Logitech C922 Pro HD Stream Webcam: Unboxing, Installation and Setup on Windows Linux and YouTube

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“Friends welcome to vfx pipeline channel. My name is rajiv sharma and in this video. Video. I will talk about hd webcam for youtube web streaming so recently i was need to make some live web streaming on youtube because youtube already provide a good feature where you can go live and express your views and share your ideas and maybe talk to your subscriber.

So because there is a super chat and chat in the side so you guys can ask question. And i can give you answers for that i purchased already a webcam one week before where the model was logitech g930 ii. But that camera is not suitable for my need because i test with the obs software logitech capture software and other software s which i am using the webcam software. But it s not it s not working properly so i just written the software you can see the full review in my previous video.

I will put the description link in the description. So you can get a full review of that back cam now i purchased this this is c 922 pro hd streaming webcam which actually where i can make hd videos in 30fps and 720p videos in 60fps that what they mention and it s come with a little tripod also i don t know how this tripod work. But overall it fit in our need because it s supported by logitech camera. It s supported by obvious well and i see there is very good review with other youtube channels.

Also so and people are using widely and this is pretty successful camera. So now we will open this camera and put into our computer. And then we will see in tactically. It will fit in our need how well it is like what is the image quality.

What is the sharpness of the image and how it s likely it make sure. There is no lagging issues of proper 30fps. And we will compare. This.

With our c. 930. E. That we actually previously make some.

So. I will create one livestream video. Also in my this demonstration video. Where we will see how well it works with live streaming with youtube.

Okay so they are so much fun to do with this camera. I m also very excited to open this box. So let s start alright. So here.

We have the brand new c920 to pro sd stream back camp and the box is pretty cool looks fine and let s just open this so now i m going to okay. Okay. So as you can see here. We have the camera inside wow.

Looks cool okay. What other thing looking for this tripod inside this okay okay hmm that s it so in this box. We have three months premium license. Okay let s just keep it here some weird things about pro webcam and the box is just empty.

Like that. And this is the web cam tripod okay right port looks like big tripod. But now yeah. It s it s okay for photo holding this web cam.

I think is fine..

I m gonna use this for i will put this in my table. That is this is cool walking fine. Oh yeah so overall we i received this i see this is pretty close to see 930 ii and the only difference. I see seen i did.

But he was silver and this is pure black rest is all okay so this is all about the work inside the box. Now it s time to plug this inside our computer. And see the video quality of this webcam alright guys so let s start in the usb alright. So now we already connected our c920 to webcam in our computer.

And let s start and see how it looks like so first you install logitech camera settings and you can download from logitech official website. Let s just that okay so here we have the logitech setting software where you can just see that okay this our camera model is detected by the software. This is c 922 pro and if you go and see some settings it will show some weird thing. I don t know you will not see this okay so here you can adjust view some of the settings like brightness okay more brightness.

Let s just leave it something like 53. You can play around with the contrast and whatever you save. It is directly saved to the camera. So just see with the color intensity.

Auto white balance. Let s just go and put. Restore default. So now everything default.

Auto white balance. If we turn it off hmm. So this advanced and this is home. Where you can see the standard widescreen.

Oh. Okay. So you can see much more wider in this. And if you are saying standard.

That means. It is like zoomed level like white means. It give you giving you preview a very wide space. Where actually you can have like two more people sitting with you and you can have some good video conferences and you can also make some good videos for your channel.

You can introduce some guests and you can talk bad yeah. It s it s good it works. Okay so this is just the setting. But let s just go and run the software way we will do the magic all right.

So let s just close this so once we close this. Then only our software will be free. So let me just start that logitech capture so this logitech capture software as the logitech says that this is still in beta. So it s not final.

But as you can see when you go inside source. You you will see this options. There like previously when i i brought c. 930.


That was not visible here and that s our reason. I i just get the new one here okay so the benefit is what you can use is you can create videos like this. Where you can have full screen with your tutorials and you can have your own videos side by side so from now onward you guys can see me. When i create some videos tutorials for you guys okay.

Other cool stuff. Where you can see is if you go to let me just go back to the sorry. Select. The camera okay so right now.

We have camera here and just go and select one overall looks cool let s go and see some settings. There where right now. It s 720p. So you can change the resolution like full hd.

Okay so right now. This is full st. Any other options you can turn it on and off the logitech logo as you can see here this little logo. Rest is just fine and once you are ready with your setup you can just start recording i still see there are some weird flickering here in windows.

But i think that is because i don t have proper encode and this is something which we should have mjpeg installed to to get the proper input for this video then only we can remove this lagging bit. I see. But i don t know for some reason so logitech software is working fine. If we go to the camera.

And with the camera okay let right now it s just going to my default laptop camera. Which is weird at this time we like to see the magic. I will just turn this to okay so here you can just compare because in even in my laptop is hd camera. But you can see the difference.

This is 1080 and the quality is good the sharpness. The overall color everything fine so. This is windows default camera. And where you can actually take pictures.

Okay. And also you can create videos so like just create some video so here we are creating videos inside windows camera default app. And as you can see there is no lagging here so camera is working fine. There is no problem with the camera.

But if you go to the softwares like obs and other softwares. There are some mjpeg codec issues in linux. There is no issue and you can check it out my linux video. Where i just created i installed obs in in linux where it was fine.

But here this is weird so let just close this let s just start obvious to see 9 22. How it works there so here also you can see this already in the video capture device let me just go and remove that so i remember i will create a new one for you so here you go select video capture device and create new and there you see first is hd fixed webcam again then we will change you see 922 pro webcam and by default it comes with a small little icon. But there is no lagging. But you can now change to the instead of default device you can change to custom and once you change to custom you need to select the resolution.

Here and resolution. 1920. 1080 and rest is just same. So.


You have the video. And you can create your awesome videos you can stream directly from windows. I think obvious windows. But for me i m not gonna use in windows.

I will use in linux. So i have no issue to use this and the am jpeg which i m talking about is if you go to the setting of the video capture and if you go to hear the like video format here you just see why uv2. I don t know some people cm jpeg. I tried to such lot of videos and articles about that how i can get em jpg.

Here and this is something which is like microsoft windows anniversary after anniversary update. This is this is fixed. But i did not update my windows might be this is the reason but if you guys know how to fix this and how to install mjpeg in windows. With this you guys can let me know.

But later if i get time. I will go and investigate more and install mjpeg into my system. And then i will create a video tutorial for you. But this time.

I just install i just plant this webcam so ah. I did not go so deep into this software. So like just there is one more thing which i see some other videos like when you can go to configure video. And just turn off all the autos so i just go turn off all the autos and hit apply ok and ok.

But but there is still lagging. They are they are little bit fine. But still lagging. But i m not happy in in windows.

I will definitely call to linux after this okay so now let s just check our youtube streaming also and because of that we brought this camera right so let s just start go to youtube youtubecom. Slash webcam and there you need to create a title where i will say testing. See 922 pro. Okay and i will not make it for public.

I will just make it private. So only i can see it now and okay so here. We get a thumbnail for our video and goal life. Okay so right now.

It s going live. Okay. Now i m live so overall. Good sharpness color.

Even in this life swimming. I did not see lagging and that is very good for me. Because i don t want to see the lag and whatever i m saying you guys will not understand if i if i say something and my lips are saying something else it looks like it tapping. But now it looks good and this camera.

Really worked. Okay so here. We have chat wow. So check is also working so later when we guys doing some live streaming.

Then you guys enjoy this entire series right okay so we with the web streaming even in windows..

Is working fine knowing xu. Let s just quickly see the linux settings also and then we ll wrap this video all right so let s just jump to linux so now we are in linux operating system and let s start obs software then we can see the quality of c920 to logitech webcam. Okay so start with obs enter and here we go oh still we are seeing some lagging here can you see this lagging. All right.

So. Let s just go to the video capture and hit the setting button and here. You can see the video format and here you need to select why you 12. And now all good perfect.

So with that you can easily use c 922 logitech webcam inside linux and you can do your streaming you can do your video recording pretty well it s working fine okay overall color is perfect because by default. I did not change anything i m just using my few few lights here so because of that there might be some brightness in the scene. Let me just turn off my light and then we will see how it will look okay. So i just turn on my front.

Light and with that this is my normal ceiling room light is running like it s time walking only one light and still it s good right let me just turn on that okay so with that overall color. Combination sharpness is pretty good let me just. See the o the autofocus. Thing.

Yes. Autofocus is walking hmm. So this is fine let s just test the audio also because right now i m using my audio technica usb mic. So let s just see the sound quality of this inside linux now.

I m recording this video with inbuilt mic inside c920 and this is bit louder. But there are some noise is there obviously. There is no the base is less but it is good it is like compared to my laptop deferred microphone it s far better so this might work because as what they say that in their product. Like this is a stereo mic things there are they are capturing by two inputs.

So it should be good enough for normal conferencing and video calls and on but if you want to record some videos for your channel. And if you want to record some tutorials definitely. There will be some external mic that you should use overall. It s good so let s just go and see some other settings so in the end.

I will show you some other settings that you can play around with one is the output you can customize the recording path. Where your recording you want to save and audio wise you don t need to touch anything everything cool by default video wise. If you want low resolution you can set it for low. But for me i want a 1080p so that s why and the downscaled filter.

I changed to this line cause a sharp scale 32 samples by default it is binded by linear so i change to this and the rest is fine so overall. I m happy with this camera. And i will create some cool live videos for you guys in my coming. Live sessions in vfx biplane channel.

Where i will create some videos and i will ask you guys if you have any questions you can ask me and we ll check together and we ll make some fun videos right okay. So this is it for this video series. I hope you get something about c920. Too and if you want to if you re looking for a camera for your youtube channel for a streaming you can actually consider this camera.

This is like price is a bit high. But the quality is also high so that is cool okay so that is it for this entire series. Now let s go and close this video and go back to sleep. Because it s already 2 o clock alright guys thank you very much ” .


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