iOS 13.4.5 Beta 1 is Out! – What s New?

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“Everyone aaron here for zollotech and ntoday apple released ios. 1345. Which is kind of of strange they have ndone this before back i believe in ios 10 or. 11 and this one came in at.

N411. Gigabytes. Now anytime. You go from a public release to a beta or from a beta nback to a public release.

It has to install the full os that s why it s over n4 gigabytes and it was over 3 gigabytes on all of these other devices. The ipad nair. 2. The iphone xr and.

The iphone 6s plus nnow apple. Also. Released ipad os 1345. Tv.

Os 1345 and also mac. Os. Catalina. 10155.

Betas. Those three are nall in beta. And so let s take a look at the build number and then we ll talk nabout. What s new the build number is 17 f50.

3 for c. And this particular build ndoes have a couple new features in it or new changes anyway. But there is not nanything new in the notes. However there is a new modem update.

Now i wasn t nhaving any issues with lte or wi. Fi however a few people were with 134. Nspecifically wi fi. They were having a few issues.

With whether or not this nfixes that it s hard to say and will take a few days to know for sure. But neither way it has been updated now the first thing. I would think that this nfixes is the vpn issue that some people were having and what i mean by that is nthere s a bug in 134. That apple acknowledged that when you turn on a vpn nconnection.

If you re using a third party vpn or not what can happen is that that ninformation may or may not be encrypted. It s supposed to be encrypted at all ntimes. When you re using a vpn. A virtual private network.

That s kind of the point nand. So sometimes it wasn t encrypted so hopefully this fixes..

It although they nhaven t mentioned anything in the notes whatsoever. Now aside from that vpn bug nthat. Hopefully is fixed. They ve also fixed the 3d press or nhaptic press to open bluetooth.

So. If you don t have settings open in the nbackground and you 3d press or have to press on settings and tap on bluetooth nit no longer crashes so that s fixed in this update also some people were having nissues with battery or the phone heating up in mail and none of those things nthe aware of our fixed at least that they ve nmentioned. But that doesn t mean they haven t fixed them. But there is ndefinitely still a bug with male and it checking for male on its own.

So that s nstill going on why they haven t fixed that yet. I m not sure. But that s what nseems to be the focus of this is bug fixes now one of the new things. That s nin.

This is if we go into music and then pick a song here and then we go to share nthe song. So we ll go in and share. The song. We now have the option for sharing nit to instagram and it will create a story and then we can open it in ninstagram and post a story so it will actually create it on its own.

We can npost. It to facebook as well and so that s a nice little feature. If you nshare those things to instagram or facebook. Often it just saves you a step nor.

Two now one thing that you can t see is that if you use the activity app. You nhave a bunch of different awards within this beta napple has actually added all of the new 20 21 exercise award images for each nmonth of 2021 so you can t see those right now i haven t found any place in nhere. But it s actually in the code that these awards are currently there for n2021 so they re getting things ready ahead of time. And it looks like the nactivity app is updated with that now also there s some slight changes with napple watch text.

So this is not a huge change by any means. But let s go into nthe watch app. And under the watch app under express transit card. There s some nnew texts.

There it s nothing big. But they ve just made some changes with the nexpress express transit card. And some notifications can let you know if the ncard balances are low and things. And that s throughout this os.

There s little ntiny tweaks to different wording and verbage throughout. And i found that nthanks to steve moser. My friend from mac rumors and so if you haven t followed nhim on twitter. Yet be sure to do that he has a lot of good information.

Nnow also in the code is mention of a new phone with touch id. So that sort of nlines up with what we might see as far as an iphone 9 or 9. Plus. Coming a little nbit later in april.

Now as far as any features or bug. Fixes..

Or anything. We re naware of currently right. Now. That s it there may be some future fetcheth fixes nin.

There that i noticed within the next couple of days. And if there is i ll let nyou know if there s anything different. But there is some other things that napple did today and the first one is they bought nthe dark sky weather app. So they ve bought this you can see it now says napple under the developer name or owner.

So they ve bought this app. Whether or nnot. They re going to incorporate incorporate it into whether maybe an ios n14 or something along those lines. It s hard to say.

But maybe they ll switch nover to something like that or there s something in there they need it as far nas a patent. It s hard to say. But they did buy it and it still does cost 4 in nthe united states. They also updated pages.

Keynote and numbers on the mac. So nif. You use pages. Keynote or numbers.

They ve added. It some features with nicloud folder. Sharing and things. Like that so.

There should be feature. Updates. Nall around for that in particular now as far as battery life. Nwell battery.

Life is hard to judge on the first day. It s only been an hour or ntwo since it s been out. But my battery health is at 100. So that gives us a nbaseline as far as what the battery health is and the overall battery usage.

Nand i m 134. It s been pretty decent at three hours and six nminutes of screen on time two hours and twelve minutes of screen noff time and under 50 usage and generally. I tell people 10 to 12 hours nof screen on time and most people have been. Saying they ve been getting good nbattery life with 134.

There are a few people that are saying that they are not nand whether or not that s a pro lated specific to one of our apps. They re nusing. It s hard to say but hopefully this just fixes any of those little bugs nthat might decrease battery at all now as far as overall performance well on my niphone 11. Pro.

Max. It s been pretty good..

However it did lock up on me already in. Nmusic i haven t had settings lock up like it ndid on 134. But it did lock up in music. Briefly maybe for one to two seconds nwhen.

I was trying to go through there and you might have just seen some nframerate drop. So i do record these videos at 60 frames per second. So you ncan see that if there is a framerate drop. Now.

It is an early beta. So there ndefinitely could be some tweaks by the end and by the time. It s released but on nolder devices such as this iphone. 6s plus.

You should expect basically the nsame performance. This is not a major change. This is more of a bug fix nsecurity patches and things like that so again on this on the iphone. Xr nall of these devices are going to get the same features and they re going to nget the same performance as they had before until apple actually updates that nyou ll see on the xr seems the smoothest of any of them or at nleast.

So far it does and just swiping seems pretty good and going into new napps and things for the first time seemed okay. But that doesn t mean again nthat. This is. Finished software so it could change over time as far.

As ipad. Os. N1345. As well there s nothing really new in that other nthan.

What i ve already mentioned and again on the oldest ipad here the ipad nair to expect performance to be basically the same i would not expect nanything different we ll go into music for the first time on here. You ll see nit s a little bit slow at first. But then it kind of speeds up so that s kind of nwhat. I expect on the ipad.

Now let s take a look at the benchmarks. Now these could nchange over time. And as things happen in the background as far as background nprocesses. But i did run geekbench v on all of them and on the iphone 11 pro.

Max ni scored 1332 for single core three thousand three hundred and ninety two nfor multi core. If we take a look at the history. Take a look at cpu. You ll see nthe scores are a little bit higher on this beta than they were on ios.

134. When i installed it both single core and multi core core are a nlittle bit higher not a ton. But a little bit now let s take a look at all of nthese devices. So you can compare what you have with what i have here on the nleft.

We have the ipad air 2 followed by the iphone 6s plus. The iphone xr and nthen the iphone 11 pro..

Max. So here are the general scores that your devices nshould get somewhere around these numbers probably not exactly the same nbut. Very close and as long as they re close. You should have the.

Same nperformance as i do that s it. For. Ios. 1345.

Beta. 1. And expect the npublic beta. Either later.

Today or maybe tomorrow. Depends on when they re going nto release. It it s really hard to say it could be out by. The time you.

re watching. Nthis video now as far as. 1341. Or anything else like nthat apple could release those.

But usually nthey don t do that so expect them to skip a few updates. I nguess and then release this one to the public. But at this point. It s really nhard to say what apple s going to do.

For sure there was. Information earlier. Today nthat. 1341.

Would be coming out to the public. And so maybe nit still will to fix the vpn issue. Maybe it won t it s hard to say. But if it does ni ll keep you updated with that as well if you d like to get your hands on this nwallpaper of course.

I ll link in the description. As i always do and if nyou haven t subscribed already. Please. Subscribe and if you enjoyed the video nplease give it a like as always thanks.

” ..

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