Kodi 18 LEIA Review “Estuary Skin Mod” How To Setup

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“Guys i m back with another video in this video. I m going to show show you how to install the s to every skin mod. They have two versions the s to every skin mod and it has to worry. Mod version two so everything that you need will be in the description down below all the necessary add ons and repositories let me give you a quick look of the repositories and the add ons that you would need i have them saved right here.

So i m on navigate to them these are all the add ons and repositories that you need squeezed scripts. But this one and this one you definitely need let s back out of that now the repository that um that you will go into to get the skin is this one right here go into it go to look and feel skin and um. Here you go you have these two options right here. So the one that i ll be showing.

You is just the estuary mod. So once you have that installed so automatically ask you if you want to switch to the skin and also i m going to show you how to add this library. If you don t know how to add it i ll show you so you would go to some settings and first. I mean if you should know by now you should know by now.

Even i m cody krypton. You would have to take the unknown. Sources. And also you will want to go to stone settings.

Make sure you put this you know expert. I ll put it in expert and um. He goes to unknown. Sources make sure that s checked on and then you would go to media settings.

Scroll down to general and check make sure you check this one on and i also check this one on also these two okay so let s do the library first you would want to go to videos well before we do that the add on i use aspecto to build my movie libraries and my tv show library. So you will want to go in there first go to let s go to movies. Let s go to featured and let s add a movies. Um hidden figures.

You would add that to your library. And the same thing with the tv shows you will go into one of these categories and add it to your library. So you back out of there go to videos and then you will go into files. As you can see i already have these two folders on there it little little automatically after i i put the source to it you go into files you go to add videos you will go to browse external storage and enjoyed data.


All that xbmc doc cody files cody use the data add on data. And then go to plug in that video that specter and then let s do the movies you go in there as you can see i just had added this one in the library. So after you are in the air. You just go and click ok.

It already named it movies. And then you will go to ok. And this directory. Contains movies.

So you would select movies. And then ok. The ipad is a couple of times. So it would ask you if you wanted to um scan foot up movies and tv.

Shows. If you do the same thing. With the tv shows the same step you will go to add movies browse external storage android data ok xbmc files dot cody user data add on data spect o tv shows and that s the tv shows. That s the only one i have in there.

Then you okay name. The tv show already you get okay. This directory. Contains tv shows.

So you will put tv shows then hit okay. So that s how you get your your library. So let s go into the skin itself. That s this one the s2 every mod now it was important to restart the kodi after you put your skin in restart.

It now you would have your category your movies on your tv. Shows here already so let s play a little bit let s play around with the skin. A little bit you go into settings the skin settings. Lets you let me show you how these look.


Enable horizontal menu back out of there this is how i look let s try a different one skin settings. I ll take that i like this one you can also change the number of items of on widgets. I usually put miles on 40. It s done this is how this skin looks when you press down on your home movies or your tv.

So suction you come to this list. Recently. Added. Episode.

Years titles. Genre actors. Video library. Update library.

Let s back out of there. You have your widgets up. Here from the movie library. You can also add your add ons to the screen let s do that let s go to settings skin settings.

And you would go to customize main menu. Let s say you want to add it on the tv shows go to the side and hit the plus button. I ll go down to add on video add on add exodus and cream menu item here so when you click on the accidents exodus home sign it ll navigate no you will be navigated to that area now you could keep the way. It is right now with the logo or you will scroll to this side and set a thumbnail for it now you have a list it goes all the way down whatever you want to play i ll put this right here video see and it changed you can set your background.

If you have different backgrounds you can set it up or you can choose your widget type. You can customize your home. Widgets right here icon thumbs up posters. I ll keep it on posters.

Done you can add one row two rows three rows to your home to your widgets. But we didn t set up a widget yet so it would go to widget one scroll down to add on video add on exodus since we re still in next to this let s say you want to put a tv show widget. Let s choose. Most popular and then use as widget they hit done let s back out of this now created the shortcut right here exodus and i was taken from exodus.


Most popular so we had i added 40. So it shall be it should show you 40 of them yeah. Now one unique feature is also if let s go to settings skin settings. Let s go to display no matter of fact is an extras you could put a splash screen photo video or music from when you start your cotija let s put a video so i will go into it i ll navigate so where my video is saved at it s in my download hopefully you still that yes it is this right here let s pick one that i ve downloaded.

I think these videos is in 4k let s see the last night i see was in 4k. He has to still 1 in 4k now you could customize your home screen. Like putting a wallpaper in this section on the top you know instead of saying you know file browser you have a file browser right there you can also put a picture in there effect let s do that now go to settings your skin settings. You would background option.

My background optima see i ll just put that on andrei let s see here we go background search let s do file browser. First now if you have a wallpaper. Let s see if we have any hair. I should have a wallpaper just to show you and let s go ahead nope.

None. In there. Oh pictures. Yeah.

I don t know let s just use. Any. One. Let s just use this one just to show you and it s on the file browser okay now see the background of the file browser is different there so you could do that to all of these all of these all right now.

Let s show you the video that we add it as a splash screen. Now let s get out of this exit wait a second i have this on my nvidia shield alright now let s go back into cody it starts with a video you get the back button. I put the optimist he at all my hundred let s change that so he can see the video in the background. And also video the display option.

Main menu let s go to the main menu. Forgot one step. No display bare with me guys background show media fan on in background. Show video in background.


That has to be checked sorry about that that has to be checked so there you go i don t need all of these things you can also disable those you know so you could see the video playing in the back and those are all widgets you could do that by a say. The file browser go to settings skin settings. And then we will go to display options. I believe no it s not whole menu now you get this let s disable.

No that s to add the pictures okay. I got it customized main menu sorry about that guys now to search let s take the search widget out of there that s right here. Some reasons already says. None.

So i ll put none again videos. The widget right here i had none that s the file browser. I ll show you the file browser so ready or none. I just hit it none again favorites none by the way did we want to keep them with the add on widgets hit none.

I believe some of them will go and some of them won t go picture. Add ons hit. None let s go back okay. So now after we came out of there.

Now you see the widget is gone. So. When the video plays when you start it up you won t see the widget you can see the video in the background. And you can also change the wallpaper and on these back these categories also alright guys thank you for watching.

I hope that i helped you have any questions and remember everything you need is in the description. Just let me know if you have any questions and anything you want to know about alright. Thank you guys for ” ..


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