How to Watercool your CPU and GPU for under $250

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” re going to talk about a new product line here from ek this you guys guys have been messaging. The crap out of me about talk about this because these aluminum water kits and i m going to warn you right now if you re from the uk and you get you know triggered. When i say aluminum and not aluminium get ready because i m going to say aluminum a lot in this video bring out the bling in your pc. With corsairs new vengeance rgb series ddr4 memory with its hassle free lighting controls in superior overclocking performance click the link in the description to learn more so it s actually three new skus in uk s fluid gaming lineup.

There s the a 120. The a 240 and the a 240 g. Now the g is in stanford gangster old school or anything like that it basically just adds. A graphics card waterblock inside the kit that s what we re gonna be focusing on today because i want to take my test bench here.

I m going to water cool. My gtx 1080 and the cpu. We re going to see how well it actually does we re going to talk about a couple of things as well a lot of people are really freaked out about the fact that these kids are made out of aluminum. But ek themselves have thought about that obviously a lot of things are cooled with aluminum your car gloom heads aluminum blocks so is it really all that bad we re going to try and tackle some of that today.

So i actually haven t opened this up yet. I wanted everything i do with this particular video to be raw and experience it for the first time on camera here s the cool thing about this everything in here is made out of aluminum aluminum radiator aluminum fittings aluminum blocks aluminum wall everything i m going to hope that the internals of the pump are also aluminum because normally they re a steel impeller so i don t know if they are or aren t so i can t actually comment to that but that s what most people are afraid of most people are afraid of the whole concept of galvanic corrosion and now there s lots of things that can cause galvanic corrosion. There s also a lot of things that can mix will expedite and speed up the process of galvanic corrosion and one of those being mixing the two metals of copper and aluminum. So that s why they even came up with their aluminum fittings.

So we ve got our fans right here that include two ek vardar eighteen. Hundred and fifty rpm fans these are the black and gray ones. We ve got 3 8. Tubing.

Which is very common for systems like this size. We ve got a triple fan splitter here. Which is kind of ironic. Because we only have a 240 millimeter radiator fan.

A radiator. So i would have liked to have seen a 360 with this kit. Because we re calling a gpu as well so that s one of the reasons. Why i m testing this config is i want to see how well a 240 can handle both the gpu and the cpu in the same list.

So you get your sata power plug here presumably for the pump our pump res the combo. This is extremely light this is way lighter than any dbc i ve ever held. But i don t even think..


This is a dbc here is our ek supremacy 8x block. It is an aluminum block as you can see right there. It s a polished aluminum. It s so lightweight.

It actually feels like kind of fake. It feels like like some sort of a little like plastic mock up. But it is of course metal. That s one of the benefits to aluminum.

Too is it s pretty lightweight. We ve got a ek cryo fuel. It is a concentrate so the only thing you really need to add to this is your distilled water and it looks like this dilutes into i m going to assume a leader yes. It s so this is 100 milliliter bottle.

And you mix it to 900 milliliters of distilled water. We ve got some more compression fittings. Right here they re so lightweight wow. They re so lightweight.

Because they re aluminum. Again. I m going to assume that this is our radiator. So freaking light yep again aluminum radiator.

Okay. If you felt a lot of radiators. Right here right working with me in this channel peel this if you ll if you ll fake right. It s just aluminum is so incredibly light compared to copper when you re used to copper and brass blocks.

Yeah. This is yes. I got a little news flash. Though for the people that are terrified about the whole concept of aluminum.

You know those a ios you put in your system. All the asa tech stuff stuff from coolermaster course. A or whatever use flash..


Most of them are running asa tech radiators. Which are also aluminum. So yeah. Let s go ahead and not jump.

The gun here on the whole hate bandwagon when it comes to aluminum. Okay and here is our gpu block again everything you need to install it not sure if this one actually oh you know it there s the question you actually get a back plate with this holy crap. I m gonna double check the price on this and i def only don t want to misquote this. I m gonna have you hold this block man check this out if you ve held the block as well right it just feels weird.

It s this real life. But the fact you also get a back plate with it now here s the coolest part about this this is actually the so this block right here says it supports a founders edition. 1070 1080 titan. Ex new titan xp and 1080 ti.

You know they re able to do that they ve actually milled out all the areas that might come flicked on these different cards. But it still touches gpu brm and memory so you have one block. It s actually cross compatible with all what was that four or five cards that s pretty cool. But here s the best part about all of this everything you see here guys.

Two hundred and thirty nine us dollars. Do you know how much just a copper gpu block is with no backplate. They usually are about a hundred and fifteen to one hundred and twenty nine dollars. So if you do the math on that this is the hell of a bargain.

We re not going to do a base run on the graphics card because we already know it s going to hit 84 c. Because it is a founders card and it will hit thermal max. So let s go ahead and install this and compare the temps all right so we ve been playing here for a little while trying to load up the cpu and the gpu at the same time. I m curious as to how this little 240 rad is going to perform so far.

It actually doesn t feel too bad. We are i ll show you guys that the temperatures in a second here a little bit of a firefight. But we are running 1080p on high settings. Actually what are we we re not ruining 1080p at very high and of course.

We have got 16 threads. The performance here trying to be cooled and here s what the temps look like currently our cores are sitting in the 40s and our gpu is sitting at 43 at 98 load at 1886 mega. It s not overclocked or anything like that this is just the base boost clock..


But look at his core temps right here both cpu and gpu everything s in the 40s. That is pretty damn impressive. So as you saw gaming was fine right this 240 right is more than enough to keep the 1080 gt. X.

1080 founders. Edition. Cool and the cpu at the same time. Everything was sitting in the mid 40s right now.

This has been running a 264 for a while. And we are sitting with the temps averaging. Geezers. 58.

C. Ni. C. 70.

See on the cores max. We ever saw in here. With 78. So pretty much the same as what we were seeing with the triple radiator solution.

And this is a thinner red may not aluminum. It s smaller. So obviously you can see when it comes to heat dissipation. This is actually my three my three sixty right is obviously overkill for a cpu and this is handling a single gpu just fine in an open testbench situation like this people are pretty much conditioned to hate the idea of aluminum water cooling.

Well here s the thing aluminum itself is not the problem. The problem is when you mix aluminum with other metals. It can accelerate the process of galvanic corrosion your car s most of them today modern engines have aluminum head the aluminum blocks brass radiators and they re mixed metals so you have to have some sort of corrosion and inhibitor in there to keep growth as well as corrosion from happening again vanek corrosion. It s something that can happen even without fluid okay so it s really fascinating if you go and read up on it and i m no chemist so i m not going to be able to do a very good job at explaining it so i m not even going to try.

But i m going to tell you right now. The ek has gone through the steps and have gone through the effort to make sure that that s not a problem here they re using the same grade of aluminum all their aluminum parts. They even have warning labels saying do not mix these parts with brass and copper components..


You have to use them with approved components for that very reason now why do they even bother making them out aluminum will easy. It s a heck of a lot cheaper than making things out of copper and it allows us to have a full custom loop like this including a gpu for 239 us. Dollars. This is opening up the door for way more people to get into water cooling without breaking the bank and fortunately they put everything into a kit that s going to keep it as safe.

And it s reliable as possible now here s the part where i m going to get a little bit subjective. I would love to have seen a triple radiator because an expanded unit like this would definitely have taken advantage of a triple red a little bit more than a dual 240 in my mind. And i do know that if this is a just a off the shelf aluminum radiator used by a lot of aio companies. I do know that they also make a 360 that would have been nice to see especially.

When you add a gpu to the loop temps are obviously fine. But we re also in a controlled space. If you re in a warmer environment. The temps are going to be higher.

But i m not worried about galvanic corrosion. I m honestly not in fact. I m probably going to set up a loop just to let this thing run for a while and we ll go back and visit it in a few months and see what happens. But i m not expecting anything to happen so.

When you create a product as part of a genre. That s usually way too expensive for many people to experience. But you bring it down to an affordable place more people can afford it and more people can enjoy it that s a good thing. And as long as they ve done their their due diligence and make sure that we re not going to problems with the aluminum here then i think we re going to be fine.

I mean the fluid that they have here. Obviously has anti corrosion properties to it and that on top of it being all the same metal. Shouldn t be an issue. I think it s a realistic fear a lot of people have because i get to say we ve been conditioned for that but sound up in the comments.

Tell me what you guys think. And tell me what you think about those temps and the price to performance ratio on this kit. Damn near unbeatable alright guys thanks for watching and as always i ll see you in the next one cringes. ” .


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