HP Deskjet 2540 Printer Tips HP 61, 61XL Ink Cartridges

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“Advantages of using refilled cartridges is both a money savings. And it is good for for the environment since you get to reuse your ink cartridge leveraging. A machine controlled process and your own well cared for cartridge you will typically get excellent quality for less versus buying a new cartridge print. Cartridges can deliver excellent quality long after they first run out of ink.

The number of refills depends on many factors. But most importantly how well you take care of your cartridge. Customers can achieve. Multiple refills on a well maintained cartridge.

Before deciding to replace it with a new one always keep unused integrated ink cartridges in the storage clips. It is suggested. You refill your cartridge..


As soon as you see the print quality begin to degrade don t wait until the last color runs dry continuing to print with a cartridge that is running dry can damage. An integrated printhead cartridge. Looking inside an ink cartridge. The majority have soft materials such as internal sponges that can harden without moisture provided by the presence of ink soon.

As you remove the cartridge from your printer place it into the plastic storage clip provided with your initial refill this will protect the cartridge and prevent it from drying out caution do not allow cartridges nozzle plate to scrape on the hard plastic body of the storage clip or permanent cartridge damage may result. Note. If the integrated ink cartridge has an expired warranty date. The imprinted date on the front of the ink cartridge then the cartridge age is typically over two years old and may be reaching the end of its usable life.

If you do not have the clip place one to three cartridges in a letter sized envelope for integrated print heads. Which have a nozzle plate attached to the base be careful not to rub print heads together. When transporting or permanent damage may result keep cartridges in a cool place and bring in for refilling as soon as possible for storing or transporting integrated cartridges..


Never place tape over the pregnant note printer ink manufacturers use a special plastic tape that is not available at retail for purchase if an integrated ink cartridge sits inactive for a period of time ink may dry in the nozzles effectively plugging them always store spare integrated ink cartridges in the storage clips provided during your first refill when integrated ink. Cartridges are refilled. They are packaged into a new storage clip to remove the integrated ink cartridge from the storage clip with one hand bracing the cartridge. Firmly bend down the storage clips rear tab with your other thumb the refilled cartridge should be used within 90 days of refill.

Do not use or refill ink cartridges. Which have been in a drawer and uncapped for the last half year or so. The cartridges internal sponge has likely dried out and hardened typically rendering. The cartridge unusable refilling of old cartridges may not be successful.

If integrated printhead nozzles are allowed to dry or clogged white streaks may be visible in the printed text or graphic printing alone may not remove clogs from the nozzles sometimes a cartridge clean may need to be initiated from the printers control menu or printer software to improve print quality for an integrated ink cartridge you may need to clean the nozzle plate and or rear electrical contacts using an isopropyl alcohol dampened lint free moist cloth gently blot the nozzle plate until some ink is drawn out and absorbed into the cloth note. Only use isopropyl alcohol. Or deionized water on cleaning cloth or wipe test cartridge by printing a few lines of text or graphics..


At high resolution. If the cartridge fails to print a particular color or displays. Poor print. Quality perform complete printer and cartridge cleaning procedures as recommended by the printer manufacturer print.

An internal self. Test print or choose one of the test prints from inkjet. 401. 1com.

Website. The test prints are designed to fire all nozzles by color and will aid in determining if a particular color out following ink refilling. The printer cannot track the ink levels..


The ink level indicator will falsely signal as empty. But printing will still be allowed in some cases. Additional alert messages may also be displayed including counterfeit cartridge or non genuine ink cartridge. These are normal nuisance alerts that can just be ignored by pressing continue dismiss okay you may continue to print until print quality begins to fade.

Identify the respective color by running a self test or test print and then bring that cartridge or cartridges in for refilling as a reminder. Please adhere to these general guidelines when storing or transporting ink cartridges for refilling for more information on printer cartridge questions or problem resolutions please. ” ..


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