How to win every game on Football Manager 2015!

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“Guys welcome to my channel. My name is james and what i m going to to be doing today is i m going to show you how you can win. Consecutive premier league s four consecutive fa cups. The last two champions leagues and european super cups on the world club cup and the charity shield with a team like southampton would also work with someone like everton or newcastle.

Perhaps even aston villa so kind of mid table premier league clubs with a bit of ambition or some kind of money behind them and you ll see that the club where enough is seized now we ve got a healthy bank balance. And that is in the part backed by caf control. The wage expenditure. So obviously.

It s really easy in this game to just buy messi and ronaldo and then win the league that s not what we re doing here. We re building a sustainable club. We re trying to develop the ground. We re trying to continue to go from strength to strength so a little bit kind of like what are some bangers done at arsenal.

But on a kind of a much smaller basis. So what we re going to do today is i m going to introduce you to the tactic. Which has been used to achieve the success and this is you know one of the most important parts of the success that we ve had is this tactic. So it s the foliar feed.

It s in the description below and i m just important into your tactics screen. If you don t know how to do that then i might make a video about how to do that later. But what i m going to do now is just talk you through how this tactic works. So the defenders you just need to get good quality defenders.

Nothing really that you need to know about those guys now your midfield. 3. Needs to be capable of finishing and long shots. Because they re going to get a lot of chances come their way from these set pieces.

So if you ve got people that can t finish or have a poor first touch just get rid of doesn t matter who they are they re going to get so many chances. It s imperative that there able to finish them now in attack. You ve got three strikers. One is a centre forward style player someone look at the ava koster.

A falcao shiro that kind of prayer and then you two white men. Need to be more kind of winged alike players like alexis sanchez janna sighs perfect eden has art you know those kind of players who ve got skillful because they re gonna create a lot of chances for the front man barbozza here another important thing about this tactic like i said is the set pieces you need to get someone in who can take long throws..

Because you re going to get a lot of chances from long throws. And you score 5 10 15 goals of season from month. Right now. If you ve got a player with a 15 for long throws.

You just ask them to do a new preferred move. So i m just training up montoya. I ll ask them to do gaya as well just so i can show you how you do that so now. He s doing that and so zoom up so you go into development into training and then you just say new preferred move best use of technical coach.

Ask the technique training and then say development bullet. I don t want him to do it. But if you did you would say i have a much great experience. And what benefits the player and you should give it a go or i would like you to give this a try generally the coaches will do it.

And actually zoom is having some trouble with this training moment you need to make sure that we criticize that it s not acceptable to have all those marks going down okay. So the setups for the set pieces are built into the tactic. So you don t need to worry about that too much but like i say you just need to make sure you can sign players who can take long throws. So obviously papadopoulos is one guy.

Another guy is this guy gulen so easy ghulam you can sign him for 65. Million. Another guy is good is munoz is again you can sign him i signed him for six months to five million. I saw both those guys for big profits.

So yeah let s go on two corners. Obviously you ll see i ve made sure that i ve got plenty of players you can take corners because you will get if you ve got a decent corner taker. You ll score a goal again from a corner. That s so good this tactic is in terms of set pieces.

And the same. It s useful to have good free kick takers as well so so again. If you ve got a good free kick taker with a long shot. If you go into development training.

And this one is in finishing training and you can ask him to rifle in free kicks. I like you to give this a try okay it ll say that but it always works fine okay..

So we re going to play this game. Now. I ve got any any questions at all about the tactics just pop them in the comments below and i ll get back to you as soon as i can so let s go and play you ll notice that i m using attacking movement. As my training focus and i ll do a video on training separately.

But it really helps tough attacking movement okay so this is what for the way today should be no problem should be no problem should be looking for three four goals here maybe should be comfortable. Although watford to do in okay you could go top. If they manage to beat us. So so the first thing you ll see about the game screen is that i ve i set the opposition instructions to my assistant manager so he s dealing with those i ve got mauro tassotti.

So it was a good idea to try and scientist sati. Whenever you can this guy here maro sati. He might not come if you managing someone like aston villa maybe in the first season. But if you re managing top number everton.

It s possible you d be able to get in first season. Okay so always do assertive either pick up where you left off last time. There s another one that says take revenge. And there s another one that says i expect better showing and you d use that one if you lost last time okay.

But in this case here we go so i m just gonna. It s going to drop it down to ki otherwise. The game will take too long. So poor start nothing created here.

We go then here s one of these long throws brilliant see that nura guy. Although he s not actually a central midfielder it s got so much technical ability your great passer. It s a great first touch. He s got a great long shot that he really is you know it s create two chances.

They re mean so simple both come from long throws come on ah gods so getting a little bit lazy. Now in this kind of situation. You know you tune it up. But you re slacking off a little bit you don t really know how to use your team talk if you say well done you know that s sausage.

No i m not going to do that i m going to tell them not to get complacent. So don t let that happen you know jesus is stressed..

I don t care you know he s not playing very well himself. I m going to tell him that personally you should be stressed. You should be stressed. He s played a poor game alright.

So let s get back out there. He s now fired up so the guy if i can just show you this actually the guy in the center of the midfield. This guy chris stunts. I mean.

He s playing in a deep lying playmaker role so he needs to be he does need to be more confident defending so you know you wouldn t want to put someone like a samir nasri in that role you know they ve got to be able to tackle. They ve got to be able to mark. They ve got to be determined the god of teamwork. You know he is on the kind of boundary.

There of acceptability. I mean stackins weak. If you were playing a top team then he s not going to be starting in that role. He s more of a kind of attacking midfielder that s why i played him today against watford right 60 minute mark jesus done nothing.

It s against watford you know he s not going to keep now i m going to bring them kennedy. You also want to be looking at some of the place fitness here at the 60 minute mark. So moreno struggling a little bit. I ll bring on montoya and take klein cloak klein will go in the left wing back roll.

So substitutes. I always encourage them that s what i ve always done i don t know if it s the right thing to do. But that s what we re gonna do here. I mean nervous nervous.

I don t know why we tuned it off it s at watford. What have you got to be nervous about jonah s always picked up not as soon as those orange. Things come on get them off because if you leave them on they ll get an injury. I m gonna bring on saren off the youngster so when you tune it up it s a good idea just to bring youngsters on just to give them a bit of game time so not particularly impressive second half.

But we ve got the win pretty boring game really so there we go another long throw. So we scored three goals from long throws..

So that really highlighted the point. I was trying to make to you if you ve won three nil you can t do anything other than say well done if it was to nil. I might have said why can t you perform like that every week. But you know it s also good to just criticize any players who ve gone below 68.

So jesus was weak play the poor game. You ve also got some complacency down there from kennedy not happy about that shouldn t be complacent. I m not no i m not impressed with that he s got no reason to be complacent. He s not gone above a seventh.

He s de motivated well you know you were complacent so papadopoulos. I m happy with him so it the bit the top two players. I usually give a sort of personal you know you did well over. There you did well and then yeah.

That s the game. So that puts us top of the league. Bit disappointed to have only one knowing goal difference after the first three games. But at least we haven t dropped any points.

So i m just going to mention one last thing is about the morale of the players going into the game. So you ll notice go back to my squad that all of these players have superb morale and this guy doesn t because he s annoyed because he claims his demotivated so for the next game i get to mumbai. Although it s a friendly but if we pretend it wasn t what you would do is you would speak to him. I can t say anything positive to him let me show you moreno let s say speak about praise.

And you could praise his conduct. So you can go in there. And you could say to him you know you you set a good example great and then his morale will go up because as well as the tactic and signing the right players. Keeping that morale that superb is so important and throughout these video series.

I m going to be showing you how to do that so the next video. I ll be talking about signings and transfers. So make sure you subscribe to my channel. I click on the next video and i ll show you how i got all of these world class players foreclosed and i ” .


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