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“Have a few updates one of them being part of me becoming more active in in the movie production capacity is that for the first time this year. I ll entering the my road rule 2017 contest. Which happens to be one of the biggest short film context contests in the world. And so i ll be doing that and they added a few more categories as opposed to last year.

One of them being a vlog category. Which i m going to be competing in rather than bucking for the prizes that they re offering. Which are pretty spectacular and so. Plentiful um going for the production quality.

I want to see where my videos and where my quality work stands out how it ranks among other artists and other producers. So that s my main goal one of the requirements to be able to enter this contest is to produce it with a piece of equipment that s manufactured by road and i happen to own this little guy. Which is the rode videomicro so i ll be switching to that just to get a better feel for what the video sound like on this microphone is currently i m using the vp8 iii. Sure yeah.

I think that s what it is so i ll be switching to this guy right now all right so that s the micro on top right. There i ve had it for a couple months. But i ve only used it in combination with my gopro whenever i couldn t or wasn t able to use this big camera..


But it sounded pretty good on that so yeah. My rode real 2017. It s probably the biggest update and one of the projects that i m going to be focusing on the most at the moment. But also a quick update because in the previous vlogs.

I mentioned that i grow a lot of stuff myself here in the garden in the backyard. And it s a big part of my me being here you know being able to produce be able to grow a lot of or most of my produce so let s race through it real quick and let s see what we got we rolling over here five varieties of citrus bananas tomatoes more tomatoes avocado tree figs person mantri plaintain another banana onion tropical flowers mango lime random cacti baby pomegranate tree more cacti guava tree fell opinion pepper sweet pepper artichokes big pomegranate tree wha hey tree even more captive really hot peppers not so hot them lettuces that i didn t even saw cucumber further cacti blood orange apple. More cacti for a change tree i have no idea what it s called moringa tree aka samaritan tree herb garden way too many lists now the little guava strawberries all the way down. There kiwis haven t flowered or produced.

Yet passion fruit hot as hell peppers. Basil. That s like four years old. More herbs.

So that was very quick update. As to what grows over here. I m pretty sure i skipped a whole bunch of stuff a lot of stuff grows here..


I enjoy tending to it it s one of the most satisfying things when you just go up and pick whatever you want naturally. What i m trying to land the wind would pick up all right seriously. I flew my drone for the last 10 15 minutes complete calm conditions right. When i decided to land the sucker.

Wait look at it like the winds starting to pick up complete change. I don t know what happened. Murphy s law. I get um anyway.

A new development a few days ago. I got an email from dji. I am now officially a dji affiliate. So what s the big deal some of you might ask anybody can become a dji affiliate.

Right yes to my knowledge. Anyone can become a dji affiliate. I honestly don t remember when i applied for it i know i ve done it through the dji app..


Honestly i think it was at least two months ago. So what does that mean what that means is simply from now on i m going to be able to generate links and post them my descriptions or whatever basically anywhere. I want to promote the item from dji. I m going to be able to do that and i m going to be receiving the commission out of it the commission that s in the form of dji credit.

That s only going to be usable at the dji platform store. So again this is not something that puts money in my pocket. But should it generate some sort of income or a certain amount of credits on my account. It ll definitely help to keep my little operation.

That is my youtube channel going and something i m not going to get rich out of i m not it s not intended to why i became involved in this was primarily to become more involved in the company s outpour of new products because i love dji products and i want to be more in the picture. More in the loop. When it comes to product testing and overall increasing my production value using their products. This is a company that i truly believe in and like i said.

I m going to become more involved with it all so what i m going to end. This video is if you have one of these video. Micros wrote video micros microphones..


Make sure and you re going to use it with a dslr make sure that you turn up the internal of mic levels. Because i found out because this is just the pure plug and play sort of thing. A microphone so it takes the power from the from the battery of the camera. So if you re going to do that make sure that you go to the your camera.

Setting and turn up the volume or the sensitivity on the mic. There or you can do it in post. Because i found out that it s way too quiet going straight in so i m actually going to have to turn it up and post about 6 or 12 decibel or so so just a quick note. But that s what that s why i said that s why i m using this mic right now you know to kind of get a better feel for it.

Because the other one the sure mike. I already got it dialed in oh yeah. And once my my rode real 2017 is done it ll be uploaded here on this channel. So be on the lookout for it ” .


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