HP Stream 11 Pro G4 late 2017 review

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” s up everybody. Andrew. Here. Tara took a look at the new hp stream.

11. 11. Pro g4. This is 11 inch laptop as aimed at students or people on budget.

It comes with intel celeron and 3350 four gigs of memory 64 gigabytes of emc. Storage and you can upgrade to 128 and 116 inch hd display which gives you a resolution of 1366 by 768. I did catch this particular model on sell for 369. However hp currently has it on sale right now for 397.

I ll keep you guys updated on pricing. The new hp stream. 11 on the standard charcoal grey finish. Which looks so much better than the previous model years which usually came in blue pink and purple.

Although i m really digging this new design the new hp stream. 11. It s more modern and more streamlined and it s not too. Flashy looking like the previous model years the weight comes in at.

284 pounds and a stickers point is 071. Inches. And since this lap saw is aimed at students on the go hp s now puts on komoda rubber finish right here by the port s to help with impacts. Let s go and take a look at the interior and see if there s any keyboard flex here there s a little bit here towards the center.

However at this price point..

I m not gonna nitpick. Now let s take a look at the top section of the lid. Which is made out of all plastic and yep. There s some display flecks in the center.

As well on the left side a laptop you got your security lock slot usb. 2. Headset microphone jack combo and your power status led indicator on the right side you got your full size hdmi usb. 3.

Micro sd card reader and your charging port you finally get some breathing room here with 64 gigabytes of emc flash storage. The speeds are pretty slow compared to a traditional ssd though out of the. Box the factory calibration for 116 inch. Hd.

Panel was a little bit too cool after using my spider. 4. Pro. The colors look much better the color accuracy is poor just like most laptops in this price range.

But for school work and light duty activities. This panel will do just fine the side to side viewing angles on this tn panel. We re pretty solid and the brightness levels were more than adequate this is a pretty comfortable keyboard of the type on you get a decent key travel and the spacing is pretty good for a laptop designs. This laptop features a synaptics based trackpad that s also buttonless the precision is pretty good.

However two finger scrolling digging me trouble let me show you a quick sample tracking is pretty smooth. But check out the two fingers scrolling. See it just jumped around right there it just skipped and open up the mail. I don t recall having a two finger scrolling issue on the dream.

Eleven well hopefully a driver update will resolve this problem or maybe my laptop s affected we ll find out the intel..

Celeron and 3350 is the dual core. Processor that. Runs at one. Point one gigahertz looking burst up to 24.

Gigahertz. This vp is mainly designed for light duty activities like browsing. The web or processing. And need some light duty multitasking just for the heck of it let s see if league of legends will run on this laptop.

Here. I got it running at 1366 by 768 on very low settings. And i m getting an average around 25 to 35 frames per second. Which isn t too bad for an intel celeron processor within 2 hd graphics 500 with this laptop being families that can get pretty hot at times especially when trying to play league of legends.

However with light duty to medium. Do the activities. It should be fine nice about the end 3350 through its paces to see how she performs let s launch a browser test let me use google chrome. Let me launch right here.

So. About a couple of seconds to load up let s go to cnn. See how long it takes still loading. We re getting some progress and you can scroll already but still loading a looks like overall the browser performs is decent.

It s not fast by any means. Let s kind of expect it for an intel celeron processor. Next up it s microsoft word. Which is a very popular application for this laptop.

Let s test out the typing performance..

So far. The performance is keeping up. And the overall typing performance feels good in our last test. Here s microsoft powerpoint.

Which runs just as smooth like word did overall the end 3350 keeps up pretty well with these kind of applications. There are two bottom facing speakers towards the front and the sound quite and the sound levels can get pretty loud. However. The low end is very lacking with the to sell 30 some water a battery pack.

The battery performance is actually pretty good. I was getting around six to eight hours on medium screen brightness. This is a quick webcam test on the hp stream. 11.

At this price point. They should have at least upgraded to an hd. Webcam. Let s perform a quick recap of the new hp stream.

11. Pro. Late 2017 edition. This new model has an n 33.

50. Celeron processor. That does have a slower clock speed. But it feels faster overall didn t old and 36 t.

The new charcoal gray finish is a much welcome addition compared to the flashy looking blue and purple on the previous models you can now sneak this lapse out in the class without sticking out like a sore thumb..

The webcam is a joke at this price point. It is very mediocre better life s pretty good though you re getting around 6 to 8 hours. And the trackpad performance is adequate. However.

I did have some issue to a two finger scrolling it just kept on skipping on certain actions. I ll have to test out another hp stream. 11 pro to confirm my unit is defected or not with a price increase of 169 bucks over the old 200 price tag you re getting double amount of storage at 64 gigabytes and it s slightly better performing intel and 3350. I personally don t think it s worth it and at almost 400 bucks.

I would rather save a little bit more to get a laptop with opinion or even a core. I serious processor for example retailers. Like best. Buy.

Usually has a core i5 15 inch laptop around 500 bucks. Unless you really need the smaller form factor of the stream. 11. Then i would pass all right guys.

This is my rest my full review in the hp stream. 11 pro late 2017 edition. If you guys enjoyed it please be sure to hit that like button and don t forget to subscribe. Thank you guys for watching and i ll catch you guys next ” .


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