Motorola Droid Ultra, Mini, and Maxx Super Easy Bootloader Unlock with Sunshine app

moto droid maxx lollipop This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Motorola Droid Ultra, Mini, and Maxx Super Easy Bootloader Unlock with Sunshine app. Following along are instructions in the video below:

” s it going guys its root junkie here got a fun little video for today. Today. We re going to be talking about sunshine app. I don t know if guys have heard about this this is from a website root ninja.

And what this does is very very cool you had take basically this device right here. This is the motorola droid ultra. And you could unlock the booth or you can get root access. Using this application.

Very very excited to show you guys this it also works on the mini. The max. The moto x. The moto g.

And a whole bunch of htc devices. So let s go do it all right so here. It is up close and personal basically. I m going to go over this device really quickly for you guys just to show you what i m working with this root method on the motorola devices specifically only works on android.

443. Em below so i m going to show you what i m working with on this device will go to about phone. Here and you can see i m on. Android 44 so i am below android.

443. So this method should work for me there s my motorola droid ultra. Like i said works on the mini. The mac s the moto x.

And the moto g. As well and should be good to go. There you go those are your kind of prerequisites for this i think i can do this without actually getting a root access first some devices you may need to get root access first some of them it ll just get you root access as you go through it so if i need to read access. I ll get root access first.


But if not we re just going to go ahead and straight use the app. So basically you re going to go into your web browser on your phone. And you re going to come in here. And you re going to go to the root.

That s that says to try root root. Dot. Ninja. There it is it actually comes up for me.

And this is their webpage. It s a little funky. But basically you re just going to look for the application. So right there.

It says download sunshine for htc and motorola. This is the newest version. So go ahead and hit ok. And it s going to go ahead and download the file right up here now talk about sunshine application.

It s about a twenty six megabyte application. It basically said should give you root access and unlock your bootloader. This is made by a guy named jay case. Who comes up with all kinds of cool mods and tweaks and hacks for a lot of a lot of devices a lot of root methods and stuff.

Like that so this is going to give you a warning after and turn out unknown sources. So you can install the application. Then you can go back. And you know what i ll go into my download full downloads and run it again hit next gives you you know permission stuff over blah and go ahead.

And install sunshine you can see right there. Little sun hike on go ahead. And accept this little warning and let it finish. Installing go ahead.


And open sunshine application. Agree to the disclaimer. Blah blah. Blah.

You can read it if you want it says not rooted. So we re going to go ahead. And do temp route. Hopefully.

This will allow us to get everything functioning. Correctly says wriggle freeze your device for up to 10 seconds. Oh blah sunshine will now run a series of compatibility tests to ensure that it is safe to run on your device. This may cause your two phone to run.

Slow or hang up to two minutes. Please do not use any other functions. So basically just let your phone sit here right now just please grant super user rights. One.

Has or or the test will fail. So you just gotta sit here and watch it so we re going to push okay hopefully right now what it s going to do is is actually going to give it temp route. If it can accomplish that on this device like i said. Some of them you have to have pre routed to do this some of them it ll actually give you route and allow you do the bootloader unlock without it so it s kind of hit or miss so we re basically sitting here watching this thing now i do want to talk about this application.

It is like i said put out by guy named jay case. I think be nubs is also put in there alright. So let s just see what we got here it says test complete sunshine will work on your device. You use paypal.

Okay. So this is this is where you need to go ahead. And you have to pay for this application. That s kind of a downside to it.


But if you think through it to get an on like bootloader and and have it as easy as running an application it kind of makes sense. So let me go ahead and put in my information. And paper. This is a 25 application to pay for it.

But it says it will work and if it doesn t they will refund your money pretty sure i read that online or at least help you figure. Out is not working and get it functioning for you so let me go ahead. And i put in my code. And we ll go from there all right so there you go i ve got my license.

I m going to go ahead continue and again another disclaimer about it everything on there very good and hit continue on that and sunshine will now run a series of compatibility just ensure that it is safe to running your device and may cause the phone to slow blow by again the same thing okay and we should have our license. So let s go ahead and just see what we get here now just to give you guys some information about this this process my guys tony is 25 to do it. But you kind of got a look at it in this form is that the hangout sue. We got here after this dialogue is no turning back.

Oh wha sunshine will reboot your device. And unlock. The bootloader and during a reboot sunshine will uninstall itself as well. Which is fine.

So go ahead continue and doing final competitively checks. And then your device will reboot sunshine will unlock your device immediately after reboot and uninstall itself. So we re just going to wait here so i go saying. If you know the developers that do this obviously put a lot of work into it so they should deserve to get some kind of a you know monetary gain for it.

I guess you could say or at least to cover what they put into it so i kind of understand that also if you had to buy a developer device to get this unlike bootloader. Which is normally how you have to do this that would be quite a lot of money so you know it s kind of a nice feature that you can just pay 25. And do it there you go. It says wearing a bootloader unlocked.

So there you go you do have your unlike wheeler. At this point. I think this thing is just going to give you temperate. So if you want permanent root.


Now you have it on like bold bootloader you re going to have to probably install a custom recovery then flash supersu zip to get official full root access. I m curious if they gets installed. But there you go that is actually it it s very very simple so we re going to swipe over here. And we re going to go ahead and go into the phone and just see okay so like i said.

There s no official root access on this device right at this moment. Mainly what it did is it put it injected a temporary root access and then from there it gave you the unlined bootloader and that s key because once you have it unlike bootloader you can in flash. A cluster recovery in flash to pursue. And do all kinds of fun stuff to get root access shouldn t be that hard at all.

But there you go that is the app. You can see it s already gone out of my app drawer does not exist in here. Anymore. And you have an unlocked motorola droid ultra.

So big props these guys. This is really cool that s the easiest way to unlock your bootloader that i ve seen super super simple nothing going on there very easy so big shout out to jay case for this awesome awesome tool and that s really it guys like i said you know if you re willing to spend 25 bucks to get online. Think of it count like as a donation to the guy who does the unlocking here made this awesome sunshine application. And there you go you ll be really happy with this device.

Hopefully development starts. Happening. Now that we have devices with unlock boot loaders. Really really pumped for that hopefully as soon as it happens.

I ll be putting custom and cover on here. I ll be go ahead and showing you guys how to reach your device. I ll probably be showing you how to flash custom roms all that good stuff on the motorola droid ultra. Obviously.

It s going to be same steps for the maximun ii and all those devices. So that s pretty much it for me. Today and my window is open so you can hear the motorcycles and we ll catch you guys next time ” ..


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