India vs Pakistan u19 World Cup 2020 semi final HIGHLIGHT 4 Feb 2020

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“19 world cup do the honors please how s the call. It is a tile tile you ve won the toss. But vidi what do you do are we gonna first indian team into the center man george kara. He s had a good outing in this world cup.

An average of 52 and the man at the other end the captain of the under 19 indian team pretty sure. I said it bow with the new ball up and over and plenty of the middle of the bat perfect if you re not moving your feet. That s exactly the wall you want short and swat it away for a bounding up and over beautiful swing of the bat a gift and put away. It s costly not just the boundary.

Which was a beautiful shot again another example of his strength through the offside. But i m afraid that it s a no ball. So there s gonna be a free hit as well sliced away and we ll get a boundary in the air again but hit beautifully so just a little bit of width. I only have two men outside the circle.

And that one of them isn t that deep point lovely shot. Oh. No another one two in a row run out. Now a chance in the slips has been put down up and over talk about timing and would you believe it zoid has put down another chance at slip.

Oh. This is hit well it very well indeed and that s the first maximum all the way oh and there was nearly a a chop on from an inside edge just squeezing past off stump to be tight could be tighter then that ll go upstairs. Oh. This is gonna be tight.

It s a good dive. There s bats in the air that s the problem has it bounced so at the fourth time of trying to round one of these openers. It s finally happened and they re pretty sure is the man gone good work from mu said the bowler shovels 441 89 for one in a three chip mcgill he s a good player shipman get in good form got him excellent bowling from this strong young cricketer gets it through and that is the end of mangia and up karag z. For a well made 47 94.

For in this wicketkeeper in a for harvick this i smashed away before not far away from midwicket. Yeah wandering when it was gonna happen. And there it is gillis on the charge..


Here is that delightful use of the feet and garden shop catch couldn t quite get it down. I don t think even tried to get it down just playing through the shot finds a man at point. So so desperately needed to break through the site goes for a world compiled 20. It s now 148 for three yeah and then in at number five edge turn out caught behind just loose outside that i ve stumped so pakistan.

Luring their way back into this contest. Absolutely another good decision keep with our shad brought him back into the attack. He rewarded the captain with a wicket and now. He s got a second brienne goes for to 156 before now abhishek impressed all of us that watched the game the quarter final that is there s a great example square man deep on the leg side.

But certainly no one behind square. It s a big appeal. Then that could be out court down the leg side and the umpires of call for drinks. And what a time for pakistan to celebrate number five down for india abhishek four five one sixty six four five now.

And i call roy with a chance. The bat for some overs fifty up what a fifty. It s been under great control for shipman gil. It s been one of their star players throughout the tournament.

All shot smash straight. Oh. That is just so cheeky. Wit.

He s just thrown everything of that again. Just wait not quite found the middle of the bat and a race away. Though well just brilliant hands. Wherever you put the field that are managing to just find it that ll be for clared.

The man at midwicket batsman locked good pace 145 dug in perfect line right over that right shoulder. So the batsman had no room to move. It s the end of a good innings from roy he goes to 33 it s 233 and 6 god bless nag riccati is the meal batsman oh good sound solid shot inside edge onto the stumps..


An excellent over back of the length cramping caught. He in it just coming off inside edge body. Then stump. He goes for one of six deliveries.

It s 242 for seven maybe in at nine. Beautifully played by navi gets at away into the gap. As well back to back boundaries. Form a v.

Out straight to midwicket. Maggie s gone marvy goes for a quick fire. Ten its 265 fraid shiva. Is in a 10 support me ball.

So probably balled another wicket for moosa. He has been brilliant with this wicked taking ability for wickets to him shiver goes for one. It s 267 for nine. He s shown perl on strike chance for a run out and misses again no one got to the stumps to cover it oh no ball it will be dropped down there as well wouldn t have mattered.

The catch allows them to come back for two and the confirmation of a read batting talent for in leah shipman. Gil gets to india s first hundred in this tournament. Star high sits down towards shore. Also get drawn again at the tourney hall over now 441.

The captive. A couple of chances might ease way to 46 a good punch. If confronted in understand there there was 71. Never gets the whole innings.

And you re right star strong again at the top of the order will never found a one man job look good but then the standout. It was gil porpoise 67. For loozer was able to find penetration in in nine conditions three wickets mahashiv as well he took key wickets through the middle fees of the innings free for 51 and stan will need to go on average just under five and a half per over if they are to get names imran shah..


Navi then shivan mavi great to see you see not just that s what we come to expect from subcontinent batsman. Very skillful. Very risky very effective complement each other pretty well these two opening bowlers well. He s gonna have a go.

And he s a very good shot picked up and what a catch what a brilliant cats just for a moment. He thought it might have been sailing over his head this time he hits it well watched. It all the way and then just doesn t get it over the cushion presence of mind to know exactly where he was they eat a lamb goes for 7 10. One early wicket then brings her heil nazir to the crease runs in the tournament.

So far gone. What a caps good field placement as well he just gone. Yeah. He s delighted the captain phil you re earning your money that is excellent captaincy brilliant bowling as well just a dive to his left it was a good catch in height wall in rancho goes.

4 to 13 for 2q alleys area who s the leading run scorer for pakistan in the competition. It s just as wide. You d better believe it and the captain has got another one because it was hit well enough that is sharp and catch number 2 for pretty sure sorry ab goes for 120 for 3. And it number 5.

Oh madelyn up in the air is it safe. No. It s not it s the fourth wicked falling at 28 tough tough mountain to climb now simple catch for mavi allen goals for 28 for for mohammed aha lefty in out looking for that boundary and getting an outside edge and presenting a very very simple cats. She was seen pitched up delivery try to get underneath that anis to scoop an easy catch to come leash nagar cote.

Who rarely misses an opportunity ha ha. God for for pakistan. 37 4. 5.

So coming in number 7 is sad can struck hi and this could well be caught. It is and put a second opportunity in the same over its it way down on the toe of the bat went. I had to decide whether that he runs back or does he pay me back shipman gill..


Nice catch to follow up a hundred pakistan spot of real bother 41 for 6. Nothing. Calm. Let s come to the crease in the air.

And this could be caught again. Brilliant catch who is it take one guess. It s mr. Gill second wicket for ian.

This is a lot harder. Catch brilliant had to turn behind himself remain balanced and look at that why not yes. Now some cargos for one. It s 45 for 7 with a bit quick.

Shaheen. Shah. Has come well well well well. It s a wicked like a leg spinner.

Really as much as anything not a karen ball or anything like that he swings and his follow through and he s off he goes for naught from 11 48. For a mohamed. Kamel say he went for a few runs. But he picked up four wickets that s high struck it well enough to get over madan and for gone for six.

They ll go upstairs. That s well to actually get back puts in the air dam. When the position he was in he did well to just get any sort of movement back. But he s not quick enough well one to go it s gonna be sad car now goes for fifteen sixty eight for nine last man to the crease heaped away man in the d comes in and finishes.

It off nicely. What a terrific performance by india in truth have been far too good today for ” ..

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