Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Dead Touchscreen!!

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“People have said to me dave you criticize apple way more than you. Criticize microsoft microsoft and there s a reason for that i think that microsoft have put less rom of late then apple. I think apple has made more mistakes made more bad decisions produced less quality products. The new macbook is overpriced and underpowered.

The mac mini has been neutered and made underpowered made irrelevant in my opinion as a switching machine and the ipad pro is just a large ipad air 2. And doesn t offer much more than. What you get there. I think microsoft have done more good lately in the last few years.

But i have recently criticized windows. 10 for its reported instability despite the fact that in terms of features. It is vastly improved over windows 8 windows 7. But if microsoft put a foot wrong.

I will criticize them as well i have no allegiance towards either brand. I don t particularly care. These are just tools to get work done so here. We have a case in point.

The microsoft surface pro 4. I hold in my hands from our friends at harvey norman thank you for sending it to me guys i appreciate it i was supposed to have this about a week ago. But their it support guys or troubleshooting issues with this demo model and as it turns out some of these issues are well..


I wouldn t say totally widespread but they re well known because microsoft has a support page an faq to help people with this particular problem i m going to talk about this is a tablet computer. That makes use of a keyboard as you know which goes like so there we are and you can see the cursor is moving around. There can you see that and the machine is pretty responsive. Pretty nippy.

Yeah. I mean great display great build quality. I really like the keyboard. The device feels good to hold great to look at this looks like it s got to be a great tablet.

Great specs. We had a core i5 processor in here four gigs around this is a 128 gigabyte edition. Very exciting to use this surface for except for one problem. The touchscreen is totally dead on this thing.

Kind of an issue there microsoft so turns. This is ridiculous turns out microsoft are aware of this problem. And they cite numerous reasons as to why you might be having this issue online and some of it sounds a little bit of a there they re not really 100 sure what s causing it but they give you a number of ways to troubleshoot. It obviously.

The most predictable. One would be restart your service. So restart windows..


That s the first thing that we can try the next. One is to recalibrate the touchscreen and then after that reinstall right restore to a system restore well. We re gonna have to try something i feel sorry for the people who just bought this device. Without the keyboard.

Because they would have absolutely no way of controlling it except of course. If they had you know like a bluetooth or usb. Keyboard. So i can t obviously restart the machine.

Without connecting the keyboard first so let s go ahead. And do that now let s hit the windows key let s navigate down to power. Let s do a restart. Let s restart the surface pro 4.

And see if that will give us back our touch screen. And if that doesn t work we need to have to escalate our troubleshooting to the next level. When i got this from the guys in harvey norman. Who have been giving me products for a long time.

And i fully appreciate the the devices. They ve given me over the years. He told me look..


There s problems with this there s known problems with it be aware of that and be prepared to have to do factory resets let s try the touchscreen now shall we you re watching this live nothing nothing so i find calibrate the screen for touch or pen input right up here and navigate to that i keep wanting to touch the screen and the only thing that comes up for that is calibrate display color change advanced color management settings for display scanners and printers and microphone setup. I ve been into all of these and there s absolutely no calibrate touch screen for pan or touch input at all i can t find it anywhere. It s as if windows 10 doesn t recognize that this is a surface. It s as if it doesn t think that it s a toilet at all i can actually put it into tablet mode in the settings.

But the touchscreen still doesn t work so the apps fill the full screen as they would in tablet mode. But you can t do anything this is just outrageous. I have to reset it again. And there s quite a lot on the support forums and various websites and i ve been googling while i ve even been making this video in between cuts.

So i have absolutely no clue as to how to resolve this. But this is something that people are experiencing when they get their surface pro force. Or if they perform an update as usual. You know these software updates can cause teething problems and people are updating to the latest versions of windows.

10 with all the new updates and it s blowing away their touch screens. And i think that s what s happened here. So. If you ve been affected with your microsoft surface pro 4 affected by this whatever it is this bug.

That s causing your touchscreen to go dead. Please comment below and let your fellow surface pro 4 users know what you did to resolve it i ve been over on reddit and people have absolutely no clue what to do over there at the present time. I m sure a solution is coming..


But it s all a little bit vague nothing s crystal clear and there s no definitive answer. It s just reset reset. The device go back to factory defaults. Maybe that ll resolve it until the next time when you bring your windows 10 installation up to the latest update and then it blows away the touchscreen again here.

I am trying to do a review of the surface pro 4. And it simply doesn t want to work for me. There you see i will criticize the crap out of microsoft. When they deserve criticism.

Not the fault of the retailer harvey and of course. This is purely a microsoft issue. This is the fourth generation of this device no excuses at this point all right a touchscreen in that its whole purpose for being is not working. That s kind of a major issue and if i m honest an inexcusable one see you next time.

What is this you re getting a black screen. Now. There s plenty of charge in this thing. I got a black screen on the ipad.

Pro remember so two for two this is ” ..

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