Is SKYHOLD from Dragons Age Inquisition done right?

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“I m shad and welcome to my review of skyhold the castle from the video video game dragon age inquisition now skyhold is one of the very best castles. I ever seen depicted in either video games. Tv shows or movies and video games are wonderful in the sense that we can get a much closer look at the design of the castle. Whereas in tv shows and movies were restricted by one let budget and also we can only see however much of the castle.

They choose to show us where it s in video games. We can take a very close look yet as good as skyhold is it is still far from perfect and i m going to share with you they re good and the bad about its design. How realistic how functional and where appropriate how impractical. It is i ll begin with the good and one of the most awesome things about this castle is its position.

What an impressive amazing impenetrable dominating position skyhold. Really ticks. The box of good tactical position for a castle. Because remember if someone actually wants to take a castle by force the most effective things that they can use against it is siege equipment ladders siege towers battering rams balusters catapults trebuchet x.

and the best defense that a castle can have against siege equipment is location putting the castle in a place where siege equipment. Can t even come close to being used against it castles that tick. This box properly are nearly impossible could take by force leaving the attackers with no other choice than trying to starve them out and interestingly you ll probably be surprised. How often castle sieges are actually conducted that way not trying to storm the walls or knock down the front door no just starving the castle out because castles did their jobs.

Really really well they were made to protect the people inside and repel attackers and so attacking a castle was never a good idea. If you could get away with just trying to starve them out and get them to surrender the castle. Without a fight. Well that s the option.

You would take the problem is starving a castle out takes time and during that time the people in the castles aren t going to do nothing. Because guess what they control the doors. They can open and close the doors. Whenever they want which means at night time and other things like that those people they looked inside the castle can constantly send out skirmishes against the attackers.

Because they can open the gates send out a skirmish and that skirmishing force can run back to the safety of the castle doors shut behind them and those assaulting. The castle well they can try and stop these kind of things. But that means getting closer to the castle within arrow fire and then getting hit. So yes.

Taking a castle can be a very difficult and complex thing especially when a castle is built in such a way that it s basically impossible to take it by force. If you ve seen my review on whiterun from the video game skyrim you will have heard me rave about corfe castle well there are some other castles that also tick this box really well what rostov its castle from austria. Is a perfect example of this also have a look at castel. Odessa lore.

No i mean. My goodness. What an amazing historical. Comparison to skyhold just look at this and again that is castelo daesil or no or castle of salerno of italy amazing.

So yes they re very much our real historical castles on as impressive locations as we see skyhold so good luck trying to take castles like this in extension to sky. Holds beautiful position is its access. One single bridge. Which would just be an absolute deathtrap for any enemy trying to assault the castle on it and on top of that going to kind of the next thing.

That sky hall does really really well is its gatehouse skyhold does something up so. Many video games movies tv shows. Miss in castle design. It has a proper gatehouse.

How awesome is this the main gate sits within and behind to side flanking battlement platforms..

Which means if the enemy ever tries to take out that portcullis they re going to be pummeled on either side by these two side battlements. It also has to portcullises proper drawbridge. It is beautiful. But it isn t perfect you see what we have inside the gatehouse here are two raised platforms.

Obviously where defenders can stand upon and fire down on people or any type of enemy that are able to breach the first outer gate and that s really good but it s too open there should actually be walls protecting anyone who would be standing on these ledges and they should be shooting through arrow slits. They shouldn t just be out in the open here. Because it s too easy for the enemy to fire back and now i am nitpicking here and i will nitpick because that s what i do other good things about this gatehouse well it looks like it does have kind of a murder hole. We look up and we see you know it s a great kind of thing and i would call that a murder hole definitely does the job.

So it has murder holes awesome and then it has something that i don t think is actually historical yet. I can t fault too much and what it is well it looks to be a false floor or a deathtrap gate. Or something like that it really looks like this great that people are walking upon is supposed to open and so if any enemy breaches the you know their outer gate house. They would get trapped in the gate house.

Because of the secondary portcullis and then if this false floor can just open and drop people down. Well here is a very very effective defensive element. But i m not sure how practical it is and my concerns with it might also explain why i ve never seen this kind of defensive feature on any real historical castle. And that is i don t know how secure it with me okay.

You have a lot of people moving in and out of this gatehouse and i m just not sure how much weight this. False floor could handle big wagons horses and other things like that and the last thing you would want is for this but false floor accidentally opening on people that you don t what to kill it just seems a little too insecure and unsafe. But if they engineered a way for it to work perfectly well. Then yeah.

I can give it points for this it would work really. Well. So. The gatehouse gets a very very big tick next up is sky holds overall design.

It is mostly good. Meaning that it mostly follows. Proper castle design convention a big outer defensive wall interspersed with towers proper gatehouse central. Keep these are all proper design elements.

But there are also a lot of problems with its overall design that i ll get to when i m listing the things that skyhold gets wrong the next thing that i absolutely love about skyhold in dragon age origins is that so much of it is accessible most video game castles have their internal structure. Inaccessible and when you go in you just kind of go into one room. I ve never like that and always found it quite annoying and so of course. When i come across skyhold and find that most of the castle is accessible.

I just love it it is so immersive. It is beautiful it really gives the feel that this is an actual castle. It s a proper structure. It is so awesome.

And i would love it if more video games will do this of course skyhold isn t 100 perfect in this there are actually a lot of areas that are inaccessible for instance. The two lower ramparts areas on the outer gatehouse. These are beautiful areas that would be great defensible places to stand upon. But you can t get them at all in fact.

There doesn t look to be any doors at all that show access to these battlements. There s also the fact that a lot of the towers and walls and some other areas around the castle should actually have rooms in them. But don t have them at all and i ll get to that when i m pointing out the things in skyhold that aren t done right and of course. There are doors that simply just don t open you just can t get into it and so yes not perfect.

But done so much better than so many other videogame castles that i ve seen the next thing that i just love about skyhold are the finer details in it stonework..

I mean just have a look at the main door to the key. The detail in this stonework is just beautiful it makes this castle seem so real and it s just adds beauty to the overall structure. I love it the next thing that skyhold does perfectly are yes the size of its crenellations are the right size. Thank goodness you d be surprised.

How often people get this wrong. A merlin. Which is the main up tooth part of the crenellations is supposed to be the size of a person it needs to give full cover for an individual and as we look here yep the right size beautiful there are of course somewhat things about these merlin s for instance this diamond thing that are at the bottom center of each of the merlin s. I m assuming it s supposed to be a narrow slit.

But this is not how you would make a narrow slit on a mill on this is how you would make a narrow slit on a middle. One the ones that are on skyhold are so small that you provide no range of fire for an archer at all it s only a one funnel direction. Which would make it quite useless. The next thing that i just love about this castle is that it has an internal garden.

Not all castles had the room to have this. But when they did it was a very big kind of nice feature of the castle. It s beautiful i love so yes skyhold gets many many things right which i love. But now it is time to look at the things that it gets wrong because as good as sky out is unfortunately.

It is still far from perfect and one of the more kind of funny to almost ridiculous inaccuracies. In skyhold is how it handles its battlements now remember they got the size of the merlin s right beautiful. I m happy with that but the funny thing is here is that it is clear that the designers of skyhold did not understand the purpose of having battlements extended out from the main side of a wall or tower. You see how the crenellations.

Which is the merlin and crennel are extended a little bit out of the wall this gives a very authentic castle look. But the very reason and purpose for extending these battlements aren t there at all and what is the reason and purpose for having extended battlements that sit outside or a little bit off over the main rampart well. It s machicolations. The whole purpose of moving the battlements off the ramparts is to move them off enough to actually make holes in between the battlements and the rampart holes large enough to throw down rocks or to shoot arrows on anyone trying to assail the walls.

This is what they re supposed to look like without meticulous ins. There is no functional purpose at all for having battlements. The way we see them on sky hole. It s absolutely pointless the only thing.

It s there for is for looks aesthetics and of course. That s clearly what the game designers are wanting babe this is supposed to look like a castle and they think well castles have this look extended battlements wider portions on the uppermost part without actually realizing the functional reason and purpose. Why that was actually done on real castles. So when i look at it yeah.

It kind of makes. Me giggle a bit that well then mr. Okay make obviously don t understand the reason. Why castles had this in their design and without meticulous.

These castle walls and towers should actually look like this just straight up and flat and indeed. Because skyhold is on such a powerful position. There s actually very little reason or purpose to have meticulous because no one could get that close to the walls. That you would need a particular to be out of fire down on someone the next part.

Which skyhold gets wrong is the matter of the accessibility now. I have praise the fact that so much of sky hold is accessible. But that doesn t mean all of it is no more like a lot of parts of sky hold of course are inaccessible and yes. That is obviously unrealistic in a real castle.

Every room of course would be accessible..

But it goes an additional step and this is mainly due to game design. And it is this there are many parts in sky hold that should logically have rooms for instance on the towers. These towers have one or two rooms. But not nearly as many rooms as they should there there should be levels.

All the way down to ground level. But the rooms on these towers are only in line with the wall. And maybe one room up and it shows no rooms lower down. Now of course.

These towers could be pure stone lower down. But then that would be a missed opportunity. If there s an opportunity to have it another room in a castle that could be used for anything storage and guest room or whatever. And it wouldn t be detrimental to its defense.

Why wouldn t you do that so of course in castle design. They take advantage of these spaces the other weird thing on this subject is that most of the tower roofs are inaccessible in fact only one tower on all the towers of skyhold can you actually get to the roof of all the other ones nope well inaccessible. Very unrealistic and i m not sure how difficult it would have been in modeling. This castle to have you know access to all the roofs maybe they didn t do it because yes.

There s no functional purpose in the game itself to be able to get access to the roof. So why bother putting it in but it just makes it unrealistic as a result. The next part i want to talk about is the castle design in terms of its layout. Skyhold was clearly designed for a video game in mind every main part in this castle is very big very open and easy to get to the game designers clearly didn t want you getting lost in this castle.

Which could be honestly be a possibility with its size. If they took advantage of all the airport s pace and has and so i m not really faulting it for this. But i am pointing it out for you so you would know what a real castle. Would be like if sky horde was a real castle well no its internal layout.

Wouldn t be like this. What do i mean by this well a perfect example of skiles bizarre internal layout. If we were to look at it realistically is the right wing of the castle and this is where the castles library is and the upper kind of adequately liana hangs out on the inside these rooms are circular. Which is very very odd because on the outside only half of this building is circular.

The other half is our straight walls that go in line to the main great hall. Which means there are two areas of space that are completely ignored like they don t even exist internally. If you notice that it s very odd. The rooms of this part of the castle should actually conform to this shape.

They shouldn t be circular and even then having them so open is a very inefficient use of space. There are some cases where you want such large rooms like a great hall or something like that by beach level because sky hole. Is so big each level here is really really big and then there s an internal cavity or void inside the structure that goes from floor to roof. And there are balconies on each level.

Now is that an aesthetic thing so it s open well it could be but again. It s a very inefficient use of space a far more effective layout for this part of the castle would be something like this. An internal hallway with rooms that hug the external wall. Which means there can be windows on all the external walls providing plenty of life for each room and then you could allocate these rooms for anything you could have one level completely open as a library.

But then you can have another level for guest rooms dining halls. Sitting lounges storage rooms they could be used for so many things so yes sky holds internal design is very nonsensical from a practical and realism standpoint. The left wing of the castle. Where the player characters bedroom is is a perfect example of it again.

I don t need to go into this in as much as detail as i have with the other wings of the castle..

Because we can just see this side tower could have many more floors than what it actually does so. Now that we have had a very close look at the internal layout. Yes. We can establish that its use of space is very inefficient and unrealistic another thing that seems on the verge of being incorrect on is the thickness of the walls in some areas.

That s perfect. They are at least a metre to 2 meters. Thick. And you see that in the access ways from the great hall to the other rooms.

You actually have to go through a small hallway. Just to move through the thickness of the side walls. Which is beautiful i love it perfect. But when we get to some other walls like where the windows are well the windows are designed perfectly in the sense.

That you have to have this kind of alcove. Which cuts out a bit of the wall to get in where the window. Our butt shows up the wall isn t really that thick for a towel. Like this the external wall should at least be a meter thick.

If not more and it s hard for me to gauge exactly how thick this wall is here cuz it could be a meter. I don t know. But it could even be half a meter. It s hard for me to tell exactly.

But it s just something to point out and be mindful now. There s actually a lot of other things that i could talk about but that would make this video too long so at least. I ll just briefly mention them. Generally each room including the rooms on the towers and the rooms and the key are far bigger than what is practical this is a side effect of game design.

So it s easier to navigate and move your character around and you wouldn t get stuck in smaller locations. But in actual reality. Hallways and rooms are fast more than what you generally see in video games. And in skyhold.

Another. Thing. Torches torches are everywhere and torches would never use to actually light the internals rooms of castles or any medieval structures candles were the fact that there s a stone floor on the tower roofs and the only way you can do that is by having it bolted underneath and when you look underneath. It actually shows timber.

The fact that they have cast iron ovens in their kitchen. Which according to my understanding didn t even exist in the medieval period. This is what a medieval oven looked like the tread width on the stairs are way too big and if i kept looking. I m sure i could find more problems.

But instead i just wanted to point out to you what the larger problems are with this castles design. And there you go. This was a big one. But skyhold is a big castle.

This has been my realism and practicality your review of skyhold. Thank you very much for watching. I hope to see you again and until then farewell. ” .


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