Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS Unboxing

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“Everyone hudson here got a little video for you today. So. If you haven tn t seen my other videos before i have and i had an aqua blue 3d. Which i then gave to my sister because i got a blue and black 3ds xl but i have another sister who finally joined the 3d s party and she got the midnight purple 3d s and she s letting me do a quick little unboxing video for it so i just wanted to do that do a little comparison.

So let s get right to it. So i ve already just cut open the little stickers on the end just to save some time. But let s open this thing. Oh wait real quick look at the box so this is slightly smaller than the 3d s.

Box used to be they made it a little bit more compact says midnight purple and everything nothing too fancy..

There some warnings on the sides. And the back has the the usual thing says a new dimension and entertainment kind of shows all the different preinstalled applications and everything so anyway so let s open this thing up it ll be fun to play we re going to be playing animal crossing new leaf together. It s going to be awesome all right so here s what is inside so first of all all these things in here. So you have your six ar cards.

I m not going to open this up because it s a pretty standard you can check out my aqua blue 3ds review. But it s got those six cards on it pretty standard so it comes in alright and like that i mean here you have your thing for club nintendo saying you can register. It and get a free warranty extension of 90 days. I think yeah 90 day extra warranty so i ll tell my sister i do that quick start guide in three different languages your 3ds operations manual who read that i did but that s just me then you have this stuff your ac.

Adapter pretty standard for 3ds..

There you go. And then the main events itself. So here. It is alright let s check this thing out this right here folks is the midnight purple 3ds and i gotta say it looks really cool my sister s looking at it right here.

And she s also she s smiling. But um. It looks pretty cool. I think i like it s got you know the two tone color.

So darker purple down here lighter purple up top let s move open this thing up like this and you will see it looks pretty nice nice shiny..

You know darker purple in the middle which looks pretty cool and there s three toned purple colors here so lighter purple at the bottom. And there s that same with the sides as well and then there s the back oh. And then the front with the buttons and everything so this does come with that the memory card. I believe it s 2 gigabytes sd card and yeah and then real quick little comparison if you want here s the aqua blue 3ds for comparison so you can see the three tail and color there as well and if i open that up slightly.

Now i have animal crossing on. But you can see that and then if you want a quick little comparison with the 3dsxl obviously much bigger. There i ll bring it up there s gotta be a little comparison there so yeah that is the midnight purple 3ds looks pretty nice in my opinion if they didn t really have a blue one or something i might have actually gone for this kind of color. I think i like them doing different interesting colors like that that s pretty sweet.


Yeah. If you guys have any questions about the three es or anything post them in the comments below. That s about it i just want to do a quick. Little unboxing and show you this and now i ll hand this off to my sister.

So she can start it up and enjoy some animal processing. So thank you guys for watching. And thank you for 3 million total views on my youtube channel just hit 3 million views. Which is awesome thank you guys so much and have a great ” .


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