iPhone 6s Space Grey vs Silver

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“Color comparison between the space gray and the silver iphone 6s and iphone. 6s. Plus. Plus.

Now first thing to note. Is that the space gray is a little bit than last year s model you might not notice. It here. But it definitely is a little bit darker and that s a good thing since i ve been kind of wanting a black phone for some time now and it definitely looks like apple might be taking that out along with the iphone 7 but we ll have to wait till we get a fully black phone for now we re getting the silver and then the darker silver.

Which is the space gray color. Now we re doing a quick color comparison between these two guys right here. Because this probably the two colors that are maybe the most popular and more simple of the bunch since they re not bright. They re not very i guess i popping and people don t really care for when they see it instead with the gold in the rose gold color.

You are going to get a lot of people are going to say oh that s the gold color. That s a rose gold color. Let me see it let me let me check it out and with this you re not going to get anyone to ask you to let them use your phone for just a color. So that s one of the good things.

That s why i always go for the darker colors and attracts less attention people notice it less and i don t really want people to notice..

It and i also go for the dark colors. Because the front has the black and that black allows for more seamless gaming and entertainment. More things like that and then this was white right here. And this is a brighter thing and i ve always said that if you do a lot of media like watching videos playing games go for the space gray.

If you text a lot use twitter a lot use all those apps like that a lot then go for this guy right here. Because when you open an app extend messages for example you can see this black line around it and i find that a little bit distracting in some apps. It s not a big problem and apps like these that have white like this it kind of looks kind of cool the different contrast. But for the most part.

I found a little bit annoying and prefer no line because of the black borders. It kind of just all blends into one and i just prefer like this right. Here. Just a little bit more simple and less going on with the screen.

And it just doesn t separate the screen for me. And you can still see it there. And it s not a huge problem. But it s something to note in something to keep in mind.

You watch a lot of videos are probably going to want this just because it s going to be a little bit more..

It is to blend in more with your phone. It s going to make it more of a seamless experience with the black one or with a space gray. You re also going to get a very nice bubble here or very very nice look here that it almost looks that this screen is kind of blending into the back like that and that s not an effect that you don t really get with the white phones you can kind of see that there and you know i mean. It s not a big thing.

But something to know it just looks very nice it looks seamless you know you turn on the screen. The screens on it looks really good and this guy it kind of just you know it s all bright. All the time then you turn on the screen. So you can kind of just.

See how they both are right there and get an idea for which one you like the most now checking out the backs. Here. You can just kind of see the antenna lines and the differences between the two the space. Gray apple logo right.

There. The silver apple logo right here. And the cameras right here. Also are color coded to each phone and the antenna lines.

The bottoms of the phone..

Let s get a closer look here so you guys can see that and of course. The front. We ve got that ring around this guy and basically no ring around that you can t really see it. And so.

If you want a ring around touch id to kind of you know it kind of looks cool in some in some ways. Then you re probably gonna want to go for this one. If you don t want to ring. Then go for this guy right here.

And i guess the last thing that i do also want to mention is these guys right here. The speaker. The mic and the camera. You don t see that on the space gray.

That s because it blends in with the black well the silver does not at all you can see everything it kind of it has this stormtrooper look because of that black and white and so people really like that contrast of the black and the white and the silver and some people just prefer this thing that you almost don t see any anything here you kind of just see the speaker grille maybe a little bit for the most part you don t really see any of those the camera or anything. Like that nor. The touch id. It s a very toned down phone for a person who s a little bit maybe more serious and then this was for a person who s a little bit more playful.

But of course it goes either way..

And it will match pretty much anyone you know a business person can use this or of our ten year old can use this and both phones are the same exact thing. But hopefully those kind of tips kind of helped you out it s kind of lee singles last year. But uh you know go over it again so you guys can see the iphone 6s in case. You didn t know this does have a 12 megapixel camera on the back.

We got a five megapixel camera on the front right here we have 3d touch which if you tap on certain apps. You re going to get some functions. Some of the apps. Don t work so for example ibooks does work mail of course works it doesn t work on every app.

So a lot of the functionality isn t very few select apps. And it s going to take some time before developers actually start using this so if one of the reasons you wanted to upgrade is because of 3d touch. I highly recommend waiting till more apps are available or just wait for the iphone. 7.

When 3d touch is fully working with almost every app out there on the app store fully taking advantage of it and that s one of the things so you re finally getting a phone for 3d touch wait. But if you re depending on you know if you re already getting a new phone and you want between one of these two colors hopefully that helped you out and if you have any specific questions feel free to ask down below and i ll catch. ” ..


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