Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Vs Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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” s not every d d yeah. Guys. It s not every d. It s not not every day that we get to compare two legends.

No pun intended. I came skyrim compared to zelda. They re both extremely critically acclaimed and they re both on nintendo switch. So.

It s gonna be interesting. Seeing these two open world action adventure magical mystical games. Which by the way. I have absolutely no complaints for both of these games like it s pretty obvious in previous video.

Sometimes i ll add a little complaint that i have that could be fixed. Sometimes the complaints are not big. But for this i have zero complaints because both of the games are pretty perfect. I don t really see any issues at all with these probably explains why they re so high rated anyways uh.

Yeah. Let s get into this i should probably stop saying that sounds weird enemies in breath of the wild..

Oh. Yeah. Pack hablen stack hablen. Guardian white choo.

Choo choo. Choo and then we have these annoying little shits. Which are called keith s not bats by the way and they re sort of enemies. But they aren t sometimes they just fly around you and stalk you and then their eyes turn red and then they attack you of course.

The hardest. One of all are the bees and and the guardian scout. Just to be honest. Skyrim has enemies that are a little bit more challenging of course.

It wouldn t be skyrim. If you didn t mention dragons. The best part about them is that they re very hard to kill that s what makes it fun for me personally then there s these brain walking things called a net cough. I don t know how how nerds can pronounce this no triggers please then there s an enemy like prosess.

Which is really powerful. But is kind of easy to kill and in all honesty..

I don t know what the names of these guys are but they re so hard to kill like it literally takes a couple of hits just to end them he made like a tree and got out of here. There s a very different tone to breath of the wild than any other game that i ve ever felt ever since even the trailer. It s always just felt very calm. There is no constant play of music and especially for the story in this zelda.

It actually feels like this is how it should be it feels mysterious and also enjoyable. I like the graphics and design. It s much better than the 2011 zelda. I think that this was a right choice instead of trying to make it look as realistic as possible by adding this cartoonish slit of style.

I like it and i ve heard mixed reviews not from big critics. But from just the average gamers about how sometimes there s voice acting. I m not gonna lie i i really enjoy that because it sort of lets. The developers express how the characters are meant to be the tone of voice.

The accent. Imagine if you watch star wars. The force awakens without any sound. And you had no idea how anyone sounded like unless you did your research.

Would you know that daisy ridley had a british accent or australian. Oops skyrim is a little bit more of an intense game just like in breath of the wild..

There s a lot to collect it might be a little bit more challenging to do certain things. Because even some of the creators of some zelda games have sort of admitted that they ve helped the player a little bit too much of course in skyrim. You re much more of an independent player. So when you first start off finding materials like food and stuff is not as easy as it would be in zelda for the most part.

The music is a little bit different. It s a little bit more of a viking style music. So yeah. The music is more intense sort of trying to get you like hyped up makes you sort of feel like a god the list of weapons in breath of the wild is smaller than skyrim.

But some of the weapons are pretty opie from common enemies. That you see like vac hablen. Being the most common they dropped some pretty powerful weapons of course. They have their own little life.

So after you use them after a while they sort of die off sort of like in minecraft and there s one tool that i really enjoy using. Which is the paraglider it doesn t keep you in the air for a very long time. But it helps me to get to some areas without having to climb. There s also powers that you obtain while playing like this magnet.

So you can move metal objects to get through obstacles. There are so many weapons and so many magical powers in skyrim..

It would take a little while to say all of them the odds of you getting a better weapon in skyrim would be to do the quests. It s a little bit different in breadth of the wild because you can get some pretty mild opiez stuff just from fighting mccobb way probably like the 50th time. I mentioned them. But you know they re just so common to see just just so common these two mythical open world action adventure games are not really video games.

There are art there s not that many games that you can really call art. I play skyrim a little bit more for just fighting enemies and collecting items just as a challenge from myself for breath of the wild. I m more interested in the story aspect. I think it s a beautiful story.

I really want to find out what happens at the end. I m not gonna like watch any videos or anything to see how it ends. I just think it s very mysterious right now. I think they did a good job with like the theme and it all just matches well so i m wondering what are you gonna get for the switch.

If you are gonna get a switch are you gonna get bread for the wild or skyrim or maybe both because you know that are both like 60 bucks thank you guys for watching and i ll see you in the next one bye. ” ..

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