Long HDMI Cables: Are Signal Boosters Necessary? – HD …

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” s a problem coming from sam out in sun prairie. Wisconsin sam writes in hey hey guys i love the show i need to run an hdmi cable through my up to my hdtv that is mounted over the fireplace. Oh that beautiful neck breaking view. I think it s gonna take a 25 or 30 foot cable to get the job done am.

I gonna need some kind of signal booster. What are my options here thanks sam and sun prairie wisconsin dude dude. I wonder where the the dvd the blu ray dvd home theater whatever is located that s a long cable..


Run. You can think you re doing it like it s like you know when you hand it over here and you hide it through the ceiling and background. You have to run that tape measure up the wall across the ceiling down the wall. It can add up pretty quick.

Now the distance doesn t appear to be a problem. I mean you should be able to do that with a single run. However i d consider a couple things if at all possible conduit..


There s nothing worse than running one cable and that being it and if in the future you ever want to change something out or add a different cable. There s nothing nothing beats having a nice solid tube through there. So basically can use whatever cable. Is currently in there to pull the next cable through that is really one option like i said the distances are gonna be an issue you shouldn t need a repeater if you re using a decent cable.

The big trick will be how are how good are the devices on each end basically are they going to play not are there hdmi ports. Implemented properly in terms of signaling are they done well have they been tested. But basically they should be the longer the cable gets the more likely they are to find issues and hdcp connections between two items totally you could just end up with no picture at all or occasionally it just goes blank on you and you re like oh great you know unplug replug three six eight feet..


We always say like buy the cheapest cable you can afford or fine twenty five feet. You know is it time to go to blue. Jeans cable and buy one of the high class you know hdmi 13. Was you know what i would try the cheapest cable first okay always cuz.

It isn t gonna cost you a lot to try to see if it s gonna work or not and then if need be step it up from there but again i mean even if as long as the cables properly terminated and uses something like a 13. Cable. That supports full 1080p and it s it s been tested with a decent..


Signal really that s what you re looking for with that 13. Be testing you should be good to go you really shouldn t have to worry about that distance now. If you re going say three times that like a hundred feet. That s where you might need a repeater you might need to think of a different technology or might go from like the hdmi to a box to an ethernet cable to another box to any it could be mic or if you got to keep an hdmi you could then put an amplifier in the middle and buy amplifier that could be something as simple as an hdmi switch that does the regeneration right there ” .


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