Magnavox HD DVR / DVD Recorder with digital twin tuner review, model # MDR867H

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“The dam will preview this magnavox hd dvr dvd one terabyte digital twin tenor recorder recorder and i ve been wanting this for a long time so i hope it works out good. So let s get it opened up and see how it does go from left. Here. We ve got your rca cable hookup.

Then we ve got your antenna in and out. Then you got your hdmi and you have the usb and then you have a lot of lan and then of course you got your power cable over here comes out and gets a little fan there in the back. So that s the back of it of it you can see it says hd dvr on there and bang..


The box and open the door and then you got your hdd and your dvd. And you stop and play and record and channel up and down. So that s pretty much normal. What you expect to see there s your power button on the left hand side.

There if the new one is sitting on top and blue is off this is the old one sitting on the bottom. I think i ve had it for probably close to ten years you see it the outside of there s very little difference. Very little difference..


Only thing i can see differences on the door. That says hd. Dvr and the bottom one just says hdd. So i m hoping.

There s a whole lot of difference on the inside of them pick this up from walmart. I think. It s 350 350 bucks on sale and i shopped around it believed..


I was the best price. I found on it anywhere and but if it has to carries in works good got to be alright the one on the bottom this sucks. They closed ten years old and starting to black out on me a little bit every now and that just goes dark. Only stays dark for a few seconds and then comes back on.

But this if it s been a good one for minutes lasted. Quite a while so gogi listen try and see. And that s why we do it around the house and hope you like this video and watch more of my videos and i will have more on this just a magnavox dvd recorder here put them all it would just be too long if i try to do it all at one time so unless we ll have to do it in segments..


And if you go to my challenges. There ll be one right after the other so thanks for watching again hope you enjoyed it watch more of my ” ..

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