Last Shelter Survival Hero Level Up – How to level fast!

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“Alright guys. This is acer of nspace team bla state 268. We are number one one guys. I ve been having some serious ntechnical difficulties so i m sorry if haven t seen any new content from me nif you have any suggestions on a much better even if i have to pay for it nscreen recorder to do my videos put it in the comment section below.

But this nvideo is not about that it s about how to level up your hero s fast. I m gonna ngo through all the different ways you can level up your heroes. I m going to ntell you all the reasons. Why you shouldn t should not do them.

And i m ngoing to give you some map so this is gonna be a little longer. But i promise nthat. I m gonna put timestamps in the bottom so that you guys see exactly nwhere you might want to go to skip ahead in the video. So you re not watching what nmight be 16 18 minutes long.

But if you don t mind watch the entire thing nbecause you re probably gonna learn something new so it doesn t hurt to just ngo through it and learn as much as you can so first things. First here are all nthe ways that you can currently gain exp for your heroes in the game. You kill nlots of level 15 zombies all of the zombies will give you exp level 15. Gives nyou the most that s all we re gonna focus on you can do doomsday tile nspecialty training i m gonna go through that anna math on that you can get your ndaily chests.

They give you hero exp items and of course you can purchase it nor get event winnings. Now there are other buffs out there like heroes hall. Nand gatekeeper. Both of which will give you a 40 bonus non your hero exp games.

We re gonna go through that as well so you re ndefinitely gonna learn a lot on the subject. I m gonna tell you what my nfavorite and best method. Is by the end of this video. So let s go ahead and get nstarted when you first start playing last shelter survival guys you get a nonce in a lifetime opportunity to do what s called the cleansing operation nevent.

This is the event that teaches you how to kill zombies and gives you lots nand lots of items and perks and rewards treat it seriously watch. My development nhero video. I ll drop it into the description below that ll tell you one nof. The great reasons.

Why you should be doing that but anyway by the end of the nfirst 20 days of last shots of survival. If you do this very well you ll be nkilling those level 15. And that s where we re gonna start. Nbaseline each.

Level. 15 zombie is giving you a little over 30000. Hero exp for neach. Hero that s.

Involved in that. Battle and up to 43000. Hero. Exp.

As long as you nhave heroes hall. Maxed. All the way out..


So. Here s how heroes hall works. It s nthat building that you get out of level 6 or 7. And if you hit details on any of nthese buildings.

It ll tell you what they do it specifically says you will get nfree daily recruitments for your heroes. And you can upgrade this building to ngain more hero exp mine. At level 18 is at 26. As you can see it s not been my nmain priority to raise.

But it does give you a passive bonus and as i stated all nthe way maxed out goes. All the way up to 40. Here. Exp.

Gained so here are some fun nfacts for my analytical viewers. And like i said i ll put timestamps in the bottom nbut. All heroes. No matter.

What color or rarity. Require the same exp to get to nlevel 50. So i m gonna use round numbers to make this easy a level 50 hero nrequires a little more than 94 million exp you get those from all the different nsources that we listed above. But that means that if you re only focusing on nlevel 15.

Zombies and doing nothing else to get that. Done then you would. Nliterally take just over 2200. Zombie kills.

And at 10 durability per. For a pcs. Nat by level 19 you can only do a maximum of 120 zombie kills. Per day and that nputs you at about 20 days before you get a first level 15 hero doing nothing else nbut zombie kills based on that math you probably telling yourself a zombie kills nare waste of time but i m here to tell you now they are an excellent catalyst nto get things done they re going to help you get your coz ches.

Watch. My hero day nhour by hour video to get that understood and they re going to ndefinitely get you there a lot faster. So yes. I recommend kill as many level.

15. Nzombies per day. As you possibly can next up is doomsday doomsday gives you the nopportunity to do specialty training. We ll go take a nlook at that right now once doomsday start so you start taking tiles at any ntime you can click any tile just surrounding myself with these and you ncan click on the well let s click the top.

It says strategy on the left side nover here then you can click special training and it will tell you that if nyou do the regular special. Training you re gonna get 40000. Hero exp. And if nyou happen to have super training.

Which you d have to pay for then you can get nfour times. That amount per specialty training here s the situation with that nguys. I don t necessarily recommend that you pay for all these specialty ntrainings..


It s not worth it it s not something you have to do to level up nyour heroes. So if you re gonna do this for free. Let s just focus on the normal ntraining in the specialty. Training.

Group essentially that you re gonna get that n40000. Now a level 12 plot which is what we re using for this example will give nyou about 40000. 320. Exp for training and the capture is only 31 k.

If i were nto capture. A new one right now. The fact is i would never suggest doing normal nspecialty training. Even though.

It is about the same as doing a level 15 nzombie. What you should do instead is get rid of all these tiles. If you re doing ndoomsday and then just recapture them for the lesser amount you re durability nis precious. You re better off killing the level 15.

Nzombies on hero day using your durability for that then at any time go nahead and do a specialty. Training i personally after the multiplier receive naround 50000. Exp from level 12 training and again. It s it s just not worth.

It nbut. Here s the analytical math. In case. You guys want to know.

So. The level 12. Ntraining that you receive is approximately 30. More then the capture nrate.

So 30 1000. Exp to capture the tile meaning if i click it and hit occupy i nget 31000. Exp. But if i specialty trained on what i already have as we nwent over you get 40000.

That s about 30. More that means on a level. 16. Plot.

Nwhich would normally give you 60 4600 x. P. Per capture then you will receive napproximately 84000. Hero exp for specialty training and approximately nfour times that amount if you happen to pay in the game hypothetically.

This is nthe fastest way to get things done. However. Let s talk about a very nimportant fact now that we got all those numbers out the way..


The fact is if nyou re taking level 16 plots. You probably have maxed out heroes guys you ndon t need this guide for that so i m gonna go with the average. The person or npeople that get up to level 12 plots. Who are doing really really well in doom.

Say nmaybe you hit 13 or 14. Because you work your butt off. But that being said that s nthe individual that needs that so i would not use doomsday tile training nunless you go into the specialty. Which is a whole different video guys to get nyour hero levels.

That is not going to be the way to do it so my my take on ndoomsday specialty training would be to avoid it at all cost use that same ndurability to capture more level 12. Because that s going to give you more ndoomsday points. And you re going to perform better in the doomsday event ndoing that so again zombies recommended doomsday specialty training not so now nthat we got through all of that and we thoroughly understand those things. Let s ngo into the fastest way to actually level up your heroes.

That would be the nhero day daily challenge chess on hero day every. Other daily challenge is the nall hero challenge. So i took the liberty of taking some screenshots and show you nguys right now now this particular shot is one that you receive at level 25 nbecause. I am.

Based level 25. And each of these every other hour chestie. All hero ndaily challenge chests on hero day will give you three million two hundred and nfifty thousand hero exp just in that chest as you can see you can obviously nget a maximum of twelve of these per day because there s 24 hours it s every nother hour and at base 25. Any hero would be maxed under 3 days.

If you kept ngetting. These chests and you can do hero day. Twice a week. Now that would assume nthat you got no sleep.

And that you re up constantly in nthe middle of the night. Doing these chests. So what you would do instead is nyou would set a goal of getting at least six of these. And that will obviously nonly have you take twice the time meaning.

Five and a half just under six ndays to max out any hero. With just hero exp. So between that and if you add these nzombie kills. At level 15 on hero day as well you re going to max out heroes.

Very nquickly now before i get too crazy. Because everybody s not level 25 for nthose who are let s say level 20 or level 19. This is the chest you would nhave received so it s obviously slightly less at only 15. Million.

Which is up nlittle less than half. But that just means it ll take you a little over a nweek if you re getting six to ten of these chests and doing hero day twice. I nhighly recommend that anyway in my other videos. So do hero day twice a week and nthat is going to help you maximize getting your heroes to the maximum level nthe quickest.

Again combine this with killing level 15. Zombies. And you re ngoing to go way..


Way further. So. Let s talk about gatekeeper gatekeeper is this nreally cool blue hero that you get every you know all the time really and her nsecond skill has an exp bonus. I leveled it up to level 10 to do the testing with nher hero level because the way this works is it s her hero level times.

The nmaximum point eight percent moldy multiplier meaning is she s at level 50s nshe s gonna give you a total of a 40 percent buff. So here s the situation nwith gatekeeper. The fact is she only works on zombie kills. And in order to nuse her.

She has to take up a slot in your apc. Which means if you re gonna nkill level 15s. You re either gonna have to have an already maxed out hero along nwith her and then one hero that you re gonna train. I highly suggest against nthis and here s the reason why the 40 game is not going to supersede levelling nup.

Two heroes at the time so just to give you a quick example nas you can see all of mine aren t leveled up. But let s say i wanted to go nahead and level up this war hound. Which is level 16. As well as iron guard.

Then nwhat. I would do is i would probably combine those two along with somebody nlike. Let s say reaper or maybe. The falcon that i have right there.

And what ni would do is i would take those max out heroes put both war hound and iron guard nin their proper placement in the apc until the level 15 zombies with that nthis will give me the exp for both of the characters at the same time because nif. You don t do that and she s taking up a spot. Then you can only level up one nhere out of time which cuts your potential levelling of the heroes in nhalf. Only to gain 40 back for one singular hero definitely not worth it nthe fastest way to level up your heroes is to level up two at a time not one nwith gatekeeper and taking the really slow pat.

So guys here is the very very nvery in conclusion on this constantly kill as many zombies as you can nespecially on hero day. If you re just starting out you should never go to nsleep with full durability in your apc. This literally means you need to be neither gathering which i don t really suggest personally or killing zombies nwhich. I absolutely do suggest level 15.

Only especially on hero day don t go for n14 to 13 and be lazy and don t look level 15. Only to maximize you only have nso much durability at the same time you re going to max out as many of the nall hero hour chess. So that you can get the maximum amount of hero exp even nabove and beyond you finishing your coz for that day follow my hero day nhour by hour like i said and that ll help you do that in conclusion also nbecause. I said i d go over it never ever ever buy hero exp guys.

It truly is too neasy to max out your heroes especially as far as hero exp goes. If you re doing nhero day. Twice a week to ever have to pay for if you spend any money on hero nxp. Or wisdom metals or anything like that you did it wrong.

My pay2win video nthe blog information will also be down in the description below. So never pay nfor it don t use gatekeeper max out heroes hall nat your leisure zombie kills and last but not least ndaily chess coz zone commemoration that s the answer. That s the fastest way nif this information was even remotely helpful like and subscribe hopefully nthis gets uploaded. I m tryin guys i don t know what s going on so bear with nme and i hope this helps out guys.

” ..

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