JETech Case for iPhone X – HD Clear – Best Affordable Case!

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“Couple what s going on this is youtube. I m cory that s sure no no no i mean i am sure reason you are cory. But weird the tech not youtube wait did i say yes try that again what up youtube here. We go kourin true summit uh couple here.

What are you doing today we have any case from jet tech. It s supposed to be the best crazy affordable case that you can find for the iphone 10 and we re gonna see if that actually holds water do you wonder how much it was it was three many nights. They re supposed to be like a really dope clear case yes apparently sold out so it came back in stock and we uh we grab now let s see i still have rip that bad guy or girl open. The plant upon your gender preference or phone.

Cases that make us everything s okay now you re it not of you one alright. I dropped something you dropped the thing you got that silica and a lifetime warranty card that s pretty dope it comes with it really that s i feel the disrespect you doing bam lifetime warranty there we go cut no okay so there isn t all right if there s lifetime support in the replacement keep this card or register. Now and all the ways to get in contact with them should you need help oh wait you have to register by within 14 days. Okay we re gonna take that as 14 days from opening it which we just did just now and you know that cuz you re seeing that you would all right well.


I have an ad iphone. 10. I have a very clear case with those cool things okay. I don t know if that s a thing.

There we go you can see them in my smudgy fingerprints already got greasy hands clear tasers yeah. Mmm all right now this feels like it cost way more than 399 already so what i m saying is i m about to take. It yeah sounds like a good plan. Continue marriage ologists.

Let me know what marriage. What s yours is ours okay. So this is the case on the iphone 10 it looks so good and by good i mean. It s really really clear you can see there s no branding on them there s no branding on the back.


But there is branding that s okay beside branding on the side is on it so that s jet tech tucker s is what s jay first of all starters correct that immediately so i think it s jet jet tech jet jet jet tech jeddak generate jet tech whatever but no it actually feels really good and sturdy give that lip thing on the back. What is that oh the you say it s like it s backlit. Yeah. It has it we re just gonna let him have it there s a lip on the back of it so if you place your phone down.

It s not immediately touching the back and scratching up the back of your case. There s a lip to protect the case. Just protecting your double whip for 399. Oh.

We should ve walked to a real boat. I mean i don t for 399 you can only get one. But for 798 you can get i m not gonna cut this first i want to cut this up the video so bad. But i let it ride then let it ride this super dope case for four bucks.


Yeah. I mean mmm okay so it doesn t give you specifically like camera bump protection. But that s super deep ledge ledge lip on the back is covering the whole back. So you re good.

There. There s a level lay on the table protection on there flush shut off the technically thing you love shout no t. I m gonna clear the tables. He did all right yeah.

No this is i don t know there s not really a ton that you can say about a case. Except this one feels good it feels good looks good it looks good and it s cheap an is cheap. But it doesn t feel cheap or look see weird now. I mean we ve had it did we send out right oh is that so yeah.


We will obviously leave links in the description box down below. So that you can cop your own very affordable and very protective. When you said cop your own. I thought you re gonna say maverick ranch.

But make sure you copy yourself. Some logan paul cos. That s yeah grab is the moment off. And yeah basically okay so of course.

If you i m not gonna say it if you haven t subscribe that s what she didn t do that the optimum you wanted to know what no you should do it you know make sure you also click the notification bell that way you can know we have more content in the future and as always we re the clark couple and we will catch you ” ..

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