Meet the Best NPC In Far Cry 5 (So Far)

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” s important hey everyone this is austin walker from waypoint. And this is jess. One one of the new specialist guns for hire that ubisoft has been touting across the cry. 5.

Press cycle. She s pretty rad. But his video isn t about her this video is about the best npc in far cry. 5.

Jake smith. Who s jake well besides the specialist..

There are also random civilians you can recruit in far cry. 5. And jake was the one who buddied up with me and seen that s jeff bakalar. While we were playing some of the games co op.

This is jake after he hopped into the driver seat and started chauffeuring. Me towards a waypoint that jeff had set leaving my poor co op partner behind sorry jeff places to go people to see the guns for hire system debuted in far cry. 4. But in five things are a little different instead of calling a nameless grunts you rescue.

The citizens of hope county and recruit them to your cause. They have names voices and they even level up when they complete certain tasks..

But in the few hours. I played they also serve as a source of comic relief. It s not their fault really they re just one more moving part inside of the chaotic world of far cry maybe. That s why they re so endearing.

They really want to help. But sometimes things go bad. He s fine trust me he s fine. I know that because jake jeff and i were about to get into one of the best rolling gun fights that i ve ever played in a far cry game.

It was tenuous and scary and goofy all at the same time we moved onto one of hope county s mountainous highways. Things seemed calm at first..

But then the sound of gunfire sparked as we approached a curve in the road a bear attack. But not only that tracer rounds darted out against the trees in the distance above an ad hoc cultist blockade. We were outnumbered and i was hurt bad that s when i saw him being chased by a giant attack wolf trained by the colton ominously called a judge damn it jake jake rescued from a wolf the cultists on the ropes into pickup truck big enough for the three of us secured. It felt like things were calming down.

But they were only just starting. The attackers dealt with i set to repairing the truck. We d made it and jake had helped well okay maybe not helped. But he d been there our constant companion and friend.

He was the glue that held jeff and i together. He was janky as hell..

And he said one of a dozen or so canned lines in the middle of super tense moments and he wasn t that great in a fight. But he was one of us. Damn it when far cry. 5 launches later this month.

I ll be making a beeline to the random guns for hire specialist may be badass. But folks like jake they re ” ..

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