Jabra Talk 35 Review – Is it worth buying it?

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“Hello and welcome back to my channel. So today. We re gonna be reviewing the the java talk 35 and we will see if it s worth buying it so s get started first of all this is the package. How it comes in its standard for jabra so the package has the bluetooth in this plastic holding another box paperwork usb to micro usb charging cable and some different ear tips now the bluetooth it s on the smaller size a nice design now to turn it on you have this button on the side.

Just repeat them to enter pair mode. You just have to press and hold the jabra logo for about 3 seconds. Or until the blue d flashes. So the pros.

It is a light bluetooth headset. It s not as light as the jabra 45 left. 5 review. I will put a link in the description for that video go check out seats ok in the year this strap.

It s a bit hard and stiff you could just take her out like this take this bigger piece out and you could just use the bluetooth..

Without this strap. You can just put the other included earpiece that has a hook. Now you can fit it in the year without any strap. It will be a bit wobbly.

But for you out there with bigger ears. It is a better solution battery life it says. It s up to six hours of talktime. I believe them i have used it for about four hours and it did had some 30 or 40 left of battery.

Now for the cons. The biggest come for me. It is the lack of volume. What i mean the volume of the internal assistant or what we call it the omen tells you the battery percentage.

And whether or not it you re connected to the phone..

Incoming calls and so on and so forth that volume is good enough you can hear it outside you can hear it inside you can hear it everywhere. It s okay the volume of the person who you are calling or who is calling you that is very low. I ve tried maxing maxing it out from the side button straight from the phone. Max.

The bluetooth sound. So the volume is too low. You have to be in a very quiet environment inside the house somewhere. Where there s not a lot of outside noise to hear the person you are talking to for the price point this one sells for about fifty six year old.

So it is not cheap. I was expecting more from jabra and for this price point. The other one that i d review had some cons. But the volume was very good you could understand the people that you are talking to but on this one you have to really really try to hear something the music.

If you were using this device as a music player..

The volume. It is low the bluetooth is not cheap for the price point you can find something better for 56 euros. That s about sixty sixty two dollars. I m very disappointed in jabra and especially in this headset.

I was expecting more quality and the last thing that was in my mind is the low volume. I did not expect that the range from this to your phone. It s about 10 meters. They say it s about average.

It s not extraordinary. But it s not like the other one where in two meters away. If you had an obstacle a window or a wall. You would not hear anything for this price point no if it were like 30 euros yes for 56 euros.

I would not recommend buying it there are better alternatives for this that cost much less and have better performances so overall..

It is a good bluetooth. But only if you are inside in an environment. Where there not a lot of background noise. I would recommend it but if you are going outside or running or i know you work somewhere where there s a lot of background noise.

I do not recommend it i will be reviewing another bluetooth from jabra. The one that i m using currently the one that is a very good bluetooth. Remember to hit that like button. If you liked it if you didn t then the other one works as well please.

” ..

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