iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case for 11.6″ Samsung Chromebook 3 Laptop Review

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“Of the kids. Peter montana. Here. Hey.

I just bought myself this eye. Pearl. Em. Em.

Cover hardshell case for google. Chromebooks. And this one is actually specifically should say here for the samsung chromebook. 3.

Now it s also in aqua. They do have it in some other colors. This is how it came from em cover and let s just take a look and see what we got here..


And if it fit so first of all it s all a polycarbonate and it s aqua. I guess. But i would call it like that blueberry color. When you know the original eye books and the imax came out i kind of dig.

It and on top of basically like a charcoal. Gray black might give it a darken up that color. Even a little more. So.

What we have here is frosted on this side kind of a rough texture and then shiny smooth on the inside. This is the top cover now if we just kind of look around the edges. We have a little tabs which i think are gonna hold it on i ve got two on three of the four sides and open and then on this side that the two tabs right there and i think that s what the only thing holds it on and then on the bottom. We have a lot of cutouts perforation slotting.

You know probably to help you know distribute sound as well as vent off heat. What s interesting on the bottom. Here is that we also have a little kickstand legs..


It looks like so you get a little bit better angle in the air. They kind of feel spring loaded. But they just work by cutting moving into a couple of different positions. So they code that kind of will generally stay in this position that kind of it feels spring loaded because of the way they this gets compressed into two different holes.

There another one on this side. And then you have on the back here. A couple of raised spots for like feet. But they re just plastic.

There s no rubber on them and then on the front you have the same race spot. But you do have these little silicone tabs. There so let s go ahead and just put this on and see how so here s my chromebook. 3.

And all right so. The chromebook kind of has a little kick up here on the bottom. And it s flat at the top and i think that little kick up matches..


The kick up there on the the cover and this is really if you just want to kind of keep your chromebook in pristine condition and slide it up too far down. There we go in here clicking in place. So it seems like we ve got it all the way on and now. I have a blueberry chromebook on the top let s go ahead and throw it on the bottom.

I think and obviously the little kick stands will be towards the back here. Now. I don t know that i ll use the bottom portion long term because i don t really care. What the bottom winds up looking like because you never see it there we go.

It is a pretty tight fit. Which is nice trouble getting a tab on the back here because with it being a tight fit at least. You don t have to worry about it just always falling off so ok. I think i ve got it on so you can see here the bottom with it on the top with it on translucent look so if i open it up.

Here. You know i get the standard black chromebook look. But then when you look at it you see that so i don t think it looks good it does add a little bit of thickness..


Obviously. But then you can beat the heck out of this cover without worrying about it and then if we look at the bottom here. A couple little kickstands and then put it back down like that you can see it actually does raise it up a little bit. So you do get a maybe.

A little bit more comfortable angle on the keyboard. So there. It is the i pro m cover in aqua for the samsung chromebook three. I think it looks pretty cool not my tablecloth my tablecloth looks terrible.

But it looks pretty cool looks much better than i expected i ll put a link to in the description. If you want to pick one up for your computer. ” ..


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