Increase VPN Connection Speeds Speed Up Your VPN Connection

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“You hear about the monkeys. All shared in amazon account. They were primates hello. I i got everybody on welcome back right so a lot of people use vpns a use ipvanish.

I m gonna try my best to show you the tips that you can do to try and improve any speeds that you can get so when you re using a vpn you may get dog shit speeds. But we re gonna try and change that so that being said don t forget through that subscribe button. And let s crack up rather so first of all i am gonna be on the fork atheistic and i m going to take it over to the pc. Just to show you some results of the differences that it makes right then so first of all i m not even connected to a vpn at the moment.

I ll be was an ip vanishing. This shoot sorry and i will show you the hidden routes are as well so if i launch the application and download. It i have saved it into the favourites. It s literally just fast calm and once you click on that it s gonna give you a quick reading of the download speeds you will be getting raso as you can see my regular speed is between 210 and 228 megabits download per second.

I m what we re gonna do now we re going to jump over to ipvanish application right so if you haven t already got ipvanish you can literally go to the amazon store or the google store where the device you are using and then get it from there what i will say is well as it if the app. What i will say as well it s at the moment they have got a big offer on for three month subscriptions. And it s for live. So the discount for i think it works out at four dollars 20 per month.

If you will get that for life if you sign up before the first of the next month. I m not using that as a sales pitch either. I know a lot of people like to know when they do have offers on so i m telling you now when it says but i will leave a link in the description down below. Where you can go and check it out right so i m going to launch the application and as you can see logs up like we expect in this is probably gonna work for any vpn as well not just ipvanish rass are usually when you launch.

It you ll just pick a country and then the six will be best available and the server will be best available and then you re gonna connect it and it s gonna use the settings that are already set as its set hahaha and once it s connected. We re gonna go back and we re gonna go to download or again. I ll force stop and launch the application. We ll go to the left hand side.

And you want to visit fast comm again the reason. I said it so favorites is purely because it s a lot quicker just having it there and i will show you how to add things to your favorites as well one thing to bear in mind when you are using a vpn on fire sticks. And that do bear in mind..


They re not the most powerful device and that s one of the reasons. I m going to jump. We showed on the pc shortly as well if you want to add it to your favorites and the top rap rap beat. But what side in the top right corner you re gonna see the hamburger menu click on that add current page to favorites then click on save and that s how you get it into there so as you can see 35 mega and that s a massive drop to what we ve just had right so once we lost you again.

We re going to change the city legend. Does it the closer you are to that server the faster speeds will be and then you ve got servers which i m going to show you in a moment as well also you see the settings icon in the top right hand corner. If you scroll down you see. A vpn protocol.

You see tcp and udp change. Those just. This is a case of trial and error you re never gonna find it s the same for everybody i want you to comment down below. What settings you use what you ve changed around to get it better for you i don t care.

If you use vom ipvanish. Not vpn pro a vpn. It doesn t matter just the settings. So people can come here and see what s best so i am i m gonna change that because that s what i m like i m ruthless when it comes so like that we re gonna do i m gonna connect again and then gonna do another speed test.

I can t even remember the speed that we ve just had i think it was 34. So let s try it right then so let s go again as i say favourites and i can click on that and they it takes me direct there so 34 was what we had last time rascal as you can see this time it is at 49 obviously the speeds change anyway so you can t really put your finger on if it s the setting with change or if it s just that test. But i m just really trying to show your ways that you can change it to try and improve the speeds cuz a lot of people have been saying the gain or download speeds are all when you re really ip varnish is claimed to be the fastest vpn software best that you can get and their servers are the far faster than any other vpn service software base may happen right so. What i m gonna do this time is just take it over to the pc.

Just to show you another thing you can look up that can help you once you sign in you can go across from account to serve a list and once you re on serve a list you re gonna see it comes up with all the servers around you so i ve connected to manchester. And as you can see it tells me the capacity. So this is how much lord is on that server. So 37 percent capacity as opposed to 16 percent capacity on the man see or man.

A man and then obviously if you re in the us. And you want to connect to those servers you re just go to the bottom and choose a page browser as you can see there man or is 16 percent capacity so i m gonna do i m gonna go down to sir right then so once you back into the application on your device you go down to server on the left hand side you can see all through. There..


So we ll click on that and then that s the server. You re going to connect to it s not going to choose itself connect to that and then we ll go and check that speed again. See if it makes any difference at all so once again. We ll click on the speed test.

We re going to try one more thing on this device. And then what i m going to do i m going to take it over to the pc and just show you the coupler to eat you can do on there. As well and a couple of differences also right so as you can see there we re at 45. So it s pretty much the same really so let s do one more change.

See if that does anything and then ding danged or at least. You know the settings you can change to try and get the best speeds for you or whichever vpn you are using right so this time this is on the pc. Now and as you can see it s giving me more of a true reading purely because the device on a pc is a lot more powerful than a fire stick. So.

This is gonna give you a lot more of a true reading. So. If you haven t got a laptop or a pc dual double check your speeds on there because you can t really go offered. It s not a dog shit device.

But compared to a pc. So the best in the world is it so now what we re gonna do we re going to jump into here. And then as you can see on the left hand side you can see it says settings. And then you ve got an active protocol.

So then you re going to there were a lot more options this time. I found the best for me is this one here. I m not sure how you say. But you can see i care eat b.

And it s also l2tp. Which has also works alright for me also so you can change those and that another thing you can do is goes to the server list will scroll down. Sir obviously a lot you go you may be in different areas..


I don t know abut for me. It s to the united kingdom. Which is best on the right hand side you re gonna see some numbers and that s the amount of servers in your area. And that you re gonna see there it tells you to ping and the lord so this is the same as what you ve just looked at the server list on the website.

And as you can see there the best for me is probably gonna be or one. Well. Then you also see or two above it there you can see it s actually got a lower ping. But we are gonna try the or one.

I ll just double click on that then it will connect mit. So now let s try the speed test again and see what kind of reading that gives us. I m guessing. It s gonna give us a lot more than the fire stick did.

But we don t know so as you can see that it s giving me. 120. Which is still quite a big drop. And it is a lot less than i usually get on ipvanish so we ll go back in i ll change the server again.

I ll change it to the earth tool this time try that again so that gives me 120. I m gonna make one more change. So i m gonna go back into the settings disconnect change. It to there l2tp and this time.

What we re gonna do we re gonna change this to the vestment best available is warm. I do where best sometimes and it s just stuck in the air and i m gonna click on connect so this time of all it changed the protocol and i ve let the ipvanish actually pick the best server itself. So let s see what kind of speeds that gives us right so this time that s actually 117. I m gonna do that one more time because this is the last test so as you can see there gives me 110 this time it it does fluctuate.

You re gonna get high speeds at some times and lost speeds at different times. Well you re always going to get enough of what you re going to need it for for streaming these people with 5 megabits download speeds they can act less capable of viewing stuff like that and anything above say. 20 or 30..


Is easy enough to watch here hd. Content right there. So that was just a bit of the look. I did use ipvanish yes.

You maybe was at a different vpn. But it should be the same kind of thing if you our vpm works. It s literally you re connecting through a different server and then through that server. You re connecting to the website you want to visit so that s where the drop in speeds come from so yeah.

That s a i know it dragged on a bit honestly. But i know it is a very popular question of your vpn. Not giving you good speeds and all i ve tried to do there is try to show you different ways of how you can improve those speeds a lot of people won t know how many settings you can change protocol servers. There s a lot of things you can change to try and improve those speeds.

But don t forget do comment down below what settings you use and what works best for you and don t forget if you are looking for a vpn ipvanish is the one i d just use they do have the fastest service for the software based also but it s purely down to personal preference ipvanish is just one i use personally and like i say they do have an offer on at the moment. The link will be down below. I also here nod vpn is also quite good so yeah. I did find that tutorial quite boring.

I didn t find a way to have a laugh with you which is quite disappointing for myself you all know like a good laugh. Well there were just a bit intense on me ed and i ve got a jump put on it s about 42 degrees. Celsius outside so that being said have a lovely weekend. Don t forget see that subscribe button or video coming tomorrow as well i want you to watch.

And i ll see you soon. Sarah cuz smith. Has eeyore legend has it the close of the server the it that are cox hit me ” ..


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