Network Lessons vs INE vs CBT Nuggets: Cisco Training Review

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“Techno music one of the cool things about being a cisco instructor and blogger. Is is that you get to know all nthe other cisco instructors and bloggers and we help each other out and share stuff with each other from that i got access nto networkslessonscom. Which is rene molenaar s site njust a couple of days ago so what i m gonna do in nthis video is a review of networklessonscom. And i m ngonna answer.

The question is it worth the monthly nsubscription fee or not so i ll do that by covering nthe content that is included and also comparing it with other similar services that are available like ine inter network expert and cbt nuggets so i ve already got my nusername and. Password i m in to networklessonscom. Right now and this is what you ll nsee when you log in do you see the menu up at the top there s the different courses so networklessonscom. Nit focuses on cisco.

It can take you from learning the ccna up to ccie in routing and switching and for all of those different nexams that are required on the way you ll see that there s a separate course for each. One. The menu are also broken ndown into the different routing and switching topics as well. There s also a forum that i ll show you in a minute and that s pretty much it you can get support as well and also view your account details.

So first up let s have a nlook at how the courses work and right now i m in my nlittle recording studio bunker on wireless and the wireless nis not great in here cause. It has to go through nthese really thick walls. So what i ve done is i nstarted recording the video and it was driving me nuts nwaiting for the pages to load. Because my network access nis slow.

While i m in here. So i ve opened up the tabs ahead of time so here is the ccna routing nand switching course. And if i scroll down this threw me a little nbit at first actually you have to click on the plus button here to expand it out into nthe different lessons so this covers everything that s nincluded in the icnd1 exam. And if i go to one of these let s just pick any one at.

Random. Okay. Tcp. Header and you ll nsee the style of the.

Lessons networklessonscom. Is different nthan. My style of teaching the ccna because i focus on video lessons if you look at my blog. You ll see i ve got text there as well.

But really it s the video that i focus on i put all the time into. Developing nthe slides for the videos and making the videos really good. I do have the text there as. Well but videos are the main thing for me for networklessonscom.

It s nactually. The other way around there are some videos available but most of the material nis in a text format. But the text format is really good it s really simple to understand but thorough at the same time so honestly this was just a nrandom lesson. I picked here.

But i know already that its going to go really in depth on this topic. So you can see that the layout is really nice and easy to read the description is very neasy to understand as well. It s got lots of diagrams nthat..


Explain everything and actually i probably could nhave picked a better lesson. Let s go back and find. None that goes into an area that would require configuration that isn t just the nintroductory fundamentals. So i ll go a bit further down let s go to the routing protocols and here s routing nfundamentals and let s look up rip maximum paths for example again this is the first ntime that i ve seen this one.

But for sure. It s going to have again the same easy to nunderstand description. And it s got a topology diagram. So you can lab.

It up yourself. If you want and here are all the nconfiguration examples now a big reason a huge reason that i like this is. Nnormally if you google for a cisco topic area nconfiguration example ciscocom. Will be the first hit and the cisco documentation nit s very thorough but it can be too thorough and another thing is under nconfiguration examples.

They show all of the ndifferent possible options. Which makes things really confusing when i go and look for na configuration example. I want to know how this is actually configured in the real nworld best practise. I don t want to know nall of the other options bundled in there as well that nnobody hardly every uses.

I just want to know. This is the normal best practise configuration nthat. You are going to use it s much easier to understand that way and for when i m working nin. The real world it shows me the configuration that i should actually be using that s what you get on networklessonscom.

So a really good thing nabout. It is the lessons or the articles are nvery easy to understand and the configuration examples nare really good as well another thing is it s nmostly in a text format now you could buy a book nand the book could be great like todd lammle s books are excellent. I always recommend those nbut. The thing with a book is you can t copy and paste from it so.

If you re working in the lab. It s great that you can just come in here and to save you typing everything in you can just copy and paste nthis into a text editor like notepad edit it a little bit and you can paste it straight in so this can save you time as well okay. So that is how the courses work. So there is courses from ccna broken down into icnd and icnd2.

Then there s ccnp routing and switching broken into the different exams for that and it also goes up to nthe ccie levels as well and there s also asa firewall. All of those lessons are nthe same quality as this where it a really good full description very simple and with really ngood configuration examples. So that s the first thing nyou get is the courses. Another thing to show nyou an example of this if i go into the search nbox and search for bgp you ll see the depth of material as well so it s not going to give nme just one bgp article about bgp fundamentals.

It s got loads of different nbgp. Article in here so this takes you all nthe way up to ccie level and whichever topic within nbgp you want to learn about for example bpg ncommunities is showing here then you can go here nyou ll get that same simple explanation and nthe configuration examples. And it also shows you how you ncan do it in the lab as well so you get even deeper knowledge of it okay. So that is the material really good text material.

The other thing that you nget in here is the forum now a lot of sites have forums and you ll find that the nforums aren t very active. But the forums are very active here just up at the top here. I can see the latest post here was in an hour..


The next one was two hours ago. So most of these different topic areas people are posting every day in them you ll also notice that very often. It s rene. Who was the nlast person that posted cause rene is active nin.

The forums as well so. If you do have any questions. You can ask rene in here nand he will get back to you. Okay so that pretty much nshows you networklessonscom.

And actually i didn t need nto use these other tabs. My internet connection managed to hold up so that is good let me try one other thing so i go into google. And i did actually check this one already so that i know that rene is going to be on the first page. But really if you google for npretty much any cisco topic you re gonna find that nnetworklessonscom is gonna be in the first page of results but for bgp communities nit s the very first one after obviously cisco nis going to be first so that shows you the nquality of the articles that are available on there okay so hopefully you can nsee that it s really good like i wish that this nhad been available for me back.

When i was going my ccna and my ccnp. So the last thing really to ntalk about is the pricing. So i go this open in another window. It s loading it up for monthly membership nit is 29 per month for annual membership nyou get 2 months for free it works out at 290 per year.

Let s compare that with nthe. Other options now so the two main other options where you can sign up for a monthly membership to learn ccna ccnp ccie. Are ine internetwork experts and cbt nuggets. So let s compare the price.

There. So ine. They have their all access pass and the cost for that if you sign up for a minimum of six nmonths. It s 117 per month 84.

If you sign up for a year 71. If you sign up for 2 years and these plans you pay them up front. So you can see that ine nis. A lot more expensive than network.

Lessons also cbt nuggets. The price nfor. This is 84 per month with cbt nuggets. The nsame as network lessons you can cancel at any time.

So you don t need to nsign up for a long period. Like you do with ine. Now these are good options as well. If your wondering well nwhy are ine and cbt nuggets.

So much more expensive nthan. Network. Lessons the reason is that nthey ve got more material..


Neworklessonscom. Focuses non routing and switching comparing that with ine ine. Has go more instructors they ve go more topics. So they don t just have nrouting and switching.

They have all of the other tracks as well ine do have ccna and ccimp training where they really made their nname was at ccie training. So if you ask me what would i recommend if you were going to study. Cci security or ccie. Wireless or something like that definitely i would recommend ine for sure they re the best nin.

The business for that ine. They do have nwritten material as well like me they focus on video. Tutorials so that is. Ine.

So if you were gonna choose between networklessonscom. And ine well the cost is going to come into. It. So if you re studying for.

Ccna. Nccimp routing and switching. Neworklessonscom. Is really good.

And it s a lot more affordable. If your work are paying nfor. It and you don t care get both of them. If you can only get one what i would advise you to do is have a look at the videos from both because different instructors have got different teaching styles look at the videos from ine and look at the written tutorials nfrom networklessonscom.

And if you have to choose njust. One or the other. Pick which one you like best as you ve seen the content of. Networklessonscom is really good.

The content on ine is great as well. There s an instructor nthere. Brian mcgahan. Who is one of my favourite instructors.

When i m learning cci level material. He is probably my favourite instructor. There s a few others ni really like as well brian mcgahan right up there. He s a great instructor.

Some of the other ninstructors not so good. But again this is a npersonal preference thing so you might love one of ntheir. Other instructors and not love brian mcgahan..


So much really it depends on you. Okay so that s the comparison between networklessonscom. And ine. Let s talk about cbt nuggets.

As well. So cbt nuggets. Again is more expensive and again. The reason is that nthey have got more material now comparing the three of them neworklessonscom.

Great for ccna ccnp. And going up to ccie level. Nrouting and switching with cisco ine goes across all the different tracks. So it s not just routing and switching they really focus on the ccie level and their really good they don t really talk.

Nabout other. Vendors though both ine and nnetworklessonscom. Are cisco cbt. Nuggets.

Don t just focus on cisco. They have got courses on just about all of the other vendors as well so they also have microsoft vmware etc. Just like with ine cbt nuggets have got lots of different instructors and again it s personal preference. Some of them i think are great some of them i think are not so great if you are going to watch cbt nuggets.

Jeremy cioara is on there jeremy cioara is a brilliant instructor he s the most enthusiastic ninstructor that i ve ever seen so he makes the courses nreally entertaining. Keith barker is on there too keith barker is good anthony sequeira. They ve got lots of nwell known instructors so again when would nyou choose cbt nuggets. You would choose cbt nuggets.

If you want to have access to nlots of different courses. So maybe you re not going to go to such a high level with cbt nuggets. But if you want foundational knowledge across microsoft cisco and vmware cbt nuggets would be a ngood choice for that and again cost comes into it so it depends on if you nare paying for it yourself or if your work is going to pay for it if your work is paying for nit try and get all three if they are not going to spring for that choose which one is most suitable for you okay. So that s it that pretty much wraps up the review and the comparison with network lessons.

I have got a special link that you can use if you want to sign up nfor networklessonscom. So i ll put a link to nthat in the description. I ll also put it in the video. It should be showing up nany time now as well if you use that it ndoesn t cost you any extra and i get a small cut of the sign up which helps me continue to nmake these videos for you so that would be great.

If nyou were to try that out okay thanks a lot. ” ..

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