Misfits-Hybrid Moments-Guitar Lesson-Tutorial-How to Play-Punk

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” s up guys. I hope everyone s doing good today. We re gonna be playing playing hybrid moments from the misfits. I was gonna make a different video today and just started to feel too much like work so i was like now.

Let s just do this one instead and hopefully it ll be if you know just a fun song that people can learn real quick. I do all my videos a little different in this one. We re gonna have a little bit longer if a place where we re gonna play the entire song and a little bit of a slower speed they need to think if this kind of has like a bar chord workout or or power chord workout. If you just want to do the power chords make it a little bit easier.

And i don t really have anything else to say. Except for i m in a pretty good mood right now i hope you guys are too and also in the comments..

The other day. I read that this is the best channel ever so i got got that going for me. And yeah. Let s just jump into this alright before we get going make sure to click on that subscribe button check the links down below.

I have let s see i have a best beginner chord chart. That s down there and that s not going to help you for this song. But if you re brand new to guitar. That s a good place to start also i have a video course that i made that will help someone who s brand new at a guitar and you know help quickly get them caught up so they can play along to all these videos.

Easier also remember i teach guitar lessons on skype. So there s a link below to let you find out more information about that there s all kinds of stuff we can do on there we can do chords scales music theory songwriting tons of different things so if you re interested in that check the links down below..

This video was brought to you today by water drink. It or die. And let s get into the song. So i m gonna play this song and standard tuning.

So here s my my e and for the chords. We re just going to be using two different shapes. The first one is going to be a d chord that is nothing on the sixth string five seven seven seven and then nothing and later on we re gonna use that same shape just one fret higher. So that ll be an e flat.

That s nothing on the sixth string seven or sorry. Since a nothing and remember if we want we can just play a power..

Instead you know just three strings of that shape and for the other shape. We re gonna play a b chord. That s gonna be seven nine nine and one more time if you don t want to use this shape you can just use a power chord. But we re also gonna play this shape down on the third fret.

Which makes it a g chord that s three five five and we re gonna slide it up two frets on the fifth fret. So it s an a chord five seven seven now for the strumming hand. We re just literally going to be doing all down strums and i m gonna slow down the tempo. A little bit.

So everyone should be able to play along to this if you have any trouble playing along to it you could go down and up to make it a little bit easier on the picking hand. But most of you should be able to play along and using all downs later on if you want you could look in the the settings of the youtube video and try to speed up this video..

And then play along a little bit faster all right enough. Talking let s just just play this thing all right good job guys let me know if you have questions or comments. If you have any requests you can put them down in the comments and for real if you have a request just shout it out because i m like way past the point of keeping track of the order that they come in and it s more spontaneous now more than anything or maybe. It s sometimes it s just something i want to do.

But yeah give me your requests you can get a hold of me on social media. I would really appreciate it if you could hit like on this video maybe even share. It that would be awesome and thanks thanks a lot for being a subscriber and i will just see you guys next time ” ..


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