Moleskine Sketchbook And Notebook Unboxing + Demonstration!

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“So i have two more skin books. The root note. Book. And the sketch book.

Book. So maybe. First the root note book. This one.

I m going to use a dying. Just like everybody i m using face book. Now as my diary and you can say anything personal on facebook. So that s why i want to go back to the old style of diary and write it down in the book.

The first one a long time ago like more than ten years ago. I found it recently. I mean my old diary and i found that recently and it was a interesting read. Although has changed quite a lot on some things.

And that s only for the better of course. You don t want to be the same person as more than ten years ago. It was an interesting eight certainly and at the time it was a good therapy to write everything down and that s what i want to do now. Just say and here s the other one yeah i get into this later.

I ll show it. But i think the other one is saying so 240 lined pages. Acid free paper. So it doesn t yellow 13.

Times. 21. Centimeters. This is an inches expandable in a pocket in history of more skin inside yeah haven t seen the history of more skin.

I ll wait here all right here s a pocket and here s a history of more skin. I think the other one has the same booklet in there so i ll open the sketchbook. 9. First and then i ll go take a history.

So that is this one sketchbook..

They are very popular. This is the the page bait my old sketchbook as a page weight of only 80 grams per meter per square meter. I ll flick through all this later but first it s about moleskin as you can see the inside is different from this thing okay. So that s good to know something that could help with the rally.

So it is double the weight or thickness of paper of this one and then four pages. So that whole oppressed pages and the road moleskin than the world paper. That s because it s sticky all right this one doesn t even say the thickness or the weights. So paper.

Okay all right great is this all right so these are soft long enough. So it s open here. We have this thing. Again in case of loss.

Now. Let s see. Oh yes. Oh yes.

This is good quality paper. Really thick. Compared to the other one. Yeah.

So yeah. I basically wanted to see why all the first about the the moleskin notebooks. With the most clean sketchbooks and you can read a history or a really cool introduction on their website. Where they talk about paris in the days of the impressionists thing and everything how they used sketchbooks like this and i m using it in the same way so i m not creating the sketchbook as an artwork.

But i m using it to to think of concepts and to sketch to practice for my artwork. But more on that later when i flick through this one you can keep watching them might have some inspiration for for you as other watcher. It s not finished. Yet so i will go through that really fast because that s open at me.

Not why you are here and after that i will maybe record. A small demonstration in the sketchbook of me growling at the end of the video. Anyway so maybe read this first is here this that s what it says on the website. This history is pretty cool so yeah.

It s all marketing of course..

But i wanted to see the marketing works because i wanted to see what all the fuss is about with real moleskine sketchbook. So i m not going to read all of this out loud. But i will go over it and maybe give a little bit of commentary. Yeah vincent van gogh.

I m quite fascinated with the with the history of this this guy. I ve made two of two copies of his work already one in pastels in running italics you should check out my etsy art website. My etsy store one of one of my pastel is on sale right now on that etsy store maybe our included picture somewhere from that double of the cancer also really interesting ernest hemingway bruce chatting those are writers i don t follow i don t know much about about writers. I m more interested in the visual artists in the painters.

A simple black rectangle with rounded corners. So in nice around the cornice mm. A stick page over here that go to it will keep it closed an internal expandable pocket and nameless object with a spare perfection all of its own the embossing. How do you pronounce it exactly i just a moleskin.

But it should be more skinny or something i don t know. But my pronunciation is way off anyway. Which have no doubt noticed by now so i hope my my microphone was standing correctly at the right spot. So anyway.

Where are we yeah. Here they are talking about a real moleskin. So yeah. It s good more marketing s because i wanted to try the real moleskin.

Myself okay oh. And this is the same in french and we get more languages. Spanish italian in the back side. Even more languages.

Okay. So yeah. I can show you for now. See just microphone.

I hope it was everything i record before this is called a trial because it was in a almost behind me. But that s okay the camera also has a recorder it just sounds kind of kathy so at the end of the video. I will demonstrate dawdling or something english not too nothing too complicated the roads book arrow uses a diary. But i think i will use it in dutch and it s supposed to be personal.

So i m not going to demonstrate writing in this one..

With your action. I can make a doodle record apps. Put some ambient music on the background. When i do that maybe give a quick flip through my sketchbook.

I m using now so this is a smaller size this is a pocket book and i don t want it to make an artwork by itself like many people seem to do to me. It s really a tool for creating art. So i will get to that in a minute. I am i do try to make some nice pictures in there.

But it s mainly to train myself to practice. This is from medieval books. Where they used gold to line the pictures you can keep backing it maybe it gives you some inspiration and otherwise you just skip to the end. Where you can see me doodling.

I guess i m not there yet. But that s my intention. This is also from a medieval book something about which gift. But i m going through this fast because not finished.

Yet maybe i ll make a video. When it is finished. But it s all practice so and this is just sketching outside in a botanical garden. Here in antwerp really nice place especially when it s sunny and warm really nice place to sit stoking skills completely failed see now that s practice that s not what you want a pretty or book to look like this is do i think all those who something like this now.

The new mouse king and then there is he rattles what a course. But is only 80 grams of paperweight. So they are really thing and not made for this namely this market goes to like crazy as well so everybody loves dinosaurs. This is from statue.

But this also failed failed sketch. This is from here in antwerp city. A statue and i think this one is fairly ok purchase the pencil sketch another statue. But this one was just from a picture.

Ah and here she comes just right through the paper. So. That s why you want some thicker paper. And here this is a concept art so this is where i looked up a legend from a scottish scottish nobleman that was boiled alive in brockton late and i m bored life by the villages by the peasants for which cast.

I thought of as a cool agent and i want to make a painting of that and this is how they also use the sketch books in the past so they sketch it out what they want to make a painting for or what they want to make a painting from and that s what i did here so i first catch it out in my sketchbook and then i put it on canvas..

And this is the result. I still have it it s for sale on my etsy. Store also if you should be interested in this. And yeah.

So see this is what i consider my artwork and this is what i consider just a sketch and that s how i want to use a sketchbook so in exactly the same way as i m using this case book anything to use the most although. The moleskin is a whole lot more expensive and yeah. I understand that people want to make it really pretty because. This is like five euro and this is like 12 euro.

Something like that so costs more than double the price of this and it has all blessed pages. I think i don t know how many are in this one. But it could be like double from within the most guinea. I mean.

It s only hundred pages. I think you re you filled it up in no time yeah and this this is not even doodling. This is just testing out my new new art supplies you can see yeah. This is a bit of a doodle this little guy a drawing every time again i have something just to see to compare it will i had before and this is just testing out.

And i think that s about it so maybe i ll do a full flick through of this booklet is completely filled up. And yeah. I guess all that s left is demonstration of actually painting something on this you okay. So my body is almost flat flat and v.

I can t add that much more so i m going to end it here i tested out a few things and see how it looks in like okay for this one. The silver one i need to be careful probably for the cold. One to them it goes a little bit through same here the silver one. But everything else seems to be looking quite long okay so it s a silly doodle.

But yeah i wanted to just test it out and show while doing it um. I guess. That s it and if you enjoyed the video give a thumbs up and subscribe. ” .


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