HP Gen8 Microserver Series Part 3: Configuring

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“And welcome back to technology and the third part of our series on the hp hp gen8 microserver. If this wasn t a party. We re looking for links to other parts are in the video description in this part. We re connected to the hp.

I live for the first time. We re going to create a new user. So that you don t have to bother with the administrator account anymore. We re also going to activate the iu advanced license trial.

We re going to upgrade the firmware and enable our ssd system drive all links downloads and other pages are available in the video. Description. Along with all the commands that we run in the console. The first thing that we re going to do is connect to the ilo ilo is short for integrated lights out and its web interface on the server that allows you to see the server s health.

And control. Many of the features juice ila. You need to have a network cable connected to your ila port..


The ip address of the island interface will be assigned by dhcp while you could find the ip address of the ilo by looking at your routers dhcp table. We re going to use hp s tools for powershell once the download is completed start executable copy the path click on save now start powershell as an administrator navigate to the path that we copied previously and run the hp msi file this will start the installation accept license terms and click install finished installation to allow running the hp scripts. We need to enter another powerful commanded i ve been set execution policy remote sign to allow the hp script to run on your computer. That s why to confirm as you will see if you type in find you cannot complete the command this means we have to restart powershell and as you ll see will now be able to type find hp and click tab to complete this means.

The command is now loaded this command also needs you to know your ip range to find your ip range go into c and d. And type ipconfig. The first row is your ip address and if you re using the same thickness as i the range will be the first free octet of your current ip address and the last option will be replaced by one 254 just assign the command will now go through all i p addresses in the range try to find hp. I loves this might take a while as you can see the command is returned one ip address.

This is the address of our ilo. So now that we got the ip address of the ila interface. We re going to start internet explorer type in http colon slash slash and the ip of the eyler interface we re going to get a certificate error and we re going to ignore that we re going to sign in with administrator account. These details are on the tag on the back of the server.

When it s new. We re going to go into administration and user administration to create a new user we re going to click new we re gonna enter the username the login name and the password we re going to select all the roads click add user now going to sign out and now we re signing back in with the new user account and as you can see in the corner. We re now signing using the tech not user we are now going to activate the i ll advanced license and the main advantage of doing..


That is that we use the remote console. After the bios has completed posting going into administration license as you can see it s currently not installed just click the link and you will be redirected to hp s page for the ilo advanced license trial the license is free for 60 days so click the download now button another page will load showing you the different licenses available we re going to use the one on the top and advanced click receive for free as you can see you will need an hp account to use this feature. The hp account is free of charge. So just create account and fill in all the details once the registration is completed you will have the option to download a pdf containing your license key back in the ilo enter.

The license key and click install as you can see the status is now ok now we re going to update. The firmware of the server. This is an optional step. However i would recommend doing it now instead of later to do this we ll need the hp proliant service pack.

Available as a download for hp. We re going to sign back in to the aisle. Again. What are going to the remote console select remote console.

Again going to click launch run. We re going to open. The virtual drive menu and select the option image file cd rom dvd..


We re going to mount the iso that we downloaded. I m going to go into the power search option and turn the server on the server is now booting. This takes some time. However be ready to press f11.

Once the option becomes available. When the button has been clicked. It will turn white in the boot menu press 1 to boot from the virtual cd rom select the automatic firmware updates from this point the firmware upgrade is completely automatic you can click the annotation skip to the end of this process. Towards the end of the process is completely normal for the idler interface to kick you out as it s being upgraded.

But after a minute or so you should be able to sign in the firmware upgrade is now completed and it s time for us to enable the ssd system drive in the raid controller. We re going to launch the remote console. As you can see our server is currently trying to boot. So we re going to place reset.

Once you see the hp dynamic smart array initializing you can press f5. The option will be displayed however in this video. We re a bit too quick so you can t actually see the prompt to press f5..


Small storage interface has now completed loading click the smart array click configure select the unassigned drives option unselect only the ssd click create array. We re going to use the default options click create logical drive click finish and click the x. At the top of the screen confirm and then click the power icon and select reboot. So that was pretty much it for this video and stay tuned for more if you enjoyed the video.

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