have better ammo.

You do more damage as well and critical hit damage is a targeting times a little bit up. But that s okay and we don t really care about the noise. So you know it s basically just a quick rundown on how to upgrade craft and upgrade your weapons like i said..


If you guys need to don t have access to all your weapons or anything. If you want ice let s just keep upgrading your accessories and your armory to as high as you want it and you will have access to any gun that you can create. But like i said my last thought to survive get video got 11 like so if we could get let s say. 8 on this video.

Just just so you guys can let me know that you liked the video that would be great. And if you have any more questions like i said earlier just leave a comment or send me a message and i ll get back to you subscribe for more how to survive videos and thanks as always this is your ” ..

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