Kingdom Come: Deliverance Side Quest: Lost in Translation

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“Folks dave here and welcome back to kingdom come deliverance and some more side quests quests immersion friendly adventuring. I m heading in the northwest direction just out here in middle of the forest with my ui turned off of course for immersion purposes. I m heading to this quest giver a little bit west of the dutch cow. I found a nice little mod for pc that lets you basically sink some console commands to your keyboard you can just toggle the ui on and off like that thanks for some great screenshots over again just a nice ride through the forest.

I m gonna head on down the hill here although probably not at that gate because it s a bit steep. I think before we dive into whatever quest is going to be up here. I might show you guys a bit of the current gear and stats that i m running. I ve been working my way through a bit of the main quest and also some additional side quests so my henry here has definitely gotten some upgrades.

This is cool small river crossing here as you guys can see i ve got some pretty fantastic armor to be honest. I did find it in a crate in the woods. So i don t know who it belonged to. But hey i ve had it for so long it s no hunger marches stolen.

So it s basically mine right and my current short sword is cocks countin. Which is one of the better ones that i bought nothing amazing. But it s pretty awesome when you start out the game with really nothing and you are finally able to buy even just a basic sword. You can call your own it really yeah.

It kind of mean something to you right you want to take care of it. And it is serving me quite well in combat. All that being said let s see what s going on here at the mill. I believe i hope i can be of help to you mike.

What s going on here we caught acumen and locked him up in the barn. How did you manage to catch it it s not like i own arrested me. But but can any assume he was armed uh. He was but he had a bit of bad luck.

I went for water in the morning and all of a sudden. I saw a man on a horse riding through the ford halfway down the ford. The horse got well and threw him into the water. I waded in and poured him upon the shore and then i realized he was a cuban actually for me.

He d hit his head and was out cold. So i dragged him into the barn. And what plans do you have throw what do i know the minute told me to garden you ll have to ask him what he s got in mind all right i ll ask him interesting all right so we ve got a captured cumin banded. It sounds like there s the miller.

See what s going on i m at your service. Sir knight. One of your hands told me you re holding a cumin captive. You ve heard correctly.

I have my own plans for him. But i need a bit of help hmm now the option to demand that he hangs. But i want to see what the miller has in mind. I ll help you i ve got some unfinished business with the cubans.

I m guessing here from scarlett s then i am very well then i plan to question the bastard and find out where he hid all the plunder he s been taken. I m guessing you want to return all that loot to its original owners. Very funny so are you going to help me or not all right i ll get out and do you speak hungarian no i don t know then you won t get anything out of him. But if you want to help you can a little down the river is a mill.

The men said there s a vagrant there who swears in hungarian. When he s playing dice you could go there and find out if he knows in more than curses hmm. All right i can handle it thanks quest started lost in translation. All right yeah.

I definitely want to see what this cuman s been up to you perhaps bloody. My sword and get some revenge force calots. Let me turn off a couple of these main quests here find a translator so we re gonna head up river it looks like off we go i ll probably try to expediate this journey. Just because i don t want the captive escaping or something like that well i m gone and these forests are beautiful too.

They are also dense..

I feel like i ve already turned off of the road now that s correct. I m gonna have to go a little bit west and then northeast or maybe. I can just cut through. Here.

Let s try it. Oh yeah. I see the meadow up. There just cut under this tree right.

Here. And there we go just run across someone s farm fields here that a monastery in the distance that looks pretty awesome. I will stay on target. Though this is the farthest west that i ve been in the game.

So far. I m trying to take it all in as we go okay. There might be a crossing up here. It looks like oh no this is the actual mill.

Okay. I wonder if i have to play dice at this guy to convince him to help my henry does have a pretty good speech skill. Though so i could possibly just talk him into it god be with you he s got trains himself now they ll vagrant. I heard you know how to speak hungarian oh you flew it ah i ll speak it well enough.

But why are you interested brother. I might have a job for you oh job and i was hoping you are coming with an invitation to a drink or a message from my mistress your mistress sends word for you to get off that idle arse of yours and come with me huh. I don t have a mistress anymore well what about that drink do they have wine. Where you re hidden maybe watery beer.

But if i know your kind you ll be happy enough to drink that god s truth. Brother yeah. So what s it all about then i need someone to question acumen. I can see you re not tongue tied.

And you know hungarian so shouldn t be a problem for you no mighty acumen. My employers here want to send me back on the road come the end of the week. How much are you paying how about doing it out of the goodness of your christian heart. You know i have this feeling that we re made of the same stuff you and i and as the saying goes as this in my setia kakuni.

I could bid it s us desire for money is the ruin of friendship love. We understand each other and where do you have this human of yours have you heard of the million regime of course. I ve won at dice against the band that works there more than once fine take your things and we ll go all right i like this guy looks like we re gonna go ahead and fast travel alright shall we begin or do i check in with the miller. Let s check in with the miller.

I don t pickpocket him or maybe. We just roll with it we can start the questioning wonderful. I was almost stopping to get old. So let s begin tell him.

He has won an obie chance to save his net from the gutter yeol vidya vanish. A a demonic bishop tell him i know damn well he s got stolen valuables hidden somewhere around here of our should have stuffed up at suicide. I mean. It s a love bug down.

There the first time secretary. What relative to damage every man at sochi versus a well he seems to be resisting tell him if he carries on being stubborn. I m gonna lose my patience now on hold on amazon look at the spaghetti johnston your forget. It s one of caveman.

Seven apoyo cooper da. ville 800 virus. Very later formality ready ozona to talk wanna castor. Do this ikea get father this analogy sure shrinivas s ich lanta is there quality.

My father fished a bunt again so is he saying anything we just keep swimming..

That s not true. I don t think tell him that if he doesn t say anything in the next few moments. I ll cut his throat right here and now i sure hope you ll be safe then forgot what fish enameled anything odd ocular treatment well now he started to talk. He says he buried the coins somewhere in the forest.

But he can t describe the place exact. He says. He can take you there though fine that s good enough for me this is going to be a trap. I m almost sure also the lighting in here is really cool look at that i ve got a feeling that this is gonna be a trap.

So i m glad you came once i check in with the miller there am. I behind the mill. What s the checking with the miller. I m gonna go ahead and armored up all the way.

I think god be with you and ray. We went to interrogate that human is that so tell me about it you were right he s got coin hidden somewhere you see that s the legendary fellas instinct for you the only trouble is you can t quite describe the way. Though to me. He wants to leave me himself.

So what are you waiting for go with it get the money and bring it back in what s my count of it garlic. You have half that s there isn t it all right how i m doing almost all the work here. I guess they capture down. And what to do with the cumin afterwards once you got the coin you can do what you like either all right.

Yeah. That humans are dead man. I ll get going then good. And don t even think of trying anything under act.

If i find out you cheated me you don t worry miller look at that pointed red hat. Henry. It s a man of his word. Although i feel like now there s this definitely no mercy for this cumin.

Let s go ahead and put on my helmet and coif and heavy gauntlets and we should be good to go now oh wait arrows piercing arrow. All right don t say what can i do for you i have something to ask about the interrogation tell me whatever. He said. Took a lot longer than your translation did you really tell me everything well.

You know they have a different manner of speaking. Some things can t be translated so easily. There are a few hard nuts for us translators to crack there so you didn t translate everything not verbatim good look. I don t know why you re making a fuss about it it s simple.

It s gonna take you there and then what is yours yeah. He s definitely lying it s just i m sure i heard him say something about rattle. He must have misheard he didn t mention it he speaks a strange dialect as a fucking diet of on taking the cumin to rawhide and we ll see what he had to say when he s on the rap. There lima translator.

Who knows what he s doing and if i find out you ve betrayed story fine fine just keep calm did he tell you everything you re right. So. What did he say i m listening he described the place where he says the money is hidden he exchanged from me promising that i talk to you intimating him to fight you there. Where does he want to take me.

Where s the money well across the river from rats a there s a hill and when you re standing on that hill looking at the town there s a road next to you on that road there s a crossroads by a burnt tree from there a small path leads to the water then by the water and the rightly says. There s a hollowed out stump and that s where you ll find that s complicated well now looks like we re true here get lost. I m already on my way. And everything is fine is it not brother you better hope it s there or i m gonna come looking for you don t worry.

I m also foolish is to lie to you twice ever. I should hope not yeah. I felt like something was off there. I don t see any map markers for the treasure location.

So i guess i m just gonna head back towards rattay and keep an eye out for any burned trees on my path..

It ll be along a hillside. Where i can see the city in the distance. So it s a lot of ground to cover. I might cut this footage down if it takes a long time just in case.

I m not able to find it or i have to get more information out of this guy. I m gonna leave our prisoner alive at least for now is there a path that we can follow perhaps ooh. Some thick bushes there to head back south all right guys. I might have to go back and watch that shadow play clip of the instructions just because i didn t think to write them down we re gonna head on back south southeast see if we can find this gold then we ll head on back and deal with the prisoner.

I m going to go ahead and just enjoy this ride. But if i m not ambushed and things stay pretty quiet. I m probably just fast forward this section. What is this what s going on here.

Oh no it s coons and bandits all right well i m gonna break contact there see they get it my horse. There might be too many of them to get away here. I might have to fight. I just really don t like being this outnumbered even with armor.

I m getting real tired of their shenanigans. Though. I m not sure who attacked hugh on this road two bandits together humans. But most rendering minutes could really help me out here something try to strike you re right where s this guy my right go don t like to be behind me.

Here. There s one of them down al got ambushed from behind. Now okay. So focus.

Here you got this i can only even go to my combos. Right now left right top close too much distance you and your shields. It s kind of massage trying to hit me still oh i almost went for the killing blow while still hunting. This guy.

That was a good hit right. There that good dodge and then i miss with the stab. He s gonna run for it. Oh.

He died of his wounds. Watch you buddy ah you re. There archer huh. Oh.

You re afraid now aren t you no mercy for the archer all right in the head. All right bandits that s what i thought oh well all the cumin czar tied up either way a good killing is a dead cumin great the bennett wants some too. He s making me nervous is he gonna pull right in the face my bow skill is still super low. I m gonna oh thank you way to get it leveled up some don t hit my horse.

Either oh right my wrist and right in the stomach with that last shot the hip actually and now comes my favorite part guys. The looting get a skull cap their lockpick. Some money probably go ahead and take a potion get my health back up whoo. Okay.

Well that was a intense fight. I think that went pretty well though merchant sword. Here one of those bandits in the woods. Still do my boast kill go up at all and all that oh yeah.

I did mm hmm. Let s get some free practice in here. What and that s why i need to practice right pass dude. He s got some serious armor on he bled to death there finally all right guys.

I think that s pretty successful wait do we have one more guy up here oh..

So i guess the bodies didn t disappear. They just weren t where i thought they were this fight took forever. I really can t carry much definitely taking the gloves. I ll leave his armor.

Those it weighs so much so overloaded with loot. Okay yeah. After that fight guys. I m gonna go ahead and skip ahead in the footage as i try to find this bit of actual treasure that i was looking for him from our captured human right.

A is finally in view now and i did find this one burned out looking tree right here next to some ruins so it s kind of far away but this might count let s see what were the actual instructions hey there s a road next to you check there s a crossroads by a burnt trees. We re looking for a crossroads um. I think there s a path to cross down here. But i don t really see a crossroads unless this counts right here.

This is pretty worn out. Though can imagine riding a horse through all these sticks all right. I hope with my horse is very sure footed you know what buddy i m gonna leave you up here this is too dangerous you re not skyrim horse like i ve kind of wandered off of the path. Now.

Where s this lead to this path right here cuz. It s just barely visible. There are a lot of stumps through here. Though i just want to backtrack and see if this is even a path that goes down to the water.

Yeah. These instructions were pretty vague. This is a big hill and from up. There you can see red hey guess i could just check a bunch of the stumps in the area.

And see if you have any luck. What else did it say by the water on the right is a hollowed out stump. I see a lot of downed logs. But not a lot of stumps down.

There oh yeah those are terrible instructions you can t even see the city although i guess you could from the burned out tree that path. We followed though is barely a path. This is actually it 200 growin and antidote bring the miller his half of the treasure. Well again.

Henry is an honest boy. We ll go on back and here. We are at long last. It s time to give the miller his due after all my henry is at least trying to be a good night rise from his station.

The murder in the barn. That s about to happen here our prisoner uh huh. There was a small fortune stashed away there though give me my half and we could each go on our merry way. See.

Where there s not an option to give him like 50 groschen instead of the hundred its our prisoner. Even still alive back. Here. Let s find out that he is that was a pretty brutal shot actually i ll take my arrow back thank you well guys.

That s justice for you although that was most definitely just straight up murder. But i think it d be hard to argue that the kuma s that have been raiding. This territory don t have it coming now though guys. That s going to be it i hope you ve enjoyed this romp across the bohemian countryside dealing out some questionable justice.

But also finding a bit of treasure and loot along the way thank you guys for watching. And i ll see you next time ” ..

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