How to upgrade PS3 Hard Drive – New HDD Tutorial

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” s it going guys so in this video. I m gonna do a quick tutorial tutorial on how you can swap your old ps3 hard drive for a new one was basically to expand your storage and the process is similar on the ps4. But only tweaked slightly but anyways. I m gonna be doing it for the ps3.

I m gonna demonstrate on this guy right here. It s a ps3 fat right now. It s got 40 gigs in but i ve got a 500 gigabyte hard drive so i m gonna put that in so to do this as you would expect you d need your hard drive your system. A crosshead screwdriver.

Maybe a little smaller in size. So i got two right here. Some little pry tool thing or even you can even use your thumbnail. I guess and then you re gonna need a usb flash drive really it doesn t have to be much unless.

You plan on backing up a lot of stuff so without further ado. Let s get straight to it so now i m going to take this usb flash drive. I m going to stick it into my computer just to format. It because it needs to be a specific type.

So that the ps3 can read it alright. So let me go ahead and put in my usb there we go and then it s gonna pop up so we re gonna just expand this right now my usb is empty. So i m gonna right click right here. I m gonna go to format.

I m gonna make sure it s on the full size fat32. This is what s important and then now you can put default allocation size. We ll make sure quick format is checked and then we ll start remember. It s gonna tell you that everything will be deleted.

So make sure you backup before you hit ok and then we re just gonna let it work for a bit once the format is complete. We re going to close this out and then we can go ahead and open it up again. We can go to our usb and then when we click on that we re gonna right click. And then we go to properties we can see that the file system is fat32.

We are done so now that we ve updated our usb drive. We can put it into one of the usb slots. There you go and this is important if you want to backup. Some of your stuff.

So let s say you ll have saved data some stuff like that and that s what we re gonna save right here so we re gonna go over to the ps3 and from here. We re gonna go into settings. And then we re going to go down to system settings and backup utility. We re gonna click that we re going to click backup it s gonna ask us but we want to backup the data on the hard drive to storage media.

We re gonna say yes we re gonna choose our usb device and now it s going to start backing up the system so depending on the amount of stuff. You have on your actual system. This may or may not take longer or be shorter mine was pretty quick because i didn t have much on the system. So there s really no need for me to backup.


And if you don t care about the data that you have on the system. And you want to start fresh. You don t need to do this part you can actually skip ahead so back on the computer now we re gonna open up google. We re gonna type in ps3 ofw which basically stands for official firmware we re gonna click on the first one it s going to redirect us to a sony web page.

It s sony s official page and they actually have the latest system software version for the ps3 available for download we can hit that blue button to download it i m just gonna scroll down so over here we re gonna see this is where we have to place the actual file. So it s going to be from the root to the ps3 to the update. And then we re gonna have to name the file ps3 update dot pu p. So i m gonna go ahead click download and then it s going to download we re just going to wait for that to finish all right so once it s finished downloading then we basically go back to our downloads file.

We re gonna right click and then i m going to cut you can also copy whatever you want to do but i m just going to cut and then i m going to go to my usb flash drive. I m going to create a new folder and all caps. I m going to call it ps3 and then i m going to open that folder create another folder and in all caps. I m going to call it update and then in that folder.

I will paste the ps3 update file that i downloaded from the sony website and so again it goes ps3 update and then you have the file. And so now we can eject our usb and we re done so now that we ve actually got the update firmware on our usb. We re going to go over turn off the system and now we re going to completely unplug. It and take out the old hard drives so like i said we re going to turn off the system and then we re going to unplug the wires at the back and now.

It is completely unplugged and turned off so then we ll take a look at the system on its left hand side this is for the fat model. That s where we can locate the actual ps3 hard drive cover so if i take a little pride tool. This one s plastic you can even use your nail just come on the side pop that guy out and then we ll actually see where the hard drive is located now if you have a regular slim model. You re actually going to look at the front area and just beneath the disk drive.

You ll actually see this little square. This is where the hard drive is located before you can access it you actually have to turn it on its back and you ll see this little square area. I don t know how well you ll be able to see. But this little square you re right there you re gonna take a little pry tool go in there and then kind of unhinge that guy.

It s going to stay stuck on it s not gonna come off completely or i lied it s gonna come off completely. But there are some slim models where it does not come off completely it stays hinged kind of and then you re gonna take a look a little closer and you re gonna see on the inside that there is a blue screw once you remove this blue screw. You can actually pull this to the side so let me just go ahead and show you guys. Okay please screw this out so now looking out their front again push that to the side comes out just like that this guy s pretty dusty and then you can just pull it by this metal tab right there.

And you can just pull that out so that s how you get it out for the regular slim now if you re using the ps3 super slim model then the hard drive will actually be located on the right hand side. I think there may be a cover covering this it actually will look something like that and then you can pop out the little ps symbol and then this lid will come off my system actually doesn t have that i bought this guy used but anyways. This is where the hard drive is located we re going to take off that blue screw and that s for if you have a super slim alright. So we pop this guy out just like doing that i guess and then we would have removed this blue screw right there at the center.

There s even a little arrow indicating towards it so we re gonna remove that with our crosshead screwdriver and then it s loose. We re gonna make sure not to lose this we ll set it aside and then there s a little metal tab. But you can undo right there. And that kind of gives you leverage to pull the actual system out of its place.

So we re going to pull back and pull up and now we have the actual hard drive and in its in his tray. So now we have to separate these two guys so i m gonna put this aside. Now we ll focus on this so if we take a look for this specific model. You re going to look at the sides you re going to see that there s screws two on this side you re going to turn around you re gonna see two on this side.


I ve actually lost one and that s because well i didn t lose it i actually kind of broke it off trying to take it out these are very easy to strip. So you re gonna have to be very careful when you re trying to take them out they are all crosshead you re gonna lose your tiny cross head screwdriver for that and if you do end up stripping them. It s not the end of the world. I ll make a separate video on how to take them out if you have stripped them.

But if you don t want to try to take that method another thing you can do is buy a replacement. So basically cross the screwdriver to remove these screws that s one that s gonna be three for me should be four for you guys there we go. And then you ll see that the actual hard drive comes out of its tray pretty easily so this guy you can now do whatever you want with you can keep it you can use this external storage. You can sell it a lot of times.

You re not going to be worth much this one s 40 gigs. So you can also use them in a laptop. If you want i suppose so now. I m gonna take my new hard drive.

This one s 500 gigs and this is really hot this is really cool anyways so i m gonna place it the same orientation that it was in so basically you re gonna have the back of the tray. Where the back of the hard drive goes. And then the open face is gonna be where the connection goes. And then so the trays will actually vary depending on which model you have for example.

This is a tray from the super. Slim and you ll see that the screws well if there were screws in are actually at the bottom four corners and same with the super slim. I believe they re also on the bottom as opposed to the sides. But they re just as hard to get out so be careful not to strip them.

And again. You ll just want to make sure that the connection side is open and free to connect you ll notice that the back is covered up and locked off now all i m going to do is secure my new hard drive in place on the tray using those same screws that i had earlier now. If you stripped any of your screws. And you use the method that i actually showed you to get them out you are going to lose some of the screws just like i ve lost one here.

But if you still have two or three left or even just one that should be fine enough to hold it in place if you have two i d recommend putting them on opposite sides. If you have one just put it i guess anywhere. It doesn t really matter there we go so we got the three screws in for this guy. And now.

All you have to do is put this back in the system. So now we ll drop it in the way. It was and so we ll notice that this little metal area will kind of slide in when we push on that tab. And then it s going to line up with the hole right there and that hole is where we put our blue screw.

I m get it tighten back on there we go and then you can put the cover back on so now we got a new hard drive in there. But when we start this guy up it s not going to recognize. So that s why we have the official firmware on our usb drive. We re going to put that guy in here.

And it s going to reinitialize this hard drive so what we re going to do now is we re going to hook. This guy back up to the tv and just so we can see everything that s going on so i m putting the power cable and then i m going to get the hdmi cable as well okay. Nice and then we re going to turn these switch on so. We re just going to take our usb flash drive that does have the update and we re going to put it in one of the usb slots on the ps3 alright.


So now we re going to start out the system and see what happens okay so it s telling us to connect the controller using a usb cable and then press. The ps button. So i ve got my controller over here. It s already connected with the cable as you can see so i m just going to go ahead and push the ps button.

Now it says the system software cannot be run correctly press. The ps button to try to restart the system. If the system cannot be restarted the system partition of the system storage must be reformatted. And you must.

Reinstall the system. Software connect storage. Media that contains update data version 48. To or later and then press both start and select buttons at the same time so basically we ve already covered the storage media part when we put that update in our ps3 folder.

So that s what that is the system cannot be restarted. Because the partition of the system storage must be reformatted and you must reinstall system software. What that basically means is that this is a brand new hard drive and it s completely empty. It s not formatted to be read properly by the ps3 system.

What we re going to do is format it to the correct type and then install the system software so if with the usb and drive inside. I m going to press start and select at the same time now. It s going to check and look for that system update version. So after some time.

It says. The system partition of the system storage will be formatted during the format operation. All data on the system storage may be deleted to format press and hold the start and select buttons at the same time for at least five seconds. If you format you cannot go back to the previous version of system storage.

So basically. It s letting you know that if you had stuff on here. It s going to be formatted. It s going to be deleted.

And it s going to be gone. We re going to basically write to this hard drive as a new hard drive and that s what we intend to do here. So i m going to go ahead and press start select now if you i m sorry. I m going to go ahead and press start select and hold it for five seconds.

Now if you didn t get to this screen. It s probably because you may not have put the actual update folder. And the write files. So make sure to double check that it s on the root of the usb.

Which is formatted as a fat32 usb. The route. You re gonna have a ps3 all caps folder. In that folder.


You re going to have an update. All caps. Folder. And in that folder.

You re going to have the dot. Pu p. File. And that has to be renamed to ps3 up debt.

So there won t be a e at the end. It s going to be dot p u. P. After and then it s going to go ahead and take us into the formatting loading screen.

So we re just going to wait for this to finish off. So it looks like it s finished formatting now we ve gone into the safe mode screen. So again. It s asking me to use the controller and press.

The ps button. The previous screen was for formatting and now it s going to install the system update file that we ve had on it so i m going to agree to the user agreement. I m going to accept and it says do not turn off the system. While it is updating.

I m going to press x to get it started and now we wait so now we see it starting back up again. We re in safe mode. So i m going to press. The ps button and it s going to take us through initialization.

I m going to say yes because i do have hdmi connected. We re going to basically set up the first time setting. This is considered like a first time first time startup in the machine. So i m going to skip internet settings for now.

But you can decide to adjust this if you want to and there you guys have it so that is how you upgrade the hard drive to a ps3 system or you decide to use a fresh hard drive and reinstall the system firmware. So now what you could do is. Since you have that same usb that you back your system up to you can actually go down to system settings. And you can go again to backup utility from there we can choose restore and then it ll notice our restore file in our usb drive and this is the number so we can click on that and it will restore so i hope this video helped you guys out i hope you are able to update.

Your ps3 or upgrade. Should. I say storage. Wise.

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