Incipio Clear case for the Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky pro,j7perx,j7prime,j7V,Galaxy Halo

samsung halo case This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Incipio Clear case for the Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky pro,j7perx,j7prime,j7V,Galaxy Halo. Following along are instructions in the video below:

” s go down everybody pultec here and in today s video. I want to share share with you a case i did purchase off amazon for my samsung galaxy j7 now this case will fit a wide variety of j7 2017 devices from metropcs boost mobile verizon. This is the case right here this is the incipio case it retails from about 8 to 1499. Depending on the seller on amazon.

It is a clear flexible impact resistant case. Now as you can see to the bottom left hand corner. There. All the devices that this case is compatible with so the galaxy halo the j7 perks j7 prime j7 v.

And the j7 sky pro. This is also drop test certified up to three feet so that is actually pretty cool and to the back of the packaging. There it does give you some more information about the clear flexible impact resistant case. You get a one year warranty on this.

And then it just kind of goes over the materials. That is used on the incipio case for the j7 2017 go ahead and remove it from the packaging..

Here and you know incipio always does a good job when it comes to their packaging. So i m go ahead and remove it this also comes in two different colors. So the color. I m going to share with you here is the clear and it also comes in a black color as well i m gonna drop links to two of the sellers off of amazon.

I know one for sure sells it for 8 and then there s another one that sells it for 1499. So try to get it for that. 8 price as you can see we re moving it from the packaging. You got this little incipio insert.

There which again just kind of goes over some information you can follow them on twitter facebook snapchat as well i m go ahead and remove that this is the case right here it s actually pretty lightweight not me personally i like these cases. I like the fact that i can still showcase off the design the build of the smartphone. But still get protection at the same time now. I know this case is not going to be the most protective case on the market that you can purchase.

But if you are looking for a clear type of case. This might be an option for you from incipio taking a look at the back..

There you do got some incipio branding. And so let me go ahead and grab. My j7 skypro and i ll show you just how easy it is to install the j7 into the incipio case. Here and it pretty much looks like it s just sliding in on all four corners.

There and that s pretty much it you re good to go. It s going to take a look at the right hand side. I want to take a look at that cut out there for these side firing speaker. It actually looks pretty good.

It s pretty accurate so that was something i was concerned about but i like to cut out for this case and to the bottom. There you got your cut out for your headphone. Jack your charging port and your microphone moving on to the left hand side. I ll definitely check out how attacked how the volume rockers are with the case on in just a moment.

You had a nice cutout up on top for the noise. Cancellation mic and taking a look at the back of the incipio case..

It looks like they re getting a very precise cut out there for the rear facing camera the flash you also get your samsung branding showing through the back of the incipio case as well as the dice overall build and design of your j7. I am. Noticing here with the incipio case. It is picking up some fingerprints and oils so just kind of keep that in mind.

But that is pretty much the overall protection. You are getting around these sides and taking a closer look at the front of the incipio case. I just want to share with you here how much of a raised lip. You are getting to the front.

So this is going to basically help with the lay on the table protection keeping the display off the surface and as you can see it s you know a little bit of a raised lip there and moving on then go ahead and test out the volume rockers. Now with the case on and i am noticing it does require just a little bit of pressure to get the volume up and down buttons go in there. And i ll go ahead and test out the parpan as well and pretty much the same thing. Just a little bit of pressure some people might like this because you know that s gonna prevent accidental button pushes for the power button.

But yeah just a tad bit of pressure the volume rockers and power button will work perfectly fine. I m going to open up the camera application next..

I just want to share with you here that the case does not interfere with the rear facing camera and the camera cutouts are very accurate and they do not interfere whatsoever with your rear facing camera. That s pretty much it for this case review. Again this is the incipio case. I ll drop a link in the description below of this video.

If you re interested in picking this up again it fits. The j7 sky pro galaxy halo j7 perks j7 prime. All those devices that were listed on the box in the beginning of this video. Well if you guys found this video.

Helpful informative. Anyway. Possible please hit that thumbs up button and please subscribe to the channel for more future videos. This is paul tank and i will talk to you on the next one bye.

” ..

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