Master of Ergonomic Comfort – NeueChair Computer/Office Chair Review

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” s the friends and mike again welcome back to another tech review. Where i find find awesome things to simplify your life. And this right. Here is the neue chair.

Meaning new in german and i hope. I m saying that right this is secret labs. New company to introduce a new product line. Cater more to professionals and office use and of course they stuck to but they re really good at making chairs look awesome so today.

We re gonna go through the build and design. All the features all the ergonomics and even other price comparisons to see if this is in fact worth the money that you re paying for or it usually just go back here staples and get a normal chair and both the schools you re annoyed that send this chair in free of charge for me to review. But as always i m gonna be as transparent and objective as possible because if this chair sucks. I ll definitely tell you that because i m kind of known for complaining about things on my channel.

But if it s good anyways. I wasn t paid to say anything good or bad about the chair. Everything that s said in this review is my opinion. Only so if it s helped you out in any way at all please remember to like and subscribe to support the channel and without further ado.

Let s get started so starting with the building design first. I gotta say that building this chair was quite easy it came in three main parts and overall. It took me 20 minutes to build it and another 10 minutes to clean up and you know what boom. I m done and the moment.

I put the chair together there was one thing that caught my eye. And it was the frame of the chair. It looks like a metal that s like from the terminator series the frame is made of an abc. 12.

Aluminum and what that means is that it looks super modern and it s super durable. So really should entrust the order dint easily or anything back like that but if you do live in humid environments. They do have the obsidian version. Which it s gonna cost you a bit more money.

But it has a layer of industrial plating on it that s supposed to make it extra durable and ultra corrosion resistant the chair uses mesh as its main material uses the three layered noia mesh and it s really important to have a high quality mesh on your chair. Because you won t want a mesh that kind of sags on your over time because that s really gonna screw up the furniture and your back so the touching feel is what you would expect from mesh is very plasticky. But smooth at the same time. And when you rub your hands all over that it feels like you re pressing onto a really well supported knit.

But however when i m using the chair. I m always wearing clothes. I don t actually feel them all my back or my legs. But if you don t wear clothes while sitting on your chair.

So unlike using pu leather or fabric..

This isn t gonna stain peel or crack on you to maintain it it s actually very easy you use a damp cloth and just wipe wipe and boom. You re ready to go and the other benefit is that it s very breathable because obviously. This has a lot of holes in it so if you sweat a lot. While you re gaming or working on your chair mesh is definitely the material that you want on your back.

And in my experience. I use this chair for around 2 weeks now for my long video editing sessions. And i ve seen this for at least 3 or 4 hours before getting up and i can definitely see that this is comfortable because when you sit on this your weight is distributed pretty evenly so there s no single point of pressure anywhere on my back or my butt. And this is really important if you re experiencing pain in your tailbone and so while the build quality and the comfort is stellar.

The main feature of this chair is the ergonomics and how it really makes you sit up straight. So there s a few components that make this happen so first of all. Yeah. Your lumbar support integrated into this sexy frame right here you just have to press.

Both of these buttons to adjust the lumbar support to move into your back or out. And you have the option moving this up and down. So that you can adjust it fully to your spines curvature and on the left hand side of the chair. You ll find a button that can move your seat in and out.

But it is important to note that the seat does not tilt forward or backwards unlike. My super lap on a chair. Which i am gonna do a full comparison on so make sure you re subscribed. The notification on to see the video when it s out so the supporter.

This is quite noticeable as the backrest really pushes you to sit upright. And as you can see in the before and the after and makes a whole lot of difference like i m not even trying to sit correctly at the moment. But i still queues my chest out and my back curved like this and it s also important to know that if that tilt is unlocked this back thing will follow your back the whole time. And it just makes me feel like my back is supported the whole time and i found this really useful.

Because if i do have that posture like this i find that there s a lot of pressure coming from the lumbar support really pushing into my back. And i feel a lot of pressure and it kind of hurts so it reminds me to sit up straight like this to avoid that pain and also you can reduce the tension of this back tilt by turning this wheel down here to reduce the tension. But you know what i like this to have quite a strong you know my back so that it s a good reminder for me to sit up straight. And if you want to lock the backrest.

All you got to do is use the control panels under your left arm wrist and press. It like this and it will lock it into place at whatever position. So if i want to lock. It here its locks like that and if i want to unlock it i ll press it one more time and click boom.

It is free yeah and under the right arm rest. The control panel here adjust the height for me. And i can see that the hydraulics on this is quite strong. It really has that satisfying hydraulic sound like but anyways the height is actually pretty high.

So i can fit someone who s a lot taller than me..

And it s my first time using controls like this on a chair and i gotta say. It s quite convenient because the controls are right at your fingertips. And you don t have to reach down by my first week. I m still like wait what the heck where are the controls and uh that s just cuz.

I m a creature of habit. The rs on the chairs are actually quite beefy and pretty substantial it uses a soft rubber. It s pretty flexible and the best way to describe this it s kind of like the padding on the gaming keyboards that you see. But it s more soft and flexible.

So it s definitely quite comfortable to hold your arms in for a long time and with the perforated finishing. It does look classy so you can tilt those outwards and inwards and it s actually quite useful if it s inwards because when you level this with the table while using your laptop your arms are naturally in a v shape while you re typing versus parallel like chopsticks. So i found that quite comfortable to my news and to adjust the height of the armrests. All you got to do is pull them up and when they re at the very top.

This is where it resets so you can push them down to adjust that again. But at this funds to be very very annoying because you can t set it to exactly what you want all the time so when i was using acting. I just stood with my arm. Here like this so i can control what level is that but sometimes it s not at the same level.

And i have to be like eat and then have to be very careful and internal there s only one. But it kind of move too and i m like i just have to do it all over again and note that there are indicators on the site at which level. It s at. But then you have to look through the site to see that and maybe it s just something you get used to but after two weeks.

I m still like like sometimes i just want to take the are myself. But because the control panels are integrated within it you can t and that s just too bad and by the way. It s not recommended by the company that uses like this this this this or this. It s only meant for one person sitting right like this.

But for all those who are concerned about the stability and our guns go crazy in their home or office. We re gonna do a stability test. We re gonna lock it down here and then even though it s taller. This is actually taking a lot of effort.

But it still won t budge so as you can see it s quite stable and has made wheels with a rubber coating on it so it s very easy to move. And it s very silent as well and if you want to sit cross legged. You can t like this right here kind of tight. It is still work for me cuz.

I m kind of on the shorter side. But if you re bigger. It might not work cuz the sides over here are a harder plastic. So if you put our angle.

A touch touch there it might be uncomfortable well..

I m pretty sure it s gonna be uncomfortable cuz you re not supposed to sit like this on this chair. But anyway welcome you see what i mean anyway. Something that the him poop on is adding a headrest so even though the chair. Does support me.

If you sit up straight like this i hope you find that sometimes when i m working my head does fall forward a bit and i can feel a lot of stress on my neck. Here. And my shoulders. So adding a headrest would definitely reduce that kind of pain and you know why not cuz.

All your competition you have headrests as well and that leads us into the last topic comparing the prices of the other alternatives on the market. Know. A chair is definitely competing with verta gars trigger line series and herman miller zerrin. Chairs so a vertigo their chairs are priced at 790.

9999. And you can also add a headrest for 129. There s no denying the fact that there s a strikingly similar design with both of the chairs. But with further research.

There were a few differences in the aesthetics and maybe the manufacturing processes or using different manufacturers. I m sure each brand is adding their own spin to the design of the chair to improve it in their own ways. And it s really up to you to see first thing that you like more. But that s chairs just gonna cost a few hundred bucks.

More and next we have the herman miller aaron chair. So a lot of people know about this charity. It s hella expensive cuz at the base model with no adjustability at all it s already at 8. 20 and with awful adjustability you have 1250.

Before tax. So i think with this chair. You get a bit more adjustability. You have a tilt limiter of how far you can tilt back.

But you know what damn it s like double the price and of course on the other end of the spectrum. We have that here marcus that goes for around 200 and a costco chair that i got for 60 or 80 dollars. And this is the reason. Why i had lower back pain in the first place.

But anyways that kid sure has a adjustable backrest that you can tilt like this and on the costco. One of course you can tilt it but there s only one lock position we both have standard i just full height let the i m gonna tear it locks it here you can move it up and down a bit there is low more support on the marcus chair. It s kind of just fixed. There you can t really adjust it and it doesn t make that much of a difference in my opinion.

And there s absolutely nothing supporting your back..

There you need to use a pillow or something and the seat does not shift in or out. And lastly. We have to make a chair from secret lab. This is price from around 3 30 to 350 and it goes all the way up to 900 if you want to get a fancy leather version.

I made a comprehensive review of this chair a few months back so the link is up there for you to check out. And then this chair has a ton of adjustability. The only thing it lacks is it does not have an integrated lumbar support. It uses these pills over here.

So the look is of course not as clean at the neue chair. But it s still comfortable. But at least this chair. We just opted at the very top where you can rest your head and has a neck pillow to reduce that neck and shoulder strain and obviously.

I know that i can t cover all the chairs on marcus. So if there s something else that you will recommend drop a comment below so everyone else can see as well. But anyways looking at some of the current market offerings. The no chair is definitely priced fairly among the luxury office chairs and there s definitely room for improvement.

But right now the noise chair looks absolutely stunning with its aluminum frame and you re gonna get quality material. That s kind of last you a long time so what do you think you re getting your money s worth with the level of just ability and comfort that you just won t find in cheaper chairs and i really like this chair as well it s quite compact and it looks great in my office at the same time. I usually experience lower back pain one nice for long hours. But i didn t feel any of that when i was doing this chair at all so in the end.

We were someone who loves to sit upright to stay productive and worked long hours to get stuff done. I would totally recommend you to check this chair out because it would take care of your back. And i like to spend money in things that i can keep rather than visiting the carroll or the physio. All the time.

I m really hope. I explained all this well today and help you guys out again. We ll be doing in comparison with the omega chair and the neue chair and all my links are below for you to check out like and subscribe to support the channel. And if you have any questions at all please drop a comment below.

I d love to help you guys out and that s it for now guys. Thank you so much for watching. And we ll see you in the next review bye. ” .


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